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Conservative & Sede-Vacantist Resentment

The Fathers of the Church Were Nazis
Re: Analysis of the Visit of JPII to the Synagogue of Rome

I can't help but feel that based on the spirit of opposition against the Jews in your article, maybe one would do well to just substitute the word "nigger" when it appears in Christian scriptures. This would especially be true in regard to the early Church Fathers who were anti-Semites in a manner which would have made Adolph Hitler proud.


Stop Your Divisiveness
Re: Card. Bergoglio Kneels to Receive a Protestant 'Blessing'

I'm engaged to a Traditional Catholic who made me aware of our new Holy Father's photo from 2006 which is posted on your website. I'm talking of the photo depicting him on his knees receiving a blessing from Protestants.

It's very disturbing to me that your website would not rejoice in the day our new Holy Father was selected to lead our Church. Instead, you go and try to find things from his past in an apparent attempt to damper the Church's enthusiasm for what many of us believe will be a great Pope. It was truly tasteless and uncalled for on this day of the Church's jubilation.

I had talked to my fiance before his election as Pope and predicted that traditionalists would try to find whatever "incriminating" photos they could, because they just can't be happy with any Popes unless they are traditionalists. Why such bitterness to those of us who simply classify ourselves as Catholic? I don't want to be called a traditionalist, conservative, liberal, Novus Ordo, but Catholic. Why the labels and the divisiveness? Christ prayed that we would all be one, and your group is causing division.

Jesus said, "Whoever is not with me is against me." Protestants are NOT against Jesus. Your group sounds like those whom the Sons of Thunder (James and John) wanted to have Jesus destroy because they were curing people in His name even though they didn't belong to his sheepfold. And we know Jesus condemned this and made the aforementioned statement.

So to receive a blessing from someone who has been baptized is not a sin. The Church recognizes legitimate Protestant baptisms, so should you. And if they are legitimate Christians who've been baptized, they can give blessing, just like you and I can.

So please stop the divisiveness and bring honor to our new Holy Father, not bitterness.

     Thank you!


Naked Athletes Are O.K.
Re: Pope Blesses the Olympics

You might find the following factoids interesting.

Not too long ago a "long line" men's swim suit was tested. It was discovered to give an unfair advantage to the users.

The original Olympics were conducted in the nude. Even the very word "gymnasium" means "place for going naked."

BTW, what are swimmers and other athletes supposed to wear? Evening clothes?


Your Proud & Iniquitous Heads
On the answer: A Sede-Vacantist Stumbles in His Logic

Catholic encyclopedia: “In Matthew 16:17-19, the office is solemnly promised to the Apostle.”

So the Apostle Peter was no pope when Jesus called him Satan.

If betting were good it would be a good bet that you will not retract your error nor false accusation against the man. On The Judgment day the whole mankind shall see what punishment God inflicted on your heads, not only ignorant but proud and iniquitous heads.


You Shall Drink God’s Wrath
Re: A Sede-Vacantist Stumbles in His Logic


To assert that The Church would choose as a bishop, let alone as the pope, a man who publicly deviated from his Catholic faith, let alone publicly fell into heresy, is a flat out insult to The Church and to The Holy Spirit Who leads The Church.

And to assert that a man (Ratzinger) who doesn't profess the faith of The Church, can be, at the same time, a member of The Church, let alone Its pope is a heresy which even lay people like you cannot escape.

If the time of mercy to retract your horrific errors expires, you shall drink of the just wrath for them.



Regressive Bigots
If you were a black man in the 50's, a young girl who was raped and pregnant before Roe V Wade, or part of a gay couple wishing to give each other the love and support any married couple has the right to expect, you may lose the blinders religion puts on your eyes and mind. All religions do it. Not just the christian cult and it's not all of the members. It's just the ones with control issues and the need to be missionaries of hate and bigotry.

The tea party and their "christian conservative" voices have shut down the economic recovery, crippled the legislative and judicial processes and moved the country's priorities to a pseudo bible based legal and legislative waste of time and money.

This is NOT the Christianity of the Jesus Christ I've learned of in the bible. Jesus was not a regressive bigot, he was a progressive which lived the life he taught. Christian followers need to pay more attention to HIS words and HIS lifestyle on this time of history.


Ignorant Opinion
Re; Mailmen vs Mail Carriers

I found this article written by Ms Jordan extremely offensive. I am a mail carrier. And her description of my job was very dead wrong. I would love to have ms Jordan walk in my shoes for one day, then she can base her ignorant opinion on fact instead of what she pulled out from her rear end. I work hard and so do my coworkers.

We care for our jobs our appearance and our customers. A whole lot more than the uniform has changed... Imagine walking 26 streets a day and only having a certain amount of time to do so, no matter the mail and package volume - back then they didn't have such a thing as route adjustments or measurements.

Not fair!! I don't understand why we are the most judged when our work load is the hardest.

It must be nice just to be able to sit around all day in the cold A/c and write about things you know nothing about.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 4, 2013