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Buddhist, Progressivist & Homo Abhorrence

Buddhist Vengeance


I came across this article by your founder [Dr. Marian Horvat] while scanning the Internet. I was stunned by the arrogance, the exclusivity, the denigration of an ancient faith. Very disturbing stuff. How, with ideas like this, does she propose to bring about peace and harmony in the world?

This stuff is not a lot different than the bile spewed by the Taliban and Boko Haram. These are exactly the attitudes that helped destroy numerous indigenous cultures around the world. Does the writer not understand this? The Catholic Church should spend the rest of eternity begging forgiveness from these so-called “pagans” whose beautiful cultures your church helped destroy.

I guess you don’t have to have very good judgement to get a PhD. I’d take guidance from Thich Nhat Hanh in a heartbeat over this arrogant tripe.


Remove Yourself from the Church

Re: The strange pectoral cross of the Bishop of Rome

It is "traditional" to obey the Pope, rather than criticize him. Obviously, this holy man wants to bring attention to all those Catholic "sheep" who have been 'lost' during the "traditional" pontificates of John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

Why not focus on why those two recent popes who broke church law by failing to obey a major Church Council? Instead, you speak badly about Pope Francis who is trying to do what Jesus and the Holy Spirit are inspiring him to do. Is there anyone (but you) who can criticize that?

I think that you should remove the "official" logo of the Catholic Church, since you apparently do not accept the election of the Consistory of Cardinals that is recognized by the official church and loyal Catholics everywhere.

In case you are wondering, I do care for you as Jesus Christ taught me to do in his Words and Actions and nothing or no one can convince me to disobey Him by speaking badly to you.

     Love in Christ,


Misguided Idiot

Who is the misguided idiot who posted the objections to the canonization of John XXIII, one of the greatest leaders of the Catholic Church?



Appalled with Your Website

I was APPALLED by the views stated in your web site. You really need to STUDY the Gospels and who Jesus was and what he was about... in his own words in Scripture.

I will pray for all of you.


Good Freemasons

Regarding what you wrote: “No wonder freemasons and communists are praising him. Catholics should be sad.” (here)

Why do so many people link masons with communism and other forms of atheism? One of the first things that communists do when they come to power is outlaw Freemasonry. Also, one must believe in SOME kind of deity (not necessarily the God of Christianity) to be a mason.

Did you all know that?


Stupid & Draconian

Read your response to a letter writer about elbows as being indecent and can cause men temptation. Catholic men are from where it stands as weak as MUSLIM men, so why not just mummy wrap your women as they do and kill them if they leave the house too? How sad that people want to live as you do; but everyone has free will.

Be funny for all saints' day for a woman to dress in a BURKA with a sign saying - I dress like this because my stupid woman hating church thinks that elbows turn men on. This year, thanks to you all.

I 'll be honoring the Protestant reformers for liberating us from such a draconian cult as the Catholic Church.


Hateful Blind Ignorant

As someone sitting here today trying to decide why I shouldn't kill myself and reading through your website, it was blatantly obvious why I'm sitting here in this chair. It is because I cannot hope to live what would normally be an open life.

I know now that I have been gay since I was 4 years old. I did not know this of course at the time, and did not understand my feelings. I dated women until I was 25 hoping that I would find that 'special' girl that I would fall in love with and could build a wonderful life. They were all special girls. Wonderful girls in high school and college and wonderful women after. All of them have gone on to graduate college, get married, have children, and are very happy as best I can tell from those I touch base with occasionally on Facebook. I cared for them because they had a good soul, and I'm guessing that although they thought there was something odd about me they realized that I too had a good soul and was someone worth knowing and they took a chance in hopes to be with me.

All of them (only 6 because I do not open my heart lightly) were crushed when we broke up, and I was crushed too because I cared about them and could yet again see the crumbling life before me. I was attracted to their persons and who they were and to a future life; but unfortunately was never attracted physically to them -- a tragedy and a great shame for me.

Of course, now I feel guilty for ever leading them on although that was not my purpose at the time and I had no idea what I was doing. I was just trying to build a happy life and to do what was expected of me hoping that I was just scared and imagining this happened to everyone... things would just 'work themselves out' because I was too young and stupid to know the difference.

I'm 42 now, not a virgin with women but still a virgin with men. I've been celibate for the past 17 years... can you possibly imagine that? Not able to be who I am. No celebrations with someone I love for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, New Years, Thanksgiving, parties, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or just a beautiful day with warm sunny weather; no vacations, graduations, first day of college, birth, first steps, first snow, marriage, first meeting with the grandparents of my child & wife... do you get the freakin' point?

Can you possibly understand what life is like for me and everyone else like me? I even avoid family gatherings because it crushed me to see what my life could have been like. I had no choice in this; I am the pot that God made me. I can no more change what I am than a tree can become a bird and this has always been so.

I have no desire to randomly hook-up with men and engage in promiscuous sex... nothing could be further from the truth. But it is people like you that are the creators of hopelessness, of depression, of loneliness, of alcoholism, of drug abuse, of despair, and are the destroyer of worlds.

Your website is full of hate and the blind ignorance that doesn't understand that your mindset is not the only type endowed by Him our Creator. I have always felt in touch with God and am confounded by the beauty of this world. It is not just for you, it is for all of us. I have not had the choice of what I feel, only how to live my life. I can either lie to a woman and try to have kids, I can be alone and depressed, I can throw myself off a building, or I can choose to take a chance and live my life according to how I was Born.

So you can see there really is not choice... I have never met a straight person who said 'wow, you know what - I woke up today and decided to fall in love with a woman. I think I'll be heterosexual.'

If you don't understand this I hope that God will grant you forgiveness for the hate in your soul. I had no more choice in my preference than you had... I have had to struggle for years, but you have happily had the advantage to just go with the flow because fortunately you fit into what society has deemed acceptable while the minority of us have had to struggle.

This may have surfaced earlier had I been born effeminate. However, I was born and matured very masculine. I'm sure that all my family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances know now though I have not come out of the closet - they do care about me, but as I get older I keep pushing them away although they continuously try to pull my into their circle. So I am at a crossroads. Do I leave and abandon the first 42 years of my life - or do I reveal myself and turn into the monster despised on your website and condemned to eternal damnation?

Thanks to people like you for continuing to make me feel like an outcast; why do you hate me? I hope you come to your senses one day and realize that everything attributed to homosexuals in your article has been caused by people like you. They have been driven to depression and self-hate, and that is the cause of all this. It is interesting that a large proportion are college graduates, etc because I think (like me) they turned to books and seeking knowledge to try and determine a cause for their affliction or even as a type of escape mechanism... of loneliness perhaps. And it is very sad that a group of people trying so hard to achieve and to be accepted in society is turned away.

I am a Christian, though not practicing because of people like you. People in a Baptist church (and many other denominations) would not accept me, though I can honestly say that I am one of the kindest and best people I know. In your youth, you can pass as someone that just hasn't been married yet. But as you get older people start to ostracize you.

 I am here because even after thousands of generations of man there is a goodness in my genes, or else how could homosexuals possibly exist? I am here because whatever strange mutation or uncommon hormonal exposure in the womb is the cause of this, my contribution and existence is beneficial to mankind. (Yes, I believe that God is our creator and he designed everything from the Fibonacci number in sunflowers and seashells to the neuronal pathways in the human brain to our souls).

     Best regards and hoping that we both find a way.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 24, 2014