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Homosexual & Lesbian Outrage

Medieval & Intolerant

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I just want to say that your statistics on homosexuality are wrong.

Your point of view is medieval. Why do you have to be so intolerant?

Seriously, why the [bad word] do you care who do I want to kiss or have sex with? I'm still a person, I still go to school, have a job, and I will someday get married. And the reason I will get married, is because the world moves FORWARD, traditions and values are important, but they are not set in stone, and one day people will wonder how is it that you were able to think the way you do. The world has many many problems that need to be dealt with, but worrying about who people want to sleep with is

a. none of your business
b. not an important issue

Find something better to do please, like gardening.

     R.E., Spain
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Wow, talk about manipulating the statistics to trick the average person.

Dumbass conservatives.


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Prejudiced & Misogynist

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I’m saddened by your beliefs please see the links below.

"Even dogs know that male on male isn't meant to be" Say that again the next time you see two male dogs at it ;) Perhaps I should take the opportunity to try and provide you bigots with some education which you are all too visibly lacking; Dr Rahmann BBC NEWS Health Scans see 'gay brain differences'. Swedish study brain symmetry GLBT. Very brave of you to sit and make nasty remarks like this anonymously.

Easy to see that if your names were known it would be a different matter - which aside from your heterosexism, prejudice and misogyny is a character assessment all in itself.

     Kind regards

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Homophobic Hypocrite

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I accidentally came across your so-called review of The Hours. Although I don't think it can be called a review really. I would actually call it Marian Horvat's "make real Catholics look bad, personal review of her own beliefs imposed onto a brilliant film." I've seen the movie about 8 times and I think that that makes me in a much better position to review it than someone who is so homophobic that they couldn't even sit the whole movie out.

After reading Marian's review, a line from an R.E.M song came to my mind. "He, (Jesus) did make some observations, and I'm quoting Him today. Judge not lest ye be judged, what a beautiful refrain."

I'm entirely disgusted by Marian's shortsightedness and slanted views. The thing that hit me most was her complete disgust with anything homosexual. I'm surprised that her holy hands even let her type out the word homosexual when she wrote her "review." As a heterosexual Catholic, I am well aware of the Church's teaching on homosexuality, and unfortunately for us Catholics, it is not represented well by Marian.

It is true that a passionate kiss exchanged between to people of the same sex would be considered a sin, possibly, but certainly not absolutely a mortal sin. To my recollection I can remember three instances of kissing between same-sex individuals in the movie. One was between the Character Laura and her cancerous friend, the other between Virginia Woolf and her sister, and the other between Streep and her partner.

The first example really begs the question as to whether it was a passionate kiss or not. It also begs the question as to whether or not it was meant sexually. It also is not clear whether or not it was pre-thought out or if it just happened. Anyone with half a brain could tell that it probably just happened. To the Catholic, does this mean that it’s not a sin? No, it could still be a sin, but what Marian asserts is that it is perhaps the most heinous sin she has ever seen committed on screen. And why? Because it was between two women.

Marian, you are a hypocrite in every sense of the word. One, because earlier in the movie the AIDS-ravaged poet and Streep engage in what could actually be called a more passionate kiss than the before-mentioned one, and you totally leave this out. Yet according to the Catholic Church, are not all sexual expressions (outside of marriage) sins? And furthermore, the Church teaches that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a homosexual, having homosexual friends and showing affection between those friends.

Is a heterosexual passionate kiss any more sinful than a homosexual one, and the other way around? Have you ever engaged in a passionate kiss before marriage? Well, my dear, then you are even more a hypocrite than I thought before. You can get out your own homophobic hatred by reviewing decent movies, but I'm glad I can call you on it.

Furthermore, I really don't think that the kiss between the two sisters is meant to be sexual and or incestuous -- enough said.

Furthermore, did you even watch this movie? Really watch it. I'm not sure where you find basis for your reasoning that the suicides in the movie caused anything but hardship and pain in other people’s lives. I have no idea where you get the notion that those two poets thought that they were misunderstood and therefore were too good for the world and needed to escape. The poet with AIDS, if anything, wanted to see the world for what it really was and really experience life, and in the end, found that he was a failure in his own perspective on things. He didn't think he was too good, or "truly superior," but I get the sneaking feeling that someone who watched this movie does. Furthermore he was deranged and deathly ill and on numerous medications.

If this was real life, how could you dare speculate as to the state of his eternal soul. Do you know what AIDS does to a body, what losing all of ones friends does to a body, what abuse of medication does to one's body? What all these things do to one's mind? I think not. Judge not lest ye be judged.

Lastly, the character of Laura Vaughn did not think she committed any act of virtue by abandoning her family. She did not think she could be forgiven. Nor does the story line ever support your theory that she lived out a lesbian lifestyle after leaving her family. For that matter, Virginia Woolf never acts in any way resembling lesbian dispositions. Don't read your biases into a film you are supposed to "review."

I think I've just briefly touched on all that I want to touch on. To me, the movie made no attempt to justify a homosexual lifestyle. If anything I would say that when Streep talks to her daughter and calls her relationship with her partner "trivial," she is downplaying her homosexuality.

The movie is about learning how to get through life in what seem to be impossible circumstances. The movie is about forgiveness, and dying and life and death. St. John Chrystanson (sp) said that he found good and evil in all things, that all things were in a way working toward the truth. I believe that this can certainly be seen in this movie, if one allows themselves to be open to life. That doesn't mean condone sin, it means take from everything in life what you can.

If suicide in the movie disturbed you so much, do something good with it and pray for all souls in purgatory who have committed suicide, cause they're not all in hell. We are bound by the sacraments, but Jesus, who instituted the sacraments, is certainly not bound by them.

Try watching the movie again, Marian. Enjoy the music, enjoy the colors. Enjoy some of the messages about living life that come through the movie. One cannot find peace by running away from life (-Virginia Woolf).


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 4, 2009

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