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Hindu, Homosexual & Novus Ordo Bile

An Egalitarian Protests

Re: Don’t Embrace Your Superiors

I was browsing your website and completely awe-struck when I read...

"Let our readers - who are not Michele Obama and are not in the presence of Queen Elizabeth - follow the correct protocol and apply this same rule with those who are their social superiors."

Really? The British Queen is a figurehead, she is not the "social superior" of Michelle Obama who is first lady of the United States.

The United States was created in rebellion to Monarchy and "nobility." it's a shame that you would call a figurehead Monarch the "social superior" of the wife of the President of the United States.

I think the founding fathers of the United States would have approved of Mrs. Obama's gesture.




Re: An Indifferentist Francis Wears a Saffron Shawl


This is with regard to your write-up under the above heading in Church Revolution in Pictures.

I was quite appalled to read "he was solemnly invested with a saffron shawl, which is a way the Hindu sect of the Tamil Tigers pays homage to those who support its beliefs." [Really? This is news to me, an Indian!]. "Bergoglio remained wrapped in that pagan symbol [??!!] for the rest of the ceremony as he delivered his speech."

It would be nice to get your facts right before defaming someone or being insensitive to the cultural values and symbols in other cultures.

     Thank you,

     A.F., Mumbai



I see that you have neither substantiated your charge nor clarified, and your defamatory article remains on your web site. I hope you realize that calumny is a very serious offence against God and neighbor!

     Thank you,

     A.F., Mumbai


You Spread Hate, Intolerance & Discrimination

In reference to the post on your website: Everyone Should Know These Statistics on Homosexuals

I have never in my life read such outright false statements and made up information! Anyone who posts stuff like this should be ashamed of themselves!

To blame homosexuals on AIDS and the spread of AIDS is ridiculous!

Documented cases prove that AIDS was first spread by the straight community. AIDS is NOT punishment from God for being gay. If that was the case then AIDS would only be linked to the LGBT community and it is in point of fact not.

Homosexuals do NOT bash themselves. That is another pathetic statement and false.

Homosexuals do NOT recruit people either. That is another pathetic statement and false.

I do not know where you people come up with such hate filled stuff but it needs to be stopped.

Do you really think God approves of the hate and crimes directed towards the LGBT community? I think NOT. The bible texts on homosexuality are wrong, mistranslated and misunderstood and used to justify hate, oppression and violence.

One of these days the God of the universe will judge all and I feel very sorry for people who use the word and name of God to push hate, intolerance and discrimination.

     May God have mercy on all of you.


TIA’s note: The reader may check more recent statistics (here), which prove correct the comments of the criticized article.


You Are a Joke

What a joke you are.

May God have mercy on your poor deluded soul.



Good Luck in Your Useless Resistance

Re: Sisters Indoctrinating Girls with Radical Feminism

Your reports on lesbians (posing as feminists) taking over the church show the true spineless and pathetic Vatican 2 sect men.

In the true catholic church (holding the sedevacantist position) men run the church nor would our catholic priests ever justify voting for lesbian Carly Fiorino.

Good luck "resisting" an anti Christ institution which promotes lesbians (posing as feminists) and the destruction of young men.

You and the SSPX aren't going to change anything in that sick sodomite communist Vatican 2 sect.


The Spanish Colonizers Were Murderers

Re: La Conquistadora

It's interesting to read about the Spanish being revered in the story about the Virgin Mary. These stories fail to mention why the Pueblo tribes were fighting for the lives and home of their people. They had their own spirituality & practiced it reverently. But, the Spanish murdered their babies and killed many Pueblo people.

These invaders are thought of nothing more than murderers by the Pueblo people today. Amazingly enough they have continued practicing their pueblo traditions.

I wonder what the Blessed Virgin Mary's thoughts were when the Spanish prayed the rosary to her to help them brutalize the Pueblo people?


You Are Slandering the Good Punk Priest

Re: The Punk Priest

Fellow brother or sister in Christ,

My name is C.K., and I am a 19 year old Physician Assistant (B.S./M.S.) student from Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. I was browsing the internet when I stumbled upon your Traditionalist website.

