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Unthinkable Kiss & Freemason Conversion

Downward Spiral

To my Friends at TIA,

I pray for all of you daily! You are our "Life-Line" to our beautiful Traditional Catholic Church !

Your daily updates are two-fold. They are a true shot of reality of the Modern Church and a realization of the continued destruction of the internal framework.

I continue to shake my head in disgust at this downward spiral, yet rise in prayer to Our Blessed Mother of Good Success and Our Lady of Fatima as I embrace her words of the final outcome that she proclaimed: "My Immaculate Heart will Triumph..."

Let us continue to fight the fight for Our Lady !

     In Maria,


A Comparison of the Sisters Lucy


Wonderful site, thank you!

I think side by side photos of the young Lucia in the center and Lucy I and II on either side would be very illuminating, as would the photo of Lucia's mother flanked by the two Lucias.

Excellent analysis! Congratulations!


TIA responds:


You will find below the comparison you suggested.


     TIA correspondence desk

A photo comparison between six pictures of Sister Lucy

Left column, Lucy II; center top, girl Lucy; bottom, Lucy's mother; right column, Lucy I


The Unthinkable Kiss

Dear TIA,

On Fr. G.O.'s comments on your Revolution Photo of the Week: Pope kisses foot of transsexual:

Yes, it is rambling and disjointed. This is not what should be accepted from one who is charged with the care of souls. Thank you, therefore, for making it available. Please permit me to help with T.H.'s rebuttal.

1. A woman shall not be clothed with man' s apparel, neither shall a man use woman' s apparel: for he that doeth these things is abominable before God. (Deuteronomy 22:5)

2. From grade-school catechetics:

328. When are we answerable for the sins of others?

We are answerable for the sins of others whenever we either cause them, or share in them, through our own fault.

329. In how many ways may we either cause or share the guilt of another's sin?

We may either cause or share the guilt of another's sin in nine ways:
  1. By counsel.
  2. By command.
  3. By consent.
  4. By provocation.
  5. By praise or flattery.
  6. By concealment.
  7. By being a partner in the sin.
  8. By silence.
  9. By defending the ill done. (The Penny Catechism, p. 57)
These apply of course to all Catholics, including Fr. G.O. as well as Pope Francis.

Unlike Our Lord, Pope Francis committed this public act with no admonishment of the sinner, as required in charity by the spiritual works of mercy.

Similar to the Pharisees, however, when they accused Our Lord of doing His works by the power of Beelzebub is Fr. G.O.'s accusation that the TIA post is similar to the approach [of] the devil rather than Almighty God.

The following prayer came foremost to my mind when viewing those pictures of Pope Francis kissing the foot of the practicing transsexual on Holy Thursday no less. It is a prayer before Communion said by the Faithful of Ruthenian Rite. Translated into English, the pertinent part reads:

Accept me as a partaker of Your mystical supper, O Son of God;
for I will not reveal Your mystery to Your enemies,
nor will I give you a kiss as did Judas.

Dear Fr. G.O., of course a pope must screen sins before washing a sinner. Is this not required in Confession? Do you not do this before giving absolution? Do you not defend the Body and Blood of Our Lord from sacrilege? Right now it horribly appears that we have a pope Judas, who on Holy Thursday betrayed his master with a kiss. A kiss is a kiss, no?

     Tolle Causam!

     In Jesu et Maria,

     Dr. Pamela Dettman


How Grace Converted a Freemason

Dear TIA,

I want to share with you how my parents and my Aunt Lucy converted. This happened circa 1972.

Robert Higdon

My conversion to Catholicism also brought on my wife’s renewal of her Faith. She was a baptized Catholic, just poorly catechized, or she would have never married me. Three of our children were baptized at the same time that I was. After some 15 years of praying the family Rosary (we always included a petition for their conversion) and many religious arguments with my Father, the following happened: My parents drove down from Mississippi to spend Christmas with us. This had been their custom for several years.

Just before dinner, my dad and I were talking in the living room, known as ‘our holy room’ because so many Rosaries had been said there. I reminded him that his time was running out. He was 72 at the time and not in the best of health. I briefly, to avoid an argument, told him the story about the good thief, St. Dismas, and ended it with “He lied and stole all his life, and just before he died he stole Heaven too.” He chuckled and we went into dinner. That was all.

They drove back to their home in Mississippi after dinner. Later that night my mother called me and asked, “What did you say to dad!” She proceeded to tell me that when they got home, he gathered all his Masonic paraphernalia, took off his diamond Masonic Shriner’s ring, took down a big picture of ‘him and Joey Brown’ (an old movie actor & comedian) taken at a Shriner’s convention, and threw them all in the trash.

Then he said: “Call Bobby and tell him I want to be a Catholic.” I was as surprised as she was. I told her to sit tight and I would have a priest get in contact with them.

I thought, now what? Things were already getting funny in the Church and I wasn’t going to turn them over to just any priest. I discovered the nearest Catholic Church to them was 35 miles away. I called the church rectory and talked to the Pastor in general terms about the nature of my call, asking him questions etc.

He got my drift and interrupted me, saying, “Don’t worry, Robert. I’ll give them the pure quill!” A heaven sent Irish priest named James Taylor. He traveled twice a week to their home to give them instructions. My Aunt Lucy, my mother’s sister, was living with them at the time, and she took the instructions with them. All three, in their 70’s, were baptized at the same time. I laughingly say that God threw in Aunt Lucy for good measure.

My dad lived three more years and my mother lived two more years after dad died. Father Taylor buried them both.

There are some beautiful stories associated with them. I’ll tell you one.

When my father was dying with cancer, my mother set up a hospital bed in the home and gave him 24 hour care for about six months. The last three weeks he was unable to talk but could understand. And nearly every night he would, in a semi-delirium, tear off his pajamas.

One night early on in this period, he had his Brown Scapular in both hands about to tear it off, and my mom got to him in time and said: “Now honey, Bobby said not to take that off.” He grunted in response and released the Scapular. He never, in all those episodes, ever removed his Scapular. I was with him when he died in the hospital with his Brown Scapular on. I was also with my mom when she died in the same hospital in a similar way.

Aunt Lucy moved to Baton Rouge, La. When she died we had a Traditional Requiem Funeral Mass offered for her by an Irish priest named Father Maloney. The last thing he said at the grave site was: “She’s in God’s pocket now”. Yes, she also wore a Brown Scapular.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 21, 2015

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