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Westerman’s Response &
‘Gay’ Homage to Francis

My Approach on Russia

Last week, a reader from Europe, O.R., sent a criticism to TIA for publishing Mr. Westerman’s articles on our website. According to this reader, his articles supposedly are out-of-touch for not considering the works of Golitsyn and Story. These authors – Mr. O.R. argues – defend that the fall of USSR never really happened. It is just a maneuver to deceive the West. TIA sent the criticism to Mr. Westerman. Below is his response. The Editor.


Thanks for the opportunity to respond, and thanks to O.R. in Europe for his interest.

I have read Golitsyn's works as well as Story's. They present a compelling case for a planned end to the USSR.

Planned or not, however, the USSR did collapse, and, while I find the reasoning of Golitsyn and Story to be a valid explanation for the Soviet Union's demise, the "it was all planned" hypothesis will be difficult for many to accept. Conspiracy theories, even if valid, tend not to be trusted by many if not most readers.

My approach is to document what is happening now in Russia and with its allies. I seek to show the link between the present and the old Soviet Union, as well as Moscow's efforts to construct a new Communist State, which would be more in line with Lenin's original intentions. I have consistently pointed out that the rulers in Moscow are a spy elite which traces its origins to the bloody Cheka of the early days of Bolshevik Russia.

In the end, it matters little if the current rulers in Moscow are following a grand plan from an earlier period or are simply totalitarians determined to cook up a "new and improved" Soviet Union. The result is the same: a clear and immediate threat to humanity which many, even many conservatives, are unwilling to acknowledge.

I agree with O.R. as to the level of danger, but I also believe that the best course is to concentrate on Moscow's present intentions and its links and identification with the Soviet past.

I hope this clarifies my approach.

     Best to all at TIA and to O.R.

     Toby Westerman


Francis Receives ‘Gay’ Homage


This is a short note to let you know that in the city of Teresina, Brazil, in a local “Gay Parade,” a man appeared dressed as pope with rainbow miter and vestments, declaring it was his homage to Pope Francis.

Darlan Oliveira, 52, stressed to the press that his dress was not a criticism of the Pope, but a homage to Francis, given that during his trip to Brazil the Pope showed himself to be more accessible to homosexuals. “The Pope showed himself to be more flexible toward our banner. This is the start of the Church entering into discussion,” he declared.

During the parade the “gay pope” distributed different types of condoms and contraceptives.

The news report in Portuguese with more photos is here.

     André Garcia, Brazil

a gay man costumed as the Pope at a gay pride parade


Hymnal Tricks

Dear TIA,

Almost a year ago, I contacted the organist of my childhood parish to inquire about where I might find piano/organ arrangements for the old, traditional and pre-Vatican II hymns, as I had been yearning to sing some of the hymns I grew to love and appreciate when I was very young. She is a 91-year-old woman who played the organ for more than 65 years at our church. She still attends the novus ordo, but seems to recognize to some degree that something happened that wasn't quite right when the new music of the post V2 church came out.

Here is what she had to say:

"Many of the hymns you like were in the old St. Basil Hymnal. When the Hymnal was banned, some of the old melodies were used in different hymnals with different horrible arrangements and we couldn't recognize the same music.

"When we cleaned out the old, old music from the children's choir, it was taken to St. Vincent de Paul's. Much of the old stuff is taken to the missions.... Our priest will not allow any music that is not in the Oregon Press Missal unless he approves it. Sometimes, progress is not always an improvement."

Obviously, someone higher up who had control over the music of the post V2 church was trying to play tricks on the organists and congregation, but she wasn't so tricked. What a testimony to the mess created by V2!


Dos and Don’ts

Dear Tradition In Action,

Remember your Do not stand on tables article? Well, in Sicilia, Italy, they say something like: “Don't put your shoes on the table or someone will die”.

The attached picture comes from The White House itself (on Flickr). On it you can see good manners of the Nobel Prize winner Mr. Barack Obama. Perhaps no one is going to die but...


     J.N., Colombia

Obama with one foot up on the desk of the Oval Office


I Am Horrified by such an Outrage!

Dear TIA,

I am so horrified by the very upsetting, just horrifying - picture of Pope Francis kissing that poor handicapped boy, on the mouth! Of all things, that poor boy who is supposed to be handicapped actually turned his head to kiss him on the mouth! This is so disturbing, there are no words.

I will never listen to a single thing supposedly promulgated or stated from this wolf in papal clothing. I cannot fathom what any parent would ever think about such an invasive and abusively sick, perverted act like that of seeing a wolf kissing that handicapped child on the mouth.

How could there not be outrage? He is clearly a pedophiliac or this would NEVER be happening. Your website is the only website that is actually honestly TRUTHFUL and I would never have seen such a picture if it were not posted on your site.

I am nauseated, completely sick to my stomach, over this picture.

Please Almighty God, help the Church.

Please Heavenly Father, Almighty God, in humility I beg thee, please, please have mercy on the Catholic Church and remove these pedophiliacs, every homosexual, adulterer in clerical garb, every hidden Jew, mason, communist, from the entire priesthood from the top down to the lowest level seminarian. Please, Mother of God intercede for us, please pray for us. Defend the poor children. Defend every man, woman and child of the true Catholic Faith who is genuinely living it, and convert souls.

What boundaries are being removed by this propaganda of using this wolf Francis for abuse of children publicly in these sexually abusive photos and endless publicity shots? Calling teenagers to speak to them, calling abuse and rape victims? Using hosts made by prisoners? Stripping the papal throne? And removing the holy sacrifice of the Mass the Latin Mass from st. Peter's and any papal Mass offering?

I am so sickened by this picture, may the Mother of God remove this from my mind in some way, and may I never see anything like this again. That handicapped boy was so violated, and right in front of the entire world. And by a man dressed as the pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. My God, my God, please do not forsake us! Do not forsake thy Holy Roman Catholic Church. Please help us, have mercy on us, and remove these abusers, these Judases. Please Heavenly Father, let the Church be purified and cleansed, now, before there are more victims, more purity violated! ...

God help us, TIA, there are no words for this; these are the end times.

     Sincerely in Christ,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 3, 2013

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