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Affronts from Valtorta Fan & Protestants

You Are More Frightening than Satan

Re: Poem of the Man God

You are more frightening than Satan himself; and are responsible for the division In The Church.

Jesus is both Divine and Human. In His humanity He had to be tempted the way all humanity is tempted. Because of His relationship with the Father and His prayer life, he was able to overcome temptation.

I believe He did not have the full recognition of His Divinity until His Baptism. In The Eucharist He invites us to partake of His Divinity as He partook of our humanity. In this we are united with Him without claiming equality.

Please ask for guidance from Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit, who is our teacher and guide..... not an institutional church run by flawed humanity.

I pray for the Holy Spirit to fall upon you and your church that you may become the church of Jesus Christ not the church of a human institution.

     In His Name



You Are Silly

Re: Cattle stampede

I suggest you pray and repent on your article about the virus is a hoax.

Was Noah a hoax or maybe S&G a hoax? No. Silly ones you are.

God let this happen and it’s his mercy to try and save souls.

And stop treating him as a dead object.



You Have Done a Disservice to the Church

Re: Photo shopped video of the Pope with circus act

I feel you have done all of us and the Church in general a great dis-service with the photo shopped video of the Pope.

Regardless of your feeling for the current Pope that sort of video should not be distributed on your site. We have enough problems with misinformation and actual religious and laity committing unsavory actions. Bolster the Church and the Blessed Mother. Don’t participate in spreading rumor and innuendo on your site.

You catch much more with a little sugar than you do with vinegar.

You have made myself, family and friends question your motives and integrity.



Shame on You

Dear TIA,

I am in full agreement with you on all points except in your admiration for the so called English royalty. I am sure you know that the English are descendants of the angles and Saxons which were German tribes and any claim they have to British territory is completely false.

The English have been the greatest proponents of the apostate Protestant revolution and have opposed in every possible way, the authority and Dominion of the Catholic Church, going to every length to extinguish the Catholic faith from Britain and it's neighbors, particularly Catholic Ireland.

Historically, the English have been tireless promoters of Freemasonry and their royals have held positions of highest authority within that damnable organization.

In truth, the English are apostates and usurpers and the world's greatest supporters of the revolution.

Shame on you.

     Yours faithfully,



Popish Extremists

I just read the article that states Protestants shouldn’t be considered Christian......HOW DARE YOU.

Your church has bastardized many biblical tenets and has made up many dogmatic rules that were not biblical in nature or related to the teachings of Christ.....

I am horrified that there is still this belief amongst extremist Roman Catholics....I consider myself a member of the “ One Holy Catholic (universal) Church.

It isn’t my fault that in the 1500’s Martin Luther, a Roman Catholic priest, saw the Roman Church for what it was and broke away......

I am proud to be a Protestant (catholic) Christian and no Popish organization is going to tell me different......



You Are Pharisees, Agents of Satan

Great work, I enjoy sites likes this that deconstruct the attack that Satan has brought to bear, mainly through the Jewish control of the United States.

I am technically Protestant, and I do actually don’t mind some of the attacks on Protestantism that you have made on the site. I quite enjoyed the criticism of “the Nativity”, I think everything there is well said, the Protestants have lost a lot of truth and understanding of spiritual nobility that surrounded God’s people.

So I enjoy the writing of more traditionalist Catholicism, I enjoy hearing criticism of Vatican II, and all of that.

But I just need to say one thing - Catholics are not correct in thinking that membership in the Catholic Church is required for salvation. Just take it from me - a non Catholic, I know Jesus. I haven’t always served Him well, but I know the light and fellowship that comes from a righteous walk with Him. He is good to me, and many other Protestants (however silly their doctrine may be), so long as they are pursuing faith and righteousness in Christ.

I know that in periods of sinfulness and rebellion, I terrifyingly lose that presence in my life. i know that after periods of repenting and praying, that I am eventually able to locate that centrepiece and knowing in my soul. I have had many experiences with God and the Holy Spirit - and if you were to try and tell me that those experiences were actually Satanic, then I would have to say that it is you who is actually the agent of Satan. You have replaced the living reality of knowing God in the soul with outward expressions which are secondary.

That should be good news to you. But alas, I think that it is not. You are a new kind of Pharisee, quibbling over small matters. Although I know this error has been long in the heart of the Catholic Church and you are like a dog with a bone. How impossible it seems to be our task to get you start acting charitably to those who are “not against Christ”.,

One can really make all kinds of doctrine up combing the bible - but the rubber meeting the road is this - many Protestants know Jesus Christ interiorly. You should be like the apostles of the Bible who said, “so it is true that the gentiles receive the gift of faith also!”. Yes they do.

I wish, oh how I wish, that we could start getting on and realize who the real enemy is, the ones outside of Christ completely, who have subverted the Protestants AND NOW Catholics and pulled them off course (so much so that they are in grave error) - the Zionists and the Jews.

You think I have offended you? Have I hurt you feelings? I never said that you were going to hell - it is you who are saying that I am. So try to have a little self awareness then if you respond.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 9, 2020