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You Are Favoring Protestantism

I can’t believe you posted “believe in Christmas” ‘counter revolutionary video’ – The message is quite clear... and (NOT!) Catholic! - Easy indicators: (1) only graphic in whole video is a Christmas tree! (2) the lyrics.

[Lyrics in blue; comments in red; the rest of the e-mail in black - Editor's note]

I believe in Christmas
I believe it’s true.

I believe our Savior
was sent here for me and you.
[as an extra terrestrial – or born of ever Virgin Mary?]
If you believe in Christmas [[Believe in Christmas or God and the holy Trinity?]
join us in this song
keep saying Merry Christmas
and keep that spirit all year long.

If you don’t see Merry Christmas in the window,
no! you don’t go in that store.
If you don’t see Merry Christmas in the window,
yes! you walk right by that door.
Oh it’s all about the little baby Jesus
and my Savior’s day of birth.
[[Shopping is all about Jesus?]
It’s the one and only reason
that we celebrate the season
wishing love to all and peace upon the Earth
[[‘wishing’ love? Peace on earth to men of good will!]

If you don’t hear “Merry Christmas”
when they greet you
when you’re walking through their store,
Simply turn and say
“It’s very nice to meet you”
as you walk right out that door.
Words are chosen every year
to hide it’s Christmas
the reason for our hol-i-day.
[[Who changed HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION that obliges to attend the holy sacrifice of the mass on pain of mortal sin to ‘holiday’ (at the beach)?]
They’re not happy what we’re singing
but they want their tills a ringing.
[[This song’s whole idea of Christmas is 19th century protestant commercialized Victorian Christmas]
Tryna sell my Christmas every other way
come and stand out from the crowd,
say Merry Christmas and be proud.
[[STAND OUT in our 77% self-identified Christian nation! Christians are HUMBLE (even Pope Francis knows that!)]
Christmas isn’t just another holiday [[No. It’s a HOLY day--but protestants have a candle light service now the night before if they even go to Church -- don’t tell them how to celebrate THEIR (not Jesus’)special day (see below)! Catholics are following right behind w/their ‘children’s’ and ‘‘family’ masses on Christmas Eve!]

What would be missing, now lets see,
if not for Christmas nativity.
No silent night or first noels,
No Santa’s sleigh, No jingle bells,
No star atop the Christmas tree,
[[Jesus had been born for 1800 yrs before any of this crap!]
No special day for family [[Who changed ‘family’ to the ‘nuclear’ one girl (mini-mom) and one boy (mini-dad) –The president or congress could declare any day a ‘special day’ for the family – i.e. not about worshiping Jesus given to us as a BABY – 60 million babies aborted U.S. last 50 years!
No bells that ring for angels wings
No dolls and trains that Santa brings
[[Idealized 1870 sap-Santa is a Protestant commercial fiction!]
No drummer boy or Tiny Tim [[90% of handicapped babies are aborted in the U.S.!]
No Mr. Scrooge, we all know him [[Mr. Scrooge is caused by Our Savior’s Birth?]
No list of those whose been good or bad [[Doesn’t God keep the REAL list?! I believe it!}
Well? maybe that won’t be too sad [[So if Jesus NEVER returns these “Christians” wouldn’t be too sad as long as they could have candy canes, mistletoe, stockings ‘hung w/so much care’ and partridge?!]
No candy canes or mistletoe
No Christmas lights out in the snow
[ [How much of the Christian world has snow at Christmas?}
No stockings hung with so much care
hoping Santa finds them there.
[ [Santa is SAINT NICHOLAS – who removed Christ/holiness from Christmas and turned it into one big commercial business --- ANGLO SAXON PROTESTANTS!]
And one more thing there wouldn’t be
no partridge in a pear…
rump a-bum bum
[[Absolutely NOTHING about going to MASS or CHURCH to worship/adore Jesus Christ!]
If you don’t believe the reasons for my Christmas
then it’s sure okay with me.
Please don’t tell me what to say,
or what music I can play
after all my Christmas is my special day!
[[My wedding is my special day – don’t tell me I can’t have it in my special S&M club [what my boss talked about at my “holiday” luncheon complete w/”secret santa”; two women discussed how they have dropped people because send pictures of babies being dismembered that ‘automatically’ start playing (though Facebook has fixed that); oh yes and ‘twerking’ – when that came up on my iphone charades game, I told my nephew we were skipping that (ha ha ha)!], or I can’t ‘marry’ another man! Or I can’t buy a baby and if the bakery refuses my business I will sue them till they go out of business! – so much for Protestant ‘religious liberty/tolerance’ of ALL religions and ALL views —and now we have a devil display right next to the “Christian” crib set/Cross! And a Wicca chapel at the USAF Acedemy.

