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The Marvel Universe – IV

The Revolution in the Tendencies
in the Avengers

Movie review of Infinity War (2018) in the Avengers series
Elizabeth A. Lozowski
After exposing the general ideas behind the Marvel Universe (here, here and here), I will address some of the revolutionary tendencies present in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

Vulgarity and jokes everywhere

The most revolting Avengers are the Guardians of the Galaxy. They are self-proclaimed idiots who drive around listening to rock ‘n’ roll soul music of the ‘70s and ‘80s. When they first appear in Avengers: Infinity War, they are singing along to a rock tune, acting as if they are on drugs, casual and unconcerned about any danger they might have to face from the distress call they are answering. These “Guardians” are revoltingly facetious and sarcastic.


The Guardians:  punk and vulgar heroes that destroy any notion of nobility

avenger guardians slobs
They are the role models Marvel gives to youth, who are, as we can see, adopting this attitude about life.

This group of “heroes” saves Thor, whose spaceship had recently been destroyed by Thanos. Almost immediately, Star Lord, the captain of the ship who acts very childish and vulgar, commences to mock and belittle Thor. Thor, a Norse god and king, still has an aspect of nobility, with a manly bearing and a more dignified manner of speaking.

Hollywood cannot bear to have such an ideal for men, so it does its best to make Thor look ridiculous. It succeeds in degrading the Norse hero to the point that, in Endgame, he sinks to the level of these vulgar heroes. I will discuss this further in a later article.

The sad truth is that most people love the “Guardians of the Galaxy” for the very reason that I reject them: their vulgarity and lack of seriousness. All of the Marvel movies have followed this tendency, becoming increasingly vulgar with every film. The joking has increased significantly, breaking up serious moments with dry humor.

Action-packed scenes filled with contradictory tendencies of humor, seriousness and drama break the psychology of the viewer. The calm, serene stability in the movies of the past is gone. Instead, today’s films are full of action, vulgarity and jokes. It certainly seems that the aim is to make the viewer nervous and disordered. It is almost impossible to feel sound and ordered after watching one of these films.

We see the consequences of these film tendencies in society, not just in the youth but in every generation. All are desensitized to this instability and become an easier prey of the Revolution.

Love between humans & robots

As Jurassic World is attempting to normalize clones, the Avengers movies are attempting to normalize robots. Vision is an android, or robot, created by Iron Man using one of the Infinity Stones, the Mind Stone. This robot is nothing but an artificial intelligence embedded in the form of a man, incapable of emotions or love. In Infinity War, however, we discover that it has been living with the Scarlet Witch, a human with superhuman powers.

So we have a robot and human “falling in love” and living in sin ... but robots, which do not have souls, are not capable of sinning. As is evident, this film perverts and confuses reality and prepares people to accept robots as they would other humans.


A robot in human form, right, 'in love' with a human, the Scarlet Witch

This equal treatment of robots and humans has drastic consequences. The Avengers know that they must destroy the Mind Stone – which is embedded in the robot and is the source of its apparent life – in order to stop Thanos. Vision comes to the logical conclusion that the stone must be destroyed, even if it kills him, but the Scarlet Witch and all of the other Avengers will not allow it.

They are not willing to sacrifice a robot for the sake of humanity. Instead, they decide to take Vision to the futuristic city of Wakanda where they attempt to remove the stone without killing Vision.

However, their attempt to save the robot by means of the “operation” costs them the precious time they need to destroy the stone. The result is the tragic ending of Infinity War: taking the Mind Stone from Vision, Thanos wields the Infinity Gauntlet and reduces the universe’s population by half.

Now, if Vision were human, the effort to save him would be noble and necessary, because of the dignity of every human soul. However, Vision is a robot with no soul. Again, Marvel warps reality, pretending that it is a noble action to save the “life” of a robot.

Animals & monsters are the heroes

In addition to robots being treated as equal to humans, animals and monsters are given the same status. One of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” is a raccoon, while another is a tree. And one can never escape the plethora of aliens who join the Avengers in their mission.


The Hulk - along with his young fans - delight in his monster form

Dr. Banner, one of the main Avengers, turns into the Hulk, a giant green monster, when he is angry. The previous Avengers movies show Dr. Banner’s struggle with his inner Hulk. However, when we first see Dr. Banner/ Hulk in Endgame, he has embraced his monstrous Hulk body while keeping the brains of Dr. Banner. So, instead of fighting the monster inside of himself, he embraces it and rejects his human body.

No one is surprised at his choice, since most of the superheroes act little better than animals in their everyday interactions. They sit on the floor, put their feet up on the table, walk around in their underclothes and eat slovenly.

When making their plans to save the universe, the Avengers lie around on a table, acting like drunkards. It is hard to believe that they are about to engage in heroic feats. Yet here is the new model ideal for heroes: The ordered, refined hero of the past is replaced by the barbaric, spontaneous hero.

Pagan heroic acts justify murder & suicide

The heroes are not only barbaric, but also embrace pagan ideas of heroism that are condemned by the Church. Gamora is a green woman from a different planet who was adopted and trained by Thanos. In Infinity War, she asks the Star Lord, her lover, to promise to kill her if Thanos catches her, because she knows the location of the Soul Stone. Star Lord agrees and attempts to kill her when she is caught. Although Thanos prevents the murder from taking place, the movie certainly justifies the act.


Hawkeye says goodbye to the Black Widow before her plan to commit suicide, a 'heroic act'

Later in the film Gamora tries to kill herself, once again to prevent Thanos from getting the Soul Stone. In Avengers: Endgame a similar situation occurs with the character called Black Widow, who succeeds in committing suicide by throwing herself down a cliff to supposedly serve the common good.

Even though her sacrifice allows the Avengers to attain the final victory, the ends do not justify the means. The Catholic Church teaches that suicide is never justifiable. Again, we see how the Marvel Universe upends Catholic morals, replacing them with Situation Ethics. Truth is blurred by error, for there is no God to hold man accountable for his actions.

Mockery of Jesus Christ

At one point in Infinity War, Star Lord directly mocks Our Lord. Dr. Strange asks him what master he serves and Star Lord replies, “What am I supposed to say, Jesus?” in a demeaning and insulting tone. He implies that following Jesus would be a stupid thing to do.

superhero christ

Superheroes and the Marvel World replacing Christ and Christendom

And after being indoctrinated by these films, who would want to follow Jesus? All admiration, wonder and fear of God are lost in the Marvel Universe, where good, truth and beauty are distorted.

Instead of the Savior being Jesus Christ, the Avengers become the saviors, some of them going so far as to sacrifice their lives for the sake of humanity, as Black Widow does.

In this new universe, there is no need for God to redeem mankind from their sins, for there are no sins except those that transgress man’s rights and happiness. And whoever transgresses these rights must be destroyed, even if it be God Himself.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 24, 2020
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