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Pope Francis tenderness for adolescents 01 

Francis’ intense tenderness toward adolescents

After Pope Francis’ attraction for boys has been shown in other occasions (here and here), the photos displayed on this page document quite clearly his intense tenderness toward male adolescents.

Above, we see Jorge Bergoglio, as the Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires, resting his head on the shoulder of a 16-year-old youth, who consoles him with some words whispered in his ear.

Below first row, Pope Bergoglio places a warn kiss at the neck of a young man during the ceremony of his Confirmation. His left hand firmly grasps the arm of the youth as if he wished to express a sentiment of possession.

Second row, he joyfully touches foreheads with another unidentified young man.

If photos like these of any other Prelate of the Church were to be found, they would indicate at least a strong tendency toward ephebophilia - homosexuality with adolescents. Why do they not express the same regarding Pope Francis?

Pope Francis tenderness for adolescents 02

Photos from Enrique Cangas, Reuters, EFE


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 27, 2013

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.

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