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NEWS: January 31, 2022
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
WHY THE INDECISION OF THE SECRET FORCES BOSSES? - We recently learned that, regarding the so-called pandemic, Boris Johnson declared the end of all measures in England – vax mandates, masks, social distancing and lockdowns – and that his initiative was taken up also shortly afterwards by Wales and Denmark. Hearing this, we cannot but wonder what is causing this change in the New World Order agenda, which the international bosses have been dictatorially imposing upon the whole world.

Secret forces

Secret Forces control
the march of the Revolution

In political-sociological analyses, I work with the hypothesis of the unity of the Revolution's bosses. I call the heads of this centuries-old Revolution the Secret Forces (SF). This expression, Secret Forces, is not restricted to the few forces that we know work undercover to promote the Revolution, but it includes all of them.

I am convinced that the Secret Forces have had a unity of action for many centuries. Normally, the revolutionary process follows a unity of command to pursue the destruction of Christian Civilization and the Catholic Church. There SF make some errors in their historical actions, but they are very rare.

However, since the inauguration of the Covid/Vax maneuver in 2019, I have verified many errors the SF bosses have committed:
  1. One of the most elementary rules to govern peoples in all times is to not touch their customs. In the establishment of the Roman Empire, for example, their governors never interfered with the local customs. Because of this law and to avoid crystallizations, the Revolution has always changed the people's customs by a slow preparation in the tendencies and ideas before imposing revolutionary facts.

    In the Covid maneuver, the Revolution did the opposite. By imposing lockdowns, it straightforwardly opposed the customs of peoples with completely different psychological backgrounds, such as Americans, Germans, Hindus and Brazilians, to name a few. This was an enormous mistake that had to produce large scale reactions.

  2. the flame of liberty

    The myth of liberty upon which the U.S. was built is being destroyed by the covid/vax tyranny

  3. Ever since the French Revolution, the bosses of the Secret Forces have fed the West the myth of a revolutionary and complete liberty as a fundament of the Modern State: liberty of religion, of opinion, of speech, of press. Now then, the impositions made by governments and large corporations to allegedly prevent the virus from spreading frontally went against this myth. They unconditionally cut peoples' liberties. Such a procedure generated strong reactions and oppositions.

  4. The artificially-produced hysteria over the fear of catching the virus and taking the shot could not last very long. In normal humans, extreme psychological crises cannot last long. So, the objectives of the Secret Forces in creating that induced hysteria had to be reached in a short period of time; otherwise people would snap out of that hypnosis and return to their senses.

    Now then, the media and governments did not respect these limits and continued to feed the hysteria. Since a directive like this is against human nature, the longer these artificial measures are enforced, the more ineffective and weak the hypnosis becomes.

  5. The imposition of shutting down businesses for a long time had to have as a consequence the breaking of the West's economy – especially the U.S. economy. Countless small and medium companies went out of business, a huge rise in unemployment occurred, and a general dissatisfaction with the political elites grew. The partial solution to prevent some businesses from closing was the government-provided "monthly/weekly stimulus." This did not resolve the problem; although the stimulus gave an artificial assistance to postpone their deaths, the real fruit is that it obliged the State to print more and more money, throwing the country into a dangerous process of inflation and causing more dissatisfaction.

  6. To prolong indefinitely the so-called pandemic by offering supposedly immunizing vaccines caused still another harm for the Secret Forces. As the mandatory vaccination extended in time, it was more or less inevitable that opposed-minded physicians and experts in immunology would take advantage of that time to go public and give their input, showing scientifically the falsity of both the danger of the virus and the efficaciousness of the vaccines. (here, here, here, here, here and here) These public declararions fed the general unease of the population and increased its distrust in the authorities.

  7. Each one and all of these mistakes obliged the bosses of the SF to apply a despotic censorship on all those who are voicing opposition to the ongoing Covid/Vax maneuver on various media platforms. Such obvious censorship exacerbated the general dissatisfaction and is raising a growing revolt among large segments of the population.
Did the Revolution meet a deadline?

These are some of the many errors I have noticed that the bosses of the Secret Forces are committing. Given how very rare in the past it was for the Revolution to commit errors and that the SF bosses know much better than I do what these errors are and the huge reaction they have generated, the question is: Why are they doing this?

Meeting the Devil

Meeting with devils to check the time left

The only answer I have is that they are running short on time.

Now then, since they are the czars of the entire world, who could put a deadline on them? This person is their top boss, the Devil. Why should the Devil, who is in his turn the Prince of the world, have a deadline? Because, according to God's clock, his time has run out. Our Lady will enter the scene and start her Reign.

This is, in my opinion, the only explanation I have for so many mistakes committed by this very dark and very lucid elite, who has not committed such errors for the last 250 years.

Rushing to reach the goal

These mistakes reveal a rush to reach the final goals of these bosses - with or without reactions. What are their goals?

As much as I doubt the "science" of Fauci, the CDC and the WHO, I believe in the science and experience of doctors such as Zelenko, Bhakdi and Chetty, who are warning about an ongoing genocide as the result of the mandatory vaccination. So, let me work with the credible hypothesis that the Secret Forces want to drastically reduce the world population.

If this is their goal and they have a deadline, then this would explain all their mistakes.

However, since their goal has not been reached yet, the predictable protests are growing and growing. Weneed only to think about the protests of policemen and firemen in New York, who can shut down the city at any moment they wish; the protests of airline pilots that are obliging their companies to suspend thousands of flights, causing great turmoil in the whole U.S. air transportation system, or the gigantic protests of truck drivers in Canada that are stopping the economy and have already obliged Trudeau to suspend his mandate of vaccination for them, which he did yesterday [please, see note 1].

If we turn our eyes to Europe, we see  the streets of Vienna filled with hundreds of thousands protesters; Amsterdam is angry; Barcelona is indignant; in Brussels the population is beating the police. In London, over a million people gathered in the streets several times, a serious reason for Boris Johnson's political affliction.


What will be the choice of the Secret Forces bosses?

Thus, the panorama shows us that the protests are spreading like wildfire and growing in tone: Anger is becoming indignation.

If my picture is objective, the SF bosses are at an impasse. They run a growing risk of not having accomplished their genocide in time to meet their deadline.

What could be a better way to reach the same goal than a World War? It would be incredibly effective, quick and easy.

Then, ending all the draconian measures – vax mandates, masks, lockdowns, social distancing – would create a moment of solace for a world population exhausted by two years of torture. It would also mark the failure of the Covid/Vax maneuver.

This respite would be, however, just the interval until the second act of the tragedy begins: a nuclear war whose fuses are ready to be lit in Ukraine, North Korea and Belarus.

Will the world continue the Covid/Vax maneuver? Or will it enter WWIII?

These seem to be the decisions the bosses of the Secret Forces will be making now. They are very grave decisions, which explains their indecision.

  1. Actually, Trudeau has not suspended his demand; this information is wrong in my article. I am sorry for my mistake. What happened later is that Jason Kenney, premier of Alberta, announced that the requirement of passport to enter his Province will end February 8. (here)


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