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Obtuse Nazi Frenzy & Papaist Ire

You Are Fanatical Zionists

Re: A bait send to TIA one week ago

I am surprised that TIA which rejects the Judeo/Masonic media interpretation of event in the Catholic Church and the VCII are fanatically attached to the Zionist Main Stream Media accounts of 9/11 as well as your endorsement of Jewish Involvement in dominant American Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Neoconservative Movement

Only one nation and group of people benefited most from the attacks on 9/11: Israel and its Zionist allies. America suffered, Iraq suffered, Afghanistan suffered and Arab Muslims suffered and Europe suffered massive migration from chaos in the Middle East. The "war on Terror" corresponds to the Unfolding of Yinon’s “Zionist Plan for the Middle East” that suggested that for Israel to maintain its regional superiority, it must fragment its surrounding Arab states into smaller units. The document, later labelled as ‘Yinon Plan’, implied that Arabs and Muslims killing each other in endless sectarian wars was, in effect, to create Israeli hegmony, or Greater Isreal, from the Euphrates to the Nile. .

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so arrogantly boasted before an audience at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon.” There you have it: The prime minister of Israel publicly admitted that the Israelis benefited from the 9/11 attacks. As any criminologist will tell you, the most likely suspect in any crime is the person or entity that benefits from that crime. Considering the fact that the rogue state of Israel has a prior criminal record of perpetrating just such a crime—the June 8, 1967 attack on the USS Liberty—the verdict in this case is clear and unmistakable: 9/11 was made in Israel.

The fact there is an overwhelmingly strong case thaqt the 9/11 attack was an Israeli attack on the US to create conditions for a "war on terror" and destruction of secular Arab States in the Middle East to benefit the Zionist State.

Thanks to e 9/11 attacks suddenly the world’s sole superpower was fully mobilized against Arab and Muslim terrorist movements, especially those connected with the Middle East. Sharon’s close Neocon political allies in America used the unexpected crisis as an opportunity to seize control of America’s foreign policy and national security apparatus, with an NSA staffer later reporting that Israeli generals freely roamed the halls of the Pentagon without any security controls.

General Wesley Clark reported that soon after the 9/11 attacks he was informed that a secret military plan had somehow come into being under which America would attack and destroy seven major Muslim countries over the next few years, including Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Libya, which coincidentally were all of Israel’s strongest regional adversaries and the leading supporters of the Palestinians. As America began to expend enormous oceans of blood and treasure attacking all of Israel’s enemies after 9/11, Israel itself no longer needed to do so.

I would argue that the only important aspect of these technical issues is whether the overall evidence is sufficiently strong to establish the falsehood of the official 9/11 narrative and also demonstrate that the attacks must have been the work of a highly sophisticated organization with access to advanced military technology rather than rag-tag band of 19 Arabs armed with box-cutters. Beyond that, none of those details matter.

      Thank you


PS. - A thorough account of the Neocons and their takeover of the Bush Administration in the aftermath of 9/11 is provided by Dr. Stephen J. Sniegoski in his 2008 book The Transparent Cabal, conveniently available on this website:

The Transparent Cabal

The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel


Also in 2003 former German Cabinet Minister Andreas von Bülow had published a best-selling book strongly suggesting that the Mossaqd and CIA rather than Bin Laden was behind the attacks, while in 2007 former Italian President Francesco Cossiga had similarly argued that the CIA and the Israeli Mossad had been responsible, claiming that fact was well known among Western intelligence agencies.


You Are Heretics & Excommunicated

Dear Website owner,

you are a heretic, because you are spreading heresies about the true church and True Popes.

A true Pope can not fell into heresy, because he were outside the Church and could no more reign the true Church. You are spreading the allmost used traditional position of a schizophren Pope which is impossible. If anyone fells into schism, heresy or apostasie, he is automatically no more a member of the true Church. Why could a Non-Catholic be Poe, when he is not eligible to attend

Your main problem is that you do not follow the teaching of the true Popes. Pius XII. had taught, that all what has been published in the AAS, is indisputable because it is infallible or it contents infallible statements of the Popes.

So, that is the point on which the judgment of the true Church will be applied on the false Tradis. The documents of the false council V-2 are promulgated by the false Pope Montini and were published in the AAS. No word in these documents can be discussed in a further way. You have to accept all of these false doctrines, because you are accepting the false Anti-Popes since Roncalli. You are caught in a Oneway and you can not go backwards as long as you are accepting heretics as Popes. Sedevacantism is also a Oneway because they are in the same intention like you an do not accept the teaching of the true Popes like VAS, because during a vacancy of the sede, valid ordinations are impossible.

The correct position in endtimes is Papaism, folowing only the treu teaching of the treu Church and their Popes. Furthermore dismissing the schismatics and heretics launched up by electing an uncanonical Pope. This is the content of the 3rd secret of Fatima, a false Pope and a false council which leads Rome to the Anti-Christ in the person of Wojtyla.

You need only one heresy to disqualify Roncalli as Pope, or you need the fact of simony, or the fact of bespoken election or membership by Freemasonry.

Roncall has all these united in his person. According the CIC and the sources of the law used in CIC, Cum ex of Paul IVth teaches that a Non-Catholic can not be a real Pope. Further all who accept such a person were suspected by heresy and automatically excommunicated from the true Church.

You Tradis and also the false Sedis are excommunicated by the law of the true Church. There is no possibility for you to come back to the true Church, because there is no Pope as long as Christos will let it be. This is the punishment for Ignorantia Affectata of the false Tradis and false Sedis even though the satanists in Rome and their members.

     ABBA, in 8878.




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 10, 2019