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Fr. James Martin promotes gay Jesus 1

Jesuit promotes ‘gay’ Jesus

Recently, Fr. James Martin, SJ, tweeted a picture of an effeminate “Jesus” driving the money-changers out of the temple, first row below left and last row. It has stirred up a lot of controversy and prompted LifeSiteNews to post an article about it (here). The image he chose to tweet is only one from a collection of paintings by homosexual artist Douglas Blanchard, used to illustrate a book titled: The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision, which depicts Our Lord as a homo revolutionary.

In Amazon's description of the book we read: "Meet Jesus as a gay man of today in a contemporary city with The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision. In stunning new images, the modern Christ figure is jeered by fundamentalists, tortured by Marine look-alikes, and rises again to enjoy homo-erotic moments with God."

The complete collection of the blasphemous paintings, which can be found here, have homo-erotic depictions of Jesus and the Trinity. The Scourging depicts Our Lord completely nude from behind in a sadistic scene. The left picture above of the Ascension depicts Our Lord in an erotic embrace with an Angel kissing him and clutching his buttocks; above right, the Holy Spirit is depicted as a woman, and God the Father & Son as a homosexual couple holding hands.

Let us not forget that two years ago the Vatican named Fr. James Martin as communication consultant to the Holy See's Secretariat for Communications.

Fr. James Martin promotes gay Jesus 2

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Posted December 8, 2019

Our Lady of La Salette,
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