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Dancing cardinal 1

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The dancing Card. Tagle

Card. Luis Antonio Tagle was the Cardinal Archbishop of Manila in the Philippines from 2011 to 2020. He was chosen by Pope Bergoglio in 2022 to be the Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of the Peoples, the old Propaganda Fidei or Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, the most powerful Congregation of the Holy See after the Holy Office.

Above we see Card. Tagle dancing during a ceremony that seems to be a Mass. The reader who sent us this video (click on the photos of this page to watch the various videos) did not provide any specific information about the occasion of the footage.

Notwithstanding where the "hilarious" episode took place, it is hardly fitting to the seriousness of the mission of a Cardinal of Holy Mother Church to dance with uncontrolled laughter as we see Card. Tagle doing in this video.

Unfortunately, it is not rare to find Tagle dancing.

In the first row below, we reproduce two close-ups of a video taken at a 2013 Millennium Concert; in the second row is a photo of him dancing with youth in May 2020, celebrating his appointment to Rome.

In the third and fourth rows we see him dancing onstage with all the performers in the theater show Messiah in March 2017.

The same lack of seriousness and dignity shown in his actions, Tagle demonstrates in his dress. He appears in the short-sleeve shirts, that is, not in a cassock, not even in a clergyman suit and collar like the progressivist American Prelates, but completely unrecognizable as a Catholic Prelate or even a priest. As a matter of fact, the cross that hangs from his neck can be seen on many laymen who wear it as a sign of their devotion.

This laughing and dancing man is the one whom Benedict XVI and Francis both chose for important positions; the former made him head of the Church in the Philippines and the latter called him to be one of the pillars of the Vatican...

Dancing cardinal 3 Dancing cardinal 2
Photos from the Vatican Press Service

Posted June 16, 2024


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