Come and stand out from the crowd,
say ‘Merry Christmas’ and be proud
Christmas isn’t just another holiday.
[As my traditional priest said recently, Christ was taken out of Christmas when Advent was taken out. Protestants and Catholics also have turned it into a merry ‘holiday’ party from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. Last year a friend told me though that the holiday season began on Halloween!.]
Merry Christmas!

The song is performed by American Christian Life United (ACLU) Choir with the vocal by Carrie Rinderer. http://www.americancowboychronicles.com/2014/12/say-merry-christmas-video-more.html

Same w/regard to the “AIR FORCE Flash Mob” posted 12/5/13 to advertise their “HOLIDAY” concerts (see videos end). Singing Carols during Advent? All concerts finished by 12/15/13? – Aren’t they just promoting shop til you drop?

My family is retired USAF, but we removed ALL AF insignia (refrigerator magnets etc.) last year because of USAF removing GOD from their oath.

Following link documents the Anti-Christian acts of the military in the past 10 years, including: “Air Force removes video that mentions God – June 7, 2013”; “Chaplain is ordered to remove a religion-themed essay from USAF base website –July 24, 2013”; “Drag queen group performs at Air Force Base LGBT Diversity Day – August 8, 2013”; “Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk is relieved of duties over gay marriage – July 25, 2013; files complaint – August 20, 2013; is given a Miranda warning by Air Force investigator – August 27, 2013”; “Air Force “closes” case while attacking SMSgt. Monk – October 8, 2013”; “U.S. Air Force Academy is held accountable for removing “So help me God” in four oaths - October 21, 2013”; “Nativity Scene Moved at Shaw Air Base – December 12, 2013”; “Air Force Academy officials ensure the removal of a cadet’s bible verse from the white board outside his room; cadets protest – March 11, 2014”




12 Days of Christmas Is False

I think that you need to amend your page about The Twelve Days of Christmas. It has been found to be false.


The Twelve Days of Christmas: A Catholic Catechism?

But wait! There’s more. In 1995, Fr. Hal Stockert, a Byzantine Catholic priest from Granville, New York, published a short piece on the website of the Catholic Information Network entitled The Twelve Days of Christmas: An Underground Catechism.

 Father Stockert claimed that the “delightful nonsense rhyme set to music . . . had a quite serious purpose when it was written.” Referring to the years 1558-1829, when the practice of Catholicism was officially outlawed in England, Father Stockert claimed to have uncovered evidence that “‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ was written in England as one of the ‘catechism songs’ to help young Catholics learn the tenets of their faith.”

Each of the gifts, Father Stockert declared, represented one of the truths of the Catholic Faith:
  • 1 patridge in a pear tree = Jesus Christ, the Son of God
  • 2 turtledoves = the Old and New Testaments
  • 3 French hens = the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity
  • 4 calling birds = the four gospels and/or the four evangelists (Matthew,Mark, Luke, and John)
  • 5 golden rings = the first five books of the Old Testament
  • 6 geese a-laying = the six days of creation
  • 7 swans a-swimming = the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and/or the seven sacraments
  • 8 maids a-milking = the Eight Beatitudes
  • 9 ladies dancing = the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit
  • 10 lords a-leaping = the Ten Commandments
  • 11 pipers piping = the 11 faithful disciples (minus Judas, who betrayed Christ)
  • 12 drummers drumming = the 12 points of doctrine in the Apostles’ Creed
There’s only one problem: As David Emery, the About.com Guide to Urban Legends, explains inIs ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ an Underground Catechism Song?, Father Stockert had no evidence to back up his claims. As Father Stockert correctly notes, “to be caught with anything in *writing* indicating adherence to the Catholic faith could not only get you imprisoned, it could get you hanged, or shortened by a head—or hanged, drawn and quartered,” yet almost all of the points of doctrine that young Catholic children supposedly needed “The Twelve Days of Christmas” to help them memorize were shared with the Anglican Church.

Moreover, there are glaring errors in Father Stockert’s list: He uses the mistaken “calling birds,” which matches up much more nicely with the four evangelists than the correct “collie birds” does; and the Catholic Church recognizes 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit, not nine.

For more information on why we can be sure “The Twelve Days of Christmas” was not an “underground catechism song,” see David Emery’s article and a similar piece (though with additional information) at Snopes.com. Called to document his claims, and finding himself unable to do so, Father Stockert himself eventually added a P.S. to his article:

P.S. It has come to our attention that this tale is made up of both fact and fiction. Hopefully it will be accepted in the spirit it was written. As an encouragement to people to keep their faith alive, when it is easy, and when any outward expressions of their faith could mean their life. Today there are still people living under similar conditions, may this tale give them courage, and determination to use any creative means at their disposal to keep their faith alive.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 16, 2014