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Protestant, Conservative & Homo Rage

You Are Damned Twice
Re: Luther’s Lack of Credibility

if protestants are not saved why is the pope saying that even muslim, and hindus are saved.

there are a few true christians in the world that know who you are....

do you realize that by replacing the holy spirit with mary, you have commited the unforgivable sin. and gladly accepted the mark of the beast too.

so you are damned twice over.

you should just kill yourself now to prevent furthur polluting the world with satanic doctrine, if you had a shred of decency.

here are some phrases you will not find in the bible. go to an online bible and search to prove it.

rosary / pope / pulpit / church building / prayer beads / orthodoxed / eucharist / purgatory
mass / Christmas / easter / sunday school / Vatican / sunday Sabbath / hail mary
dominum deum nostrum papam (ggogle this) / cardinal / bishop / Fatima / allah
Vicarius Filli Dei =666 / DVX CLERI =666 / LVDOVICVS =666 / I Protera =666

rejecting God's sabbath and following the vatican's order for sunday worship = accepting the mark of the beast.


Conservative Irritation
Re: TIA catalogue

As I understand it from your writings, you appear to be related to SSPX. You speak of the “new papacy”, as if there was a break along the line – perhaps at Vatican II. I must assure you that you have it all wrong.

Certainly the times post Vatican II were very confusing for all Catholics and drove many away from the Church by the inadequately informed. This was either purposeful, or as in many cases, just delusion on the parts of Catholics.

But who wrote Humanae Vitae, against all cultural trends and condemning artificial contraception? A very heroic Pope. And who wrote Evangelium Vitae, condemning not only abortion but all taking of human life – except in the case of just war? And who is acting very quickly to replace the older bishops with those more in line with authentic Catholic teaching.

I love Mother Church. She is always on a self-correcting path, for 2000 years she has been.

Do not send me your catalogue. You have nothing to sell to me at this point.



Calles Was Not a Mason
Re: Calles Is Supported by the U.S. & Russia

For the Greater Glory is a great movie. I enjoyed it and intend to buy it should it be released on DVD.

However, your reviewer made a false statement: “They vehemently opposed the program of President Plutarco Calles - an atheist and 32nd degree Mason”

NO ONE can became a Mason who is an atheist. Even for Entered Apprentice, the candidate must hold a belief in some kind of deity. Whether this be the Christian one, Mahometan, Zeus, Buddah, or Uitzalpochitili matters not. In fact, in many lodges, the texts recognized as sacred by many religions are on their altars.

And the only thing required to become a 32° Scottish Rite Mason (the only body with so many degrees) is to be willing to pay the fees for the various initiations.

If Calles was indeed an atheist, and became a Mason anyway, he must have been a consummate liar--which, of course, is no recommendation.


Nonsensical Objection
Please be careful with your website as you are helping to spread half truths and lies confusing the flock.

Realize that there is nonsense in both "progressive" as well as the "traditional" people who call themselves Catholic. Don't be deceived with the traditional vestments and devotions you see among "real Catholics" who are often the modern day pharisees.


Irony of a John XXIII Fan

I was just reading the article about Pope John XXIII by Marian T. Horvat and I was wondering if there is a prayer for his canonization. I've been looking all over the internet for one and can't find one! Do you know if there if one? I'd be so grateful!



Anti-Capitalist Maniac
TIA Desk,

In your reply to B.B., your listing of condemnations of Communism was good, but your defense of Capitalism was unnecessary. Capitalism is not the opposite of Communism, free enterprise is. It is the right to property accepted by Christianity.

Why should you feel compelled to defend a straw man Stalinist Soviet editors created by inserting the word Capitalism into Marx?

You are allowing the secular world to coopt our language, ironically, the very communists you condemn. So who do you think won that argument?


You Trigger Suicides
Re: Stats on Homosexuality

Your website is disgraceful. I understand that some of your statistics may be true - but you are using them to promote the unhealthy lifestyle that caused these statistics. Gays use drugs, and freelance with sex because they feel like outcasts of society.. not the other way around.

Someone at your organization is still under the false impression that people choose to be gay. This is completely unproven, unfounded, and simply not the truth...

So how about your start out your list of statistics with taking a poll of gay people and asking them or reporting on already existing statistics, how people feel they became gay.

I can assure you, most of us were not "recruited" - we WOKE up one morning from having a dream of someone of the same sex... or we laid in our beds at night and realized we were attracted to someone of the same sex - and when we prayed to God to take it away...God said, "no, you are the way I created you."

Gays need to have role models, they need to know people and talk with people who have healthy relationships and people who don't use drugs and be influenced by people who are not living suicidal a lifestyle.

Most gays commit suicide because of websites like yours and people who think the way you do... magnifying everything negative about people whose orientation is gay. Misinformation that removes hope for those of us who desperately need it.

The blood of those who commit suicide is on your hands.

     May God Help You.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 15, 2012