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Homosexual Profanities

A Tale Called Bible

Hate Mail

Where did you get these statistics about homosexuals? [see articles below] Most are simply not true. But it doesnt surprise me that you believe them... after all you believe in a stone age fairy tale called a "bible."

So my message to you is: [bad word] you, [bad word] your imaginary god, [bad word] your stone age fairy tale and [bad word] the holy spirit.

Anyone who believes in any god is a psychotic deluded piece of [bad of word] that denies reality.

     I hope you die.

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I Am Going against You

Hate Mail

I am writing to you in regards to the views you have listed on your website about homosexuality. I am deeply appalled to see such horrific comments written on your website. If someone is into the same sex, what right do you people have to say anything about it?

I am ashamed to be even in the same race of humans as you. Selfish and self centered.

You can tell me to go to hell and all that kind of stuff, I am fine with that.

However if I receive any sort of threatening message I must warn you now that I will follow through with your local authorities.

     Many Thanks,

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You Make My Blood Boil

Hate Mail
Absolutely dismayed that this kind of [bad word] floats around...and is believed as truth. I don't want to hate anyone....but this is such utter [bad word]...makes my blood boil.

Mainly because if I were the average 'homo' I just haven't been getting near enough sex...based on your numbers. Oh, and I haven't played with....enough little boys or gone out and 'recruited'. Oh and yes I have had sex with someone under 19...but I was too.

I am gay, self employed (residential cleaning and home maintenance) and doing well. 70% of my clients are gay. Neither I nor any of my clients or gay friends fit your profiles...except income and education. And by the way...about half of my 'homo' friends are over the age of 70....go figure.

Your suicide numbers are off....but most suicides within the gay community are caused by the hatred and skewed info from people like you.

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You Come from the Stone Age

Hate Mail

I'm a gay 14 year old from Kent, England. Your website makes me sick, on your website you complain about how some homosexuals suffer from depression, when I believe sites like your cause it.

No wonder why so many gay teens commit sue-aside, when your website is filled with [bad word] facts, from the 1970's. I really don't understand why the hate us so much, if we are tolerant of Christianity, why can't you be tolerant of homosexuality. The bible even says "treat other how you wish to be treated" and "we are all made in his image".

And just because you can't keep up with changing times doesn't mean you have to try and send people in to the stone age again. You are a sick person, filled with [bad words] facts.

     Thank you for your time

     C.N.S., England
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Enjoy Eternal Damnation

Hate Mail
I just happened to come along your website today while doing some research and it really made me think that your organization is talking about homosexuals in a way that I have never seen before and it really enlightened me and showed me that your organization is just about the STUPIDEST thing I have ever come across and Jesus would be ashamed of you for judging people who you obviously have no idea about and I don't know where you got your information but it is terribly misconstrued and I hope you enjoy your eternal damnation for what you have decided to do with your time on earth.

     Sincerely, a loving Christian

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Dinosaurs - Works of Satan

Hate Mail
So nice to see in this day and age the Spanish Inquisition is alive and well. Please stop spewing hate and disinformation. We are all human beings.

Remember: "Judge not, lest ye be judged", "He who is without sin may throw the first stone", and "Love thy neighbor". Get a clue and wise up already.

You are out dated, and going the way of the dinosaur. You cannot win, for if you strike one of us down a million fold will rise up in anger and denounce you as the works of Satan that you are. For in the end, truth, justice, equality and freedom shall win out over religious dogma every day.

Also, we are smarter, have better jobs, and can hire smarter and better lawyers.

     Have a nice day!

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Uneducated Morons

Hate Mail
You are an ignorant uneducated moron who try to intimidate equally stupid as you people (most white).

Get out of the closet and start acting like a normal person.

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You Are Closet Gays

Hate Mail
You seem fascinated with gays - are you a closet case? If my kid EVER came home with something like that, I might pull her out of school for being around stupid people such as yourself - and, as a gay man, I CAN afford private school - guessing you cannot.

May god forgive your sins, as I do not.

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Burn in Hell

Hate Mail
I have been a social worker, a behavioral therapist for developmentally delay children and a psychology college professor. I think your information is the biggest lie I have ever read. You should burn in hell for the information you are claiming to be facts to influence human beings.

I have also trained corporation in Prevention of Harassment. Gay humans are terribly discriminated against. If you don't believe do what you do so well...lie. Go to a company, get hired and then tell people that you are gay. Watch what happens to you.

It will take a few more years but the truth will come out. Most gay humans are gay because of biological, genetic, physical differences. I hope you learn the truth and I will pray that God will bless you all and allow you to have a gay child, grandchild, etc so that you can see how the difference manifests itself. Many of the differences that accompany homosexuality are clearly present at birth. No one chooses to be Gay and endure the hatefulness of people like you.

One day I hope Jesus and God will have an opportunity to tell you that your meanness and hate is the biggest sin on this planet. May God forgive you. People like you were the ones that taught retarded and deformed humans were punishments delivered on sinful people and that they were of the devil. You are such intellectuals!!!!!

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Hilariously Backwards

Hate Mail
Ha Ha Ha

Your website is absolutely hilariously old fashioned and backwards. Your statistics are clearly made up or retrieved from your local small town homophobic priest. I truly feel sorry for you and anyone who is subjected to your redneck point of views, i can only imagine that you are. . . how do they say it in the countryside? "a product of your raise".

I take pitty on anyone who reads this website and is effected by your toxic information. The children of America would be better off in the public school system being told that being homosexual is just another lifestyle rather than hearing your [bad word] statistics that gays have sex with "1000" people in their lifetime?! That data was clearly pulled out of your [bad word] or you heard it on the dark farm you live on.

My experience is that the people who are the most afraid of gays are the ones who are struggling with being one, so I'll pray to MY god for you who surely loves all the homosexual "demons" of the world-

     good luck with your pathetic life.

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Intolerant, Closed Minded & Nuts

Hate Mail
I just got done reading your list of gay “statistics”, and congratulations on producing the single most ignorant document I have ever had the pleasure of laughing at. People should home school their kids and deprive them of interaction with other children (thereby impairing their social development) so that there is no chance for anyone to tell your kids that gay people are not child molesting psychos?

The world would be a much better place if all of you intolerant closed minded nut cases would do the rest of us a favor and avoid procreating at all costs! P.S. there is statistically a better chance of a priest being a child molester than a homosexual. Just so ya know.

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Hate Mail
Dear Reader,

I am a Christian Year 11 student from Australia. I was researching for a speech on Homosexual Rights and I came across this:

This sight truly disgusts me, how would you feel if you were the minority, and people wrote horrible statistics about your sexual orientation?

Did you ever come across in your poor research that within the first three weeks of contraception the baby’s sexual orientation is chemically chosen for it?

Do you not have anything else in your pathetic, miserably life but to pick on and further abuse homosexuals?

Would have joined in with prosecutions on the Christians in Rome? Why is your lifestyle so much better to the person next to you? How dare you be so disgusting by spreading such unnecessary fear.

But my biggest question for you and I would love to hear your answer why does someone’s sexual orientation matter to you? What does it matter that to you, what is happening in people’s personal lives.

I am not afraid of my children being gay, I believe that all of your statistics come from the result of people like you, afraid or something that is different. You are deeply disturbed person and I hope you can find peace with yourself so you can realize how incorrect in your judgment you are being.

But please do reply, I would love to hear your reasons for your beliefs. Just like I hope you will listen to mine.


     C.N., Australia

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 17, 2011

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