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Cardinal Luis Tagle with an immorally dressed protestor

Card. Tagle poses with an immorally dressed woman

Posing with a woman wearing a dress with a daring neckline, Card. Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila joins the protesters against "pork barrel" fund for politicians. The politicians direct public money to this fund only to use it for pet or non-existent projects. It was recently reported (here) that large amounts of money were deviated this way.

Independent of the just reason for the protest, Card. Tagle should have avoided posing with this woman if he wanted to send a good message to Catholics on how woman should dress. Instead of showing some reserve or censure, he gives the strong impression he is enjoying that bad company.

This symbolic act took place on August 26, 2013. A 7.2 earthquake hit the Philippines on October 15, 2013, followed by the devastating Typhoon Haiyan on November 7. Is there any relation between these events?

Below first row, is another photo of the same protest. In the second row, Card. Tagle in other "pastoral" activities; third row, at a encounter with journalists; fourth row, at an interview about the earthquake.

Last row left, Tagle being caressed by Benedict XVI after receiving his cardinal's hat; right, in deep mystical "communion" with Pope Bergoglio.

Photographs of Cardinal Luis Tagle

Photos form the Internet; the main photo was first seem in Catapulta


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Posted December 8, 2013

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