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The Three Bottles of Wine

Gregory Johnson

In the year 1828 or 1829, a young man travelled through Switzerland. When he came to Zurich, he fell dangerously ill. Being a Catholic, he begged the inn-keeper to send for a priest. "I will send for one," said he.

Drinking in medieval tavern

The three men mocked God, but were duly punished becoming as black as charcoal
Meanwhile, he agreed with two other guests of his to play the priest with two servers. Accordingly, he went to the young man and heard his confession, after which he received from him some money as a little present, with the request that he should say three Holy Masses.

After this criminal action, he left the young man and went with his companions into another room, saying to them: "Come, let us go and say the three Masses." By this, he meant that they would drink three bottles of wine.

They sat down at table, and having emptied one bottle, said: "Behold, one Mass already said." Having emptied the second bottle, they cried out with greater laughter: "Now, two Masses are said." God did not long withhold His revenge. No sooner had they drunk the third bottle of wine than all three of them suddenly died - turning black as coal.

This dreadful event became known among the people. The civil magistrate interfered; they locked up the room, leaving therein the three black corpses for the space of 26 days, in order to make a minute examination of the case. This is well-known fact at that city, and in the neighboring provinces.


Blason de Charlemagne
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From Michael Muller, The Blessed Eucharist, Our Greatest Treasure,
Published in 1868, republished by TAN 1994, pp. 282-283
Posted August 28, 2010

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