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Jewish, Progressivist and Feminist Fury

Israel Destroyed the Catholic Church

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The Catholic Church (and all it's "replacement theology" offspring) was dealt a mortal blow with the re-founding of Israel in 1948.

It's dead but, like the dinosaurs, has yet to realize the fact, that's all.

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Jesus Partying with the Gang …

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(Regarding the Immitation of Christ collection). Apparently the good doctor study too much expressions and supposed manners and dresses. Not enough of who Jesus hung around with and there are no pictures to see if he was happy when out partying with the gang.

Instead of those serious pictures showing me Christ they remind me of the paederast in the documentary (Deliver us from Evil) which is loose in Ireland.

I would rather know a drunken, fallen down, spirit filled priest than a bunch of phony serious looking guys who one can not tell what they are thinking. Like the Nun that broke my wrist in the third grade in Newton, Mass. A saint of the Sisters of Notre Dame looked the part of a saint...

Fr. R.C.
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The She-God Laughs at You

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Of all the possibly good and helpful things you and your organization could be doing to make this world a better place.... You choose instead to spew trash..... PURE TRASH.

SIRS. You are not part of the solution dear ones... You ARE the problem. I will speak your name to god each day. I’m sure she has a good chuckle each day when your website shows up!


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Your Twisted Views

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It’s such a shame that you make money out of destroying Catholism by your twisted views. 1 billion Catholics know that what you're accusing the WYD of is just a sham for you to sell your stupid books.

Such a low propaganda.

The Church has been around for two thousand years. Its not perfect but it's striving to be. If you are the person who can break down the "ROCK", then i'll be the first one to make you a pedestal. You belong to the hundreds of desperate critics who try to destroy Catholicism but failed. Good luck on your endeavor. May God have mercy on your soul.

Btw, objectivity seems far from your journalistic objectivity.

I will pray for your conversion!

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You seem to find problems with the use of rainbows in priestly vestments. The rainbow is a sign in the Old Testament of a covenant, like the one Christ established.

Also, Pope John Paul II sitting on chair with an "inverted cross" is not heretical; ever hear of the cross of St. Peter? And since he was the Successor of St. Peter, it was very appropriate.

May God have mercy on you for your many lies.


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May God forgive your errors and unwillingness to learn from others outside your dogmatic lunacies!

In the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,


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It's nice to see the Tradition of mad, American religion is still alive and well in LA.

Do you have a good shrink?

Fr. D.H.

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Christianity made you stupid. I laugh and cry for your soul.


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I stumbled across your website by accident and I have to praise the Holy Mother Church for having the tolerance to allow idiots like yourselves to dissent.

May you have little success in promoting your backwardness.

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Incorrect, Arrogant, Unpatriotic

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This website is a disgrace to the American spirit and you should be ashamed of yourself for believing in, and broadcasting, such disgusting views on social and political issues.

Not only are your "articles" factually incorrect, but they are arrogant, elitist and unpatriotic.

Shame on you for these transgressions.

Your friend,

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Silly and Destructive

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To whom it may concern,

Visiting your web page I was extremely disedified at your silly and destructive criticism of Saint Teresa of Calcutta and other church leaders. But especially, I am very sad that you criticized Mother Teresa since she has now been beatified by Holy Mother Church, whom you think you obey, but in fact you do not. How can I prove this? By your simple (as opposed to intelligent) criticism of somebody who practiced the Christian virtues to a heroic degree.

You should be ashamed of yourselves and if you want to take a piece of advice from me, stop criticizing others and become holy as Saint Teresa did.

God bless you,

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Are You Crazy?

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I just happened upon your site, somehow. And find myself disgusted. Pope John Paul II watching a dancer. What ever happened to politeness while someone from another culture shared their joy with you/Him.

I mean really, there's enough evil out there, without worrying about what the Pope is looking at. By the way, what's on your mind...?

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You Are the Pitts

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You are the pitts! Shame on you, to take pictures out of context for malicious advertising of your agenda.

Example of blatant lying: brother Schultz of Teze' is a convert to Catholicism and was no longer a Protestant at the time he received communion in your picture.

You disgust me.

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Feminist Fury

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I was researching articles on "purity balls" and ran across your site. Wow.

Women should cover their heads? Heck, let's make 'em wear the Berka and how about some nice genital mutilation to keep them from getting "urges." I hear Saudi Arabia maintains female purity quite well. I suggest you move there.

V.R., Feminist

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 25, 2008

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