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Wrath from Miscellaneous Sources

You Are Satanically Inspired

In your article about The Poem of The Man God, you said that Jesus basically said He sinned when Judas asked Him if He ever sinned. Jesus was telling Judas basically that He’s been around for 30 years and of course I’ve been tempted.

Jesus never sinned and doesn’t lie. Your making Jesus out to be a liar to anyone who reads your article! If you don’t erase this off the internet completely you are gonna lead people away from a great gift, which this whole series is!

I’ve seen it do wonders to my and other people’s lives and hate to see anyone not read Valtorta’s work because of one false article. If anyone reads this they will know that this is good and Holy work!

Please take this Satanically inspired article down ASAP!




Re: Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary

Oh great, another web site dedicated to polemics, divisiveness and sedevacantism and so forth………

No thank you………

Pope St. John Paul ii knew less than you? Hilarious!



You Plant Seeds of Doubt on Divine Mercy

To whom it may concern,

In all respect I cannot understand publishing past reports and adding doubts with regards to this special event.

It plants seeds of doubt to those of us trying with "Desire" to do The Will of God.

Wasn't it Saint Francis who said something about, where there is doubt...

We all human and make mistakes...Do you really feel that this whole episode in the life of Saint Faustina was all made up?

As I have said I can't understand what is positive with the aspect of planting the seeds of doubt.

One more thing confession and Desire are two of major elements of the Devotion.

     May Our King Bless you Always,



You Are in Error

Dear Fellow Catholics,

In the Latest Updates section of 29 March 2019 is the article: The Three Forms of Baptism-Part 6. Here the author cites of the usual arguments for justification from any of the three forms of baptism: water, desire, or blood.

This is an error that existed even before Vatican 2. There is only one baptism, and that is by water.

The article’s error is well refuted in the publication Outside the Catholic Church There is Absolutely No Salvation, 2nd edition, by the Most Holy Family Monastery. And we do profess this in the Nicene Creed (A.D. 325) when we say: I CONFESS ONE BAPTISM FOR THE REMISSION OF SINS.



Liars, Freemasons & Part of a Cult

Dear TIA,

I have read the Article about the Statue of Our Lady Buen Successo, and then the email of Fr. Haenny, and i have drawn some conclusions.

For one, the Good Fr. Is right, there are no basis for the false accusations of simony, as you know, the good reputation of Archbishop Lefebvre proceeds him. He was a very Holy and courageous Archbishop, and it is certainly understandable why someone would accuse such a man and prelate of the Church, of GRAVE sin!

They are jealous. You said it yourself, "You have heard..." well i can also hear false accusations from "pious" Catholics, but that does not mean that they are true. Men are fallible. Accept that, and then retract your false and malicious lies about Archbishop Lefebvre, any decent minded Catholic would scoff at your lies, as i did.

Second, the TFP is certainly a cult. I have read testimonials from many EX members about your abuse and false religion around Plino... whether he seemed a good man or not, you hold him up on a pedestal. He claimed that he could read souls, and that there was a "Tao" that only HE could read. The litany, the many testimonies from good Catholic families, whose lives are now torn by you violent and cult like group... it's totally Freemasonic. If you had any honor, any virtue or any decency, you would admit what you are.

But, you are simply Freemasons or, ignorant minions under their banner.

Retract your baseless lies, or suffer the possible judgement of an eternal hell. Even if these accusations were true, (which they aren't) how humble are you to detract and commit calumny, rather than praying for the person?

     May God bless you, and take pity on your souls,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 9, 2019