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Schismatic & Progressivist Rants

Harmful Idiots

You do nothing but harm and reaffirm a global opinion that the USA is full of idiots.

Shame on you, you discredit the Catholic church.

N.M.C., U.K.


Receiving the Wafer…


I'm an orthodox christian. Two years ago during Cristmas I went to Holland to visit my daughter. I was invited to a Catholic Church in Otermeer. Prior to the communion, they had a common confession.

I noticed that people were receiving the wafer from the priest in their hand, some were putting the host in their pockets. I did NOT participate.

Where is the R.C. church going?



Stubborn Ignorant & Racist

Re. article 'What About the Orthodoxy of Mother Teresa?' by Marian T. Horvat - under chapter titled 'An Unorthodox Notion of God' - Paragraph 2 - re. the word 'Allah'.

I'm getting VERY tired of explaining the following - as a Lebanese Christian (whose family has been in the States since the 19th c.).

'Allah' is SIMPLY the WORD for God in Arabic AND Aramaic the language of Christ. (The Aramaic which we STILL use in our Syrian/Syriac liturgy of Saint James the Brother of God... though it is sometimes transliterated into English differently than Arabic is transliterated... SAME pronunciation - SAME word that our Christ used in Syria...).

Hence contrary to this writer's apparently stubborn ignorance and unwillingness to engage w/ Syrian/Syriac Byzantine Catholics and/or Syrian/Syriac Orthodox - who are EVERYWHERE in LA - or READ about the above anywhere & everywhere: 'Allah' is not ONLY the name of God for Muslims / in Islam (as she stated). It is used by Jews and Christians AND Muslims. It's a WORD from another language than HERS - which she apparently revels in disparaging. (Despite Issa Himself spoke it. It is hence important to recognise evil hiding behind supposed piety).

The word 'God' & 'Dios' etc. given by the author as examples - which she patiently explains mean the SAME thing whilst she explains 'Allah' does NOT - only have in common here that the author does not view them through her OBVIOUSLY RACIST lens.

Please feel free to contact me and I can put you in touch w/ some of the Melkite (Syrian/Syriac Byzantine Catholic) and/or Syrian/Syriac Orthodox and/or Maronite (Catholic) Churches there. (There are other Churches in the LA area that use the word 'Allah' for God also: Coptics - Assyrians etc.). Because this is getting tiresome & ridiculous.

It states the article was written in 2003 not 1903! Join the living world. We GAVE the rest of the planet our knowledge of The Christ & The Gospels: so please have some respect for the LANGUAGE HE HIMSELF used when He walked upon the vineyards of my elders in Marjeyoun Lebanon - and STOP disrespecting us almost constantly. I am named after the Saint that herself was a disciple of Saint James the Brother of God who was handed the Jerusalem Church to look after - by Saint Peter.

Please READ MORE & put an end to your superior position. We are tired of you. FYI: We would rather associate w/ who YOU perceive as loathed Muslims - than people such as yourselves who OBVIOUSLY do NOT understand the teachings of Issa (Jesus). Look to your OWN soul before denouncing Muslims - many of whom probably and APPARENTLY live the teachings of Issa better than you do.

Issa told us to do THAT. (eye > beam & mote People).


Devil, Torturer, Murderer & Pathological Sadist

Re: pope MUST apologise for inquisition

You’re a devil in disguise. If you are so worried about heresy, why not just have a registry that will identify churches and people who practice heresy alike “offender register”? Its 21 century you know? All that pope has to do is admit if the technology was in place they would use it instead of establishing torturesition. This way people can run checks and if it comes positive, they will have a choice whether to be misled by heresy or chose another one that is “legit”. But why would you have to be nice when you can get 1 million followers in less than 12 hours?

Pope should not apologise for inquisition? My [bad word] these maniacs were worse than serial killers, at least serial killers realise what they’re doing is wrong while inquisitors were sure as they could be that they are doing a right thing!

To an inquisitor, simply “firing” heretic preachers from their job and black listing them from getting a legitimate catholic priest position would not suffice apparently, the heretics had to be fired literally, on a nice big hot bonfire! They were murderers conducting inhuman tortures causing irreversible body, soul and spirit damage in dozens of thousands innocent people based on politics of catholic church who has long perverted and omitted the original teachings of Christ to suit their own and ruling class needs starting from Roman emperor who has long gone, but catholic church stayed.

This archaic institution is an abomination on humankind body who can never renounce their wrongdoings and atrocities conducted only 600+ years ago that were very similar to what ISIS is doing in Middle East now, and you’re telling me they have nothing to apologise for? Now I have no doubt in 600 years some [bad word] like yourself is going to claim: ISIS did nothing wrong, all they wanted to do was to kill heretic Muslims to keep Islam faith clean for other Muslims that are more Muslim than thy.

To sum up, I can’t believe you would make a page like this but you can’t accidentally do so, therefore you have done it deliberately and knew what you were doing. To me, this makes you a latent torturer, murderer and pathological sadist, sir and I couldn’t be surer you would gladly apply for an inquisitor position in a heartbeat and I would be first on your “questioning” list if it took place but a few hundred years earlier.

May you get to live to see another day, for many poor souls didn’t get that chance due to dungeon party sprees with two dominican DJs which became very popular less than 800 years ago and formally ended less than 200 years ago and if you ended up at one, you’d have to party until carried out feet first, and wouldn’t be coming back to another one, well, because in this life one simply couldn’t physically and mentally due to various reasons including but not limited to shattered bones, destroyed flesh and generally being safely dead inside and out, but still possibly contagious with heresy so the, uh, mostly dead remnants had to be “humanely” cremated.

Tl; dr Absolutely shocking apologist you are.

Give me regards to the abyss when you get there.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 4, 2016