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Sister Monica transsexuals 1

Francis & his Argentine transsexual ‘girls’

This is not the first time that Francis has praised the work of Argentine Carmelite nun Monica Astorga Cremona, who supports and assists homosexual men who have had surgeries to appear like women, above. TIA covered this issue in 2017, here.

The primary goal of these male prostitutes in undergoing such surgeries is to steal the "clientele" of female prostitutes. So, in addition to being a double crime against nature – to be homosexuals and to mutilate themselves to look like women – this infamous commerce is also fraudulent, since it fools the "clients" who are looking for actual women. So, we have infamy multiplied by infamy.

Sister Monica claims that she is rescuing these degenerate men – the so-called trans-women – from prostitution and they benefit from her good work. But this is not true. The whole work of Monica is to support Vidas Escondidas (Hidden Lives) – an NGO that calls itself Catholic and guides transgender persons. Now, in a press statement, trans-woman Lujan Acuna, president of that NGO, stresses that its members can return to the practice of prostitution at will.

Indeed, he affirmed: “For us most of the time there is no other way out than prostitution. From here [in the NGO Vidas Escondidas] we have other possibilities. If the comrades want to prostitute themselves, they should do it, but let it be an option, not the only way out." (here)

This is the background, then, for the "charitable" work of Sr. Monica in Neuquen, which has the full support of the Diocese.

Recently this Carmelite nun made the headlines when, on August 14, 2020, she inaugurated the "Tutorial Social Condominium for Trans Women" in Patagonia, Argentina, below, three first rows. This is "the only place in the world where the trans women have a home," Sr. Monica told the press, praising her own initiative. The project was funded by tax-payer money given by the government...

After the inauguration of the "Trans Home," Monica received a letter from Francis, who confirmed his moral benevolence for homosexuality (here and here), transsexuality (here and here) and male prostitutes. He wrote: “Dear Monica, God who did not go to the seminary or study theology will repay you abundantly. I pray for you and your girls.”

But there is more. Sr. Monica Astorga is also an advocate of transgenderism for children, seventh row below. In this case of such blatant child abuse, we wonder whether Francis is also supporting her point-of-view or has some restrictions regarding it. It would be good if he would clarify his position.

From the fourth row down we limited ourselves to posting as records notices of Monica's work. English translations are under the Spanish texts – we do not make any commentary.

In the two last rows, we see Francis in St. Peter's Square favorably receiving a book about the work of Sr. Monica in the city of Neuquen.

Sister Monica transsexuals 2 Sister Monica transsexuals 3

Romina was born in Rawson and, when he was an adolescent, he decided to leave his live in San Juan to find a better road, a path of acceptance of his sexual condition by society

Sister Monica transsexuals 4

Monica Astorga: "I fight for them because they are very valuable persons" - Restless and lonesome. Fourteen years ago she started to help one transvestite leave prostitution. She promotes contention and a working life for the trans-women of Neuquen

Sister Monica transsexuals 5

The Path of Special Projects - Twenty years ago they formed an association; 10 years ago a cloistered nun learned about their work and decided to support them in the day-to-day work. The NGO works in an office by the  Diocese. They plan their micro-enterprise with the support of the State.

Sister Monica transsexuals 6

Childhood trans without violence or discrimination - Join us!

Sister Monica transsexuals 7

"Yes, I know Monica," said Francis when he received the book

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Posted August 30, 2020

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.