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Fuming Jew - Vitriolic Progressivists


Fuming Jewish Supporter
Response to the article about the Sanhedrin - That is one of the most hateful and vile things I have ever heard! You err in not knowing history, and definitely not knowing scripture. The original New Testament church was JEWISH. NOT catholic..That is a proven fact. It is the catholic church that tried to pervert that fact to it's OWN people. Open your eyes! It is written throughout the scriptures!!!

It sounds like you catholics are ready to go on another killing spree. And in the name of God again. Do you think you can really justify that? For God? Oh that's right. You don't serve the same God we do, or at least your leaders don't. We saw that when Pope John Paul ii had a satanic funeral straight from the pages of The Satanic Bible. (see youtube video called Prophecy of the Century PART 2. OR just look as his coffin, and then look up satanic coffins and beliefs.

Or by the sounds of your hateful writing, maybe you already know who the catholic church serves. Just in case you really don't, maybe you should watch another video at youtube called The Onslaught Islam-Catholic Connection. You can research the facts after you watch it, they are true.

Before you so hatefully slam an entire religion (judaism), maybe you should know something about your own for starters, and then what the scriptures have to say about the religion you are slamming. The scriptures did not do away with the jews, and catholicism is not the new judaism. Gees!!! It was made very clear by Paul and the others that faith in yeshua did not change anything about the jews status with God. They are still his chosen people. Paul made it clear that they are still the root, and not the gentile believers.

To be so anti-semetic as you clearly are, is not from God, I can assure you of that. To hate, is not from God. You should really get your facts straight, and if you claim to be a christian, then you shouldn't be spewing hatred like that either. Hated is from the devil, as are lies. The article you wrote was dripping with both.

I am not a jew, but I have STUDIED EXTENSIVELY all major religions, and I can tell you that your hatred of jews in trying to prop them up as the enemy of God is unjustified, illogical, untruthful and evil. If you have to lie to make a point, it isn't much of a point to start with, now is it?


Monarchic Bishops; Imperial Popes
Does your group accept as legitimate the Second Vatican Council or not? If you do, perhaps you cherry pick its doctrinal positions because you have quite unfairly treat Yves Congar on his view of the pope as vicar of Christ.

The age of monarchical bishops is over, thank goodness; and so should be the age of imperial popes. The bishops need a leader as all groups in collaboration do, but high-handed papal rule is NOT within Christ's vision.

That sort of leadership was what Jesus said characterized the Gentiles but ought not to characterize his disciples. Get with the gospel.


Devotion to the Sacred Heart Leads to Heresy
Re: Sacred Body Parts of Jesus

Christ is in our midst!

I will not go so far as to say that some people are devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but as for His other body parts, i.e. His Hands, His Feet, His Face, this leads to the heresy of adoring His human nature apart from His Divine Nature that was anathematized in the Fourth Ecumenical Council. Otherwise, you do end up separating Him into His Parts.

To do so, would bring you to the idea of taking Jesus' [bad word] into your mouth when you receive Communion. Now that you have that picture in your mind, try to receive the Eucharist without thinking of His [bad word].

By the way, the Bible defines the bowels, and not the heart, as the source of emotion. God does not change His ways, and if He said His Bowels were moved in love, then why should He change His mind and tell a nun that His Heart was the seat of love and mercy?



Re: WYDs’ Photos

It is very misleading and disingenuous to post the pictures of immodestly clad young people at the world youth day [here, here, here, here and here]. as you know this is all selective in its approach. Knowing full well that all present are not at the same place when it comes to understanding and self control.

Trying to use these pictures to undermine the great work that the Pope and the Catholic church does for the young and the true leadership pope Benedict gives to all his flock especially the wayward.

The roman Catholic church founded by Christ Jesus is a hospital for sinners. It has saints in it but it is primarily for sinners. So i suggest you start praying for real, and contribute to building up Gods people.

Enough of your detractions.

     Yours in Christ


No Donation for Your Rigid Views
Donation? I would never donate to a movement that has such a rigid view of my beloved Catholic Church, and makes preposterous statements by distorting facts to read into them farfetched theories and beliefs. Shame on you.


PS: Just so you don’t think this negative view comes from a marginally committed Catholic, I am a very active member of my parish, pray daily, receive the sacraments (unworthily), read Scripture daily, and donate services to my Archdiocese. I love the Church and serve it as best I can.


You Are the Impure Ones
Re: Bishop Bargallo's Vacation

Do you people go around looking for things at which to swell up like turkey gobblers, go all red in the face, shake your wattles, and be offended?

The New Testament says, "To the pure all things are pure."

The Desert Fathers say, "Even if you catch someone in the act of fornication, do not judge him, because your eyes may be deceived."

     Glory to Jesus Christ,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 26, 2012