Progressivism in the Church

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Church Revolution in Pictures

Photo of the Week

Two women in skin tight leotards perform suggestive dances before Pope Francis

Francis’ kitty-cats

Pictured above are two scandalously-clad women from the Rony Rollers Circus, who performed for Pope Francis on February 22, 2017 (video here). The women were dressed in skin tight “kitten” costumes, complete with painted whiskers and tails.

The cat costume, which calls to mind the American English term “sex kitten,” is often used with sexual connotations. As a matter of fact, these women are clearly dressed to provoke, with their stomachs and backs exposed and their skin-tight leotards allowing anyone to figure out the “covered” parts of their bodies.

The show was set to a bizarre and immoral pop song that promotes drunkenness and debauchery (“Bom Bom” by Sam and the Womp); it also included obscene leg stretches and dance moves.

Such a performance should shock and upset any person with even an ounce of Catholic morality, but it seems not to have bothered either the Pope or the Prelates who can be seen watching it gleefully. One Bishop is even recording the performance with his cell phone, hardly to be replayed for pastoral purposes, below fourth row, at left.

The pretext for these performances at the Vatican is to produce “good for the soul.” Francis once told a similar circus group: “You are creators of beauty. You produce beauty, and beauty does good for the soul. Beauty gets us closer to God.”

However, we can find almost no beauty, art or talent in these shows. They are mainly lust-inducing displays of eroticism being approved and promoted by the Pope himself. We should expect better from the Vicar of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is purity itself, and from the Bishops, successors of the Apostles.

What more will it take for Catholics to realize that this Conciliar Church is rotten from the top down?

We can only pray for a prompt chastisement as predicted by Our Lady of Fatima, the only solution to the progressivist filth that has infiltrated the Church.

Photo collage of women in skin tight leotards performing suggestive dances before Pope Francis and prelates in the Vatican
Photos from the video


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 21, 2018

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.