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Indignation of Sheen & Gill Admirers

Slanderous Liars & Bigots

Good day,

Re: Fulton Sheen, an Ardent Ecumenist &
Archbishop Sheen, an Enthusiast of Vatican II

I'm gonna assume I'm talking to Horvat and colleagues.

I've just read so many of your articles including the one you did on Fulton Sheen. Claiming that he was a false ecumenist, didn't convert people. In fact he was the strongest Catholic men of our time. A colleague of the Venerable Pope Pius XII. Bishop Sheen spoke out greatly against false ecumenism and how the Church will never sucumb to such indifferentism.

He spoke about not proselytizing. Do you know what proselytizing is? It's trying to convert people through fear, psychological pressure. Sheen knew that the only way to bring converts is to find common ground and grow from there. That is how many people have returned or joined the Catholic faith. To appeal to reason, understanding of the wholeness of truth can eliminate all confusion and bring people to the fullness and joy of the Catholic Faith.

To say that Sheen believed all religions are equal or all lead to God is to either be ignorant, bigoted and just a plain liar. You deliberately take a quote where plainly says to Protestants that Catholics believe protestants aren't blessed with fullness of truth and then points out their common passion for scripture. To build a relationship with people in error is to recognize and respect their dignity. During the times before and after the Council, Catholics didn't know their faith. Protestants were more zealous and in some cases still are! Conversion happens slowly, through a development of understanding, not facile bombardment of hateful accusations and condemnations. I hope none of you ever dated someone before, because what you do is the equivalent of threatening someone to marry you on the first date and telling them some horrible fate will befall them if they don't.

For yhat reason, your slanderous lies and dirty work on this site is poisonous. You are wolves in sheeps clothing just like the modernists you so passionately hate (and probably justify by saying you actually love them). I saw through that lie years ago.

I can see a hatred for the post-conciliar changes. You have imbibed the myth that the Vatican II was evil at heart. It clear you do not understand hermeneutic of continuity nor the meaning of those documents you malign and just by your articles, have no interest in helping the church but to forward you're own bigotry. You bare bad fruit. This is a truth you must face. You must repent and withdraw your lies.

For your good I pray as I do for the restoration of the Golden Age of the Church.

As a brother in Christ I urge you to look deep into your soul and contemplate your sins. Cause all I see here are the spiritually dead!



Go Back to Your Hell Hole

Those with names like guimaraes only presume/despair in maligning their moral superiors regarding any "spirit towards Rome" and should get their gothic faces out of "ladies" kootie and back to their Goddamned south stickian hell hole!!!



Ridiculous & Harmful

Your website is ridiculous and it hurts the church.

Thank God that YOU are not our judge, and Almighty God is!



You Are Sick

Re: Nun Dancing

As bad as the pictures are, your inferred behavior of any nun alone at night with any priest reveals your sickness more than theirs.

At least they have better things to do than to judge your website.



You Have a Filthy Mind

Re: Gill, the Pedophile Founder of Distributism and
     Other Moral ‘Pearls’ of Eric Gill

Ok, here we go again. You exhibit a strangely condemnatory attitude that makes me wonder if you are not a wolf in sheep's clothing attacking Distributism (trying to) by blietzkrieging (a signmark of some others who would use the Church to destroy it) just one artist of checkered (and IMO, slightly insane) past who happened to be on the side of the Church and Distributism.

What I find really, really suspect is that you're launching such an assault on Gill and even on GKC's fictional character Father Brown (who does have the redeeming quality of also recognizing the right to redemption of sinners). Seems like you judge, condemn, and sentence Gill and, by association, all his fellow distributists. Makes me wonder why you sound so much like a bolshy agent provocateur.

Personnally, I wonder how much of those Gill diary entries are just fantasy (the fellow WAS a bit out there....no….QUITE out there!). Could it be that 'Slept with' the sister actually means 'slept AT' the sister's???? If so, you, friend, are exposing nothing but your own filthy mind! And believe me, that doesn't mean I don't love you and Gill, we all sinners, one iota less! Had Gill been a putrid sack of manure as you seem to point out, it doesn't keep us from raising a prayer for his salvation and eternal rest. Any less than for yours or mine.

Bothers me that TIA chose Charlemagne victorious as a symbol. Far from being a champion of the Church, Charlemagne was the descendant of the usurper to the Merovingian crown of the Franks. He was also the fellow who first tried to impose the notion (other than the Byzantine emperor), that the Pope somehow owed his position and power to an earthly (himself) ruler.

     God Bless and the Peace of Jesus be with you.


PS 1 - Roy, plz give this wide diffusion.

PS 2 - Advice of the week: "Never get a Hobbit upset at you."


You Commit the Sin of Calumny

Re: Last Hate Mail

Regarding the sedevacantists' opposition to your investigation of Pope Pius IX (here and here). Judging by your reply, I'm afraid you seem to misunderstand the nature of their complaint. They were not accusing you of detraction, which is committed by the revelation of true faults and may be a grave sin if their revelation is unnecessary; but they were accusing you of the grave sin of calumny, which is "the imputation of false defects to another." Detraction and calumny differ in one respect: in calumny, there is "the superadded malice of a lie." (Source: Moral Theology, by Fr. Heribert Jone)

Whether or not the "sedevacantists offend at will all the Popes they deem invalid" is irrelevant. It is no justification for TIA to start an investigation on Pius IX. Two wrongs do not make a right. I'm afraid it is also wrong to justify calumny by stating that Pius IX "could have been a Mason" and that you "are not certain that he was a Mason".

Perhaps TIA is unaware of the obligation to make restitution for damage unjustly caused by calumny. If so, then, please, consider this information.




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 24, 2016