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Curses of a Violent Devotee

Heretics & Blasphemous

Hate Mail
Dear Sir/Madam,

You speak about the blasphemies against Mary but what about the blasphemies against Joseph by the Catholic Church. You deny Joseph's Immaculate Conception which is clearly outlined in the Bible. You deny His Assumption both Body and Soul into heaven, again clearly outlined in the Bible. You deny His Perpetual Virginity. You deny Him His title of Father of God.

You yourself along with many so called Traditional Catholics along with these modernists throw the Virgin Father out of the Church and make Him an ordinary Saint of little account. He is looked upon as equal or beneath the other Saints and is now separated from Jesus and Mary. It used to be said "Jesus, Mary, Joseph" and now it is said "Jesus, Mary and St Joseph. This St Joseph bit is to separate Him from Jesus and Mary and to make it look as if Joseph is totally apart from the Hypostatic Union. This is wrong, and I will send in another email all that I have discovered in regard to this and many more things besides.

Mary is only a creature of God and is not equal to God as some in the Church have made out, such as apparitionees like Conchiglia or Shell in Italy. Mary and Joseph are creatures of God and are beneath Him. It is wrong to put Mary on the same level as Jesus, this is heresy to do such a thing. To deny Joseph His rightful place in the Church is also heresy. Joseph is no longer the sole Patron of the Church, He is Co-Patron with St Michael The Archangel and somewhere else I saw St Gabriel involved in this too. This is blasphemy and heresy! Being the Father of God He is above all Angels and Archangels as well as being above the Cherubim and the Seraphim, not to mention being above all Saints.

If you would read the Scriptures properly with regard to Joseph. you would see what I mean. To place Him as of no account is an insult to the Blessed Trinity who chose and formed Him from All Eternity. Joseph was and ever shall be in the mind of the Blessed Trinity from All Eternity, This was written in times past but is no longer considered now. Joseph used to have another title called "Bulwark of The Church"; again, this and many other things have been done away with in regard to Joseph.

In doing away with Joseph, this leaves the Church open not only to attack but to complete destruction. Read in Genesis the contrast between the Ancient Patriarch Joseph and Joseph of Nazareth to see where Joseph really should be, you will be amazed at what you see. You will see where Joseph stands in regards to the Blessed Trinity and other members of Heaven. As said earlier, I will send more information on the subject in another email as soon as I can. One final thought in this email is that the Church has said that "Public Revelation Is To Be Believed Above And Beyond Any And All Private Revelation". Therefore, what the Bible says about Joseph is to be believed above and beyond what any private revelation says unless it is in harmony with Bible Revelation about Joseph. The Bible in its entirety is Public Revelation.

     Yours Faithfully.


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Liars, You Are Hell-Bent for Hell

Hate Mail
When will you liars get right with God and rejoin His Church? Judas is waiting for you and he has a special room ready. You have been out of the Grace of God for so many years and your time is almost up.

Thank God for our very Holy Popes that are giving us the truth, while you are so blind, and as Jesus once said: ‘Let the dead bury the dead’ and all of you are so spiritedly dead, that it is very scary.

All of your useless titles that you throw after your names won’t do you a bit of good in hell.

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Swine, You Are Brainwashed

Hate Mail
I just want to say that you have no business criticizing Mother Theresa when you do not know who the real Jesus is and what GOD really is. Your knowledge is based on priests and others telling you what to believe from a very early age. You have never been able to use your brain and think for yourself which is why you will never understand what and how the real GOD is. The truth of GOD comes from your soul. You are born knowing or not.

You were brainwashed as child and remain one as an adult. You can never and will never understand truth in Mother Theresa or anyone who is truly enlightened because you are not ready to hear and know the truth. It's like giving pearls to swine. A waste.


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Hate Mail

I find the conclusion of this article [on the Catholic Church in Colonial America] ridiculous. The author states that because the Church was discriminated against that it must now discriminate towards those of the Protestant faiths and says that the only good Catholic is a conservative Catholic.

Pure hogwash and religious bigotry! Tolerance is and always has been the road to living peacefully in our world.

     Thank you,

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Shorts’ Defender

Hate Mail
"Cardinal Wojtyla in shorts and a fishnet T-shirt enjoying the company of some friends at a picnic on the hillsides of Krakow circa 1975."

Of course, he was supposed to wear cassock at all times, wasn't he?

Even in the shower.

This photo proves what, exactly?



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 8, 2012

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