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Pope Francis kisses feet of Muslim politicians

Francis kisses the feet of Protestant politicians

On April 11, 2019, at the end of a two-day spiritual retreat at the Vatican for the political and spiritual authorities of South Sudan, Pope Francis kissed the feet of its future president and three vice-presidents – a woman and two men.

The future government will be inaugurated on May 12 and is composed of the president Salva Kiir (Catholic), below first row, vice-president and present day opposition leader Riek Machar (Presbyterian), second row, vice-president Taban Deng Gai (Presbyterian), third row, and Rebecca Nyandeng (Episcopal/Anglican), above.

The retreat was a joint ecumenical initiative of the Vatican Secretary of State, the Anglicans from England, and the Presbyterians from Scotland. Scenes from the final session can be seen in the two last rows.

What is greatly shocking in Pope Francis' gesture is that:

1. Three of these leaders are Protestants, and the fact that Francis humiliated himself before them without any sign of their conversion is extremely dishonorable for the entire Catholic Church;

2. The possibility that this act would move their hearts is highly unlikely; nonetheless, even if this were to happen, it would not have any concrete consequences in a political situation so unstable as that of South Sudan (a country that is only 8 years old). Indeed, the president and one of the vice-presidents are leading opposed parties; the two other vice-presidents represent other parties also not united with the president. So, the future government is made up of opposition parties – a patchwork quilt – which most probably will blow up in a short time;

3. The orchestrated humility of Pope Francis before these Protestant leaders frontally contradicts the arrogance he has shown to traditionalist Catholics: the Order of Malta among many others;

4. It is also in contradiction with his recent refusal to receive the homage of Catholics in Loreto who wanted to kiss his hand. On that occasion he alleged that he withdrew his hand in order to avoid germs; now he kisses the shoes of persons without any special sanitary concern.

In conclusion, it is one more theatrical act trying to destroy the Papacy by an undignified and disgusting act that can only be explained when we considered the hatred Progressivism has for this divinely established Institution.

Pope Francis kisses feet of Muslim politicians Pope Francis kisses feet of Muslim politicians

Photos from L'Osservatore Romano


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 14, 2019

Our Lady of La Salette,
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