Curiously enough, I found it when I was searching for my previous pastor and friend, Father Bob Lubic, AKA, “The Punk Priest.” I wasn’t entirely sure of the purpose of this little website, until I realized that it is nothing more than a way for those afraid of progressivism in the Roman Catholic church to attempt to slander and shame those whom it considered to be out of line in their preaching and lifestyles.

While I must admit, I certainly do not support priests growing marijuana in their rectories, or any other illegal or harmful actions, I find that I have to point out that I personally know this man and can attest to his character.

I was 12 when Father Lubic came to my parish of St. John the Baptist Church in Perryopolis, Pa. No one was sure what to think of this man at first, as he didn’t look like our typical priest, or necessarily act like any that I had seen before. However, we all soon found out that he was full of a fire and an energy that no one in our town had ever seen before - something new.

Soon we all discovered that this was most certainly a man of God. His sermons were beautiful; conveying the love of God with each in a way that all of the parishioners could easily understand. More importantly, he brought all of his parishioners closer to the word of God.

Father Lubic became loved by ALL - even the elders of our parish (mind you, many of these people were self-proclaimed traditionalists, such as yourself). They soon saw how true he was to his duties, and how he brought our parish closer together, even in a time where mass attendance in the so called “Catholic Rust Belt” of the East was dropping rapidly. Soon, our Parish became standing room only, and many parishioners who hadn’t attended in years or who had lost touch with their faith had their spark reignited.

This spark was ignited within my heart as well. As a young child, I had always been active in my church and my parents were very devout Catholics (my previously protestant father became a baptized Catholic when he was at our parish), serving as an alter boy from 3rd grade all the way to my senior year of high school. Since Father Bob was the new priest, he changed many things that I had previously learned about serving mass, but one specific thing I can remember about when he first came was how patient he was with me even though I screwed up so many times DURING MASS! He honestly laughed it off when I know that others would have possibly been angry with me.

My family developed a relationship with this man, as did many of the other parishioners at my church. We dined together at his home and ours. Father Bob would share music with me, and I was able to ask him questions about the Catholic faith that I had always wondered about. He would always give me genuine answers, and answer to the fullest extent of his ability as an ordained priest, yet still made then comprehendible for a young man to understand. He would take the time to do this, answering the questions of children, and visiting the CCD classes held every Tuesday night. In addition, he would go to pay regular visits to the sick, the elderly, and even previous parishioners in other towns on holidays.

He was also very active in our community events, even bringing together the other churches in my town for an ecumenical mass, in which the Methodists, Protestants, Baptists, and Catholics (both Greek and Roman) all prayed together and dined together in a night of unity in Christ.

My parish was devastated to see him leave us, and people cried during the masses in which he announced his departure. Many others from other parishes also did the same, in years before. However, we all knew that he had to spread the word of God somewhere else, and his duty to the Church called.

Despite his looks, which are very modern and may be frightening for those who don’t know him, anyone who has had him as their priest can attest to his kind nature, as his actions speak far louder than his looks (which are quite loud)! This is precisely why I am taking the time to write this letter to you (which I am sure you will attempt to rip to shreds with your “holier than thou” attitudes), because your website is a terrible portrayal of a good man and a good servant of God that you frankly know nothing about.

You have posted pictures of him from his college days, in attempts to show him as a reckless man; he is not. You have posted pictures of him with a children in an attempt to show him as some sort of pedophile or someone corrupting young children; he has never, nor will he do such a thing. He was the chaplain at Camp Conestoga, a large Boy Scout camp that I myself attended for a number of years (I am an Eagle Scout), which is why he was with the troop of Scouts you see in the picture you have.

My point is, your website depicts someone entirely different than what he is. While you do not come out and directly state the things you are implying in each picture, the captions that you have, along with the selections of pictures on display make for a poor representation. Therefore, I ask that you please remove this from your website.

It hurts me to see someone who has done so many good things for my Diocese slandered by being grouped in with headlines like, “Belgian Nun Dances in Obscene Poses” or “Priest Grows Marijuana in the Rectory”. - things that probably are poor representations of the church and warrant reprimand. He is a truly good person, and he has changed my life, as well as the lives of countless others in my area, for the better.




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 26, 2015