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Blasphemous Argentinian cake in the shape of Christ

Blasphemous cake causes turmoil in Argentina

From May 24 to 28, 2018, the Contemporary Art Festival of Argentina (Feria de Arte Contemporanea de Argentina - FACA) took place in Buenos Aires.

Two Argentinian "artists" – Emiliano Paolini and Rita Marianela Perelli – made a cake in the shape of Our Lord Jesus Christ as part of their exhibition.

When the Minister of Culture of Buenos Aires, Enrique Avogrado, passed by his exhibition, Paolini, first row below at left, made a mockery of the Holy Eucharist, inviting the Minister, second from the left, and the President of the Festival, third, to come and eat the body of Christ. The blasphemous mockery was received with smiles and both accepted slices of the cake to eat, above and below second row.

Catholics from Argentina became indignant – we compliment them for this good reaction – and are promoting a petition asking for the resignation of Avogrado. At this moment the petition counts 28,000 signatures. You may add your protest by signing the petition here.

The two "artists" have a long list of blasphemies in their repertoire, as you can witness from the sixth to the tenth rows below. Among many others is their representation of Our Lady of Lujan, Patroness of Argentina, as a Barbie doll. Given this continuous agenda of blasphemies, we wonder whether they are Satanists.

As it happens with almost everything that is bad today, these two "artists" were received by Pope Francis in a general audience at St. Peter's Square, and delivered to him their Barbie-Mary. The gift was accepted with a warm smile by Pope Bergoglio, while Paolini filmed the scene to legitimatize their work in face of criticism from Catholics, last row. This papal attitude encouraged the couple to continue on their path of blasphemies...

photo montage of the blasphemous Argentinian cake in the shape of Christ Photo montage of Paolini and hsi blasphemous barbie dolls of the Blessed Virgin Mary
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Posted June 3, 2018

Our Lady of La Salette,
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