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The Miracle of the Hand

Jacobus de Voragine
Leo the Pope, as it is read in the miracles of our Blessed Lady of William of Malmesbury, used to say Mass in the Church of St. Mary Major. One day therein a matron, a certain woman, kissed his hand, and from this he was tempted vehemently in his flesh.

This holy man was a great wreaker and avenger on himself, and he was so aggrieved at his temptation that he cut off his hand that same day in private, and threw it from him.

st leo miracle of hand

Our Lady restores and mends the severed hand

Afterward the people began to murmur among them because the Pope no longer sung Mass nor made the Divine Service solemnly as he was wont to do. And so the holy Pope Leo turned to the Blessed Virgin, Our Lady, and committed himself wholly to her providence.

Then anon she appeared to him and restored to him his hand and re-formed it with her holy hands, commanding that he should go forth and offer sacrifice unto her Son.

Then this holy man Leo preached unto all the people that came thither, and showed evidently how his hand was restored to him again.

It was this Pope Leo who held the Council at Chalcedon in 451 and made there a statute that the Virgin Mary should be called the Mother of God.

Adapted from The Golden Legend,
Temple Classics Edited by F.S. Ellis, 1931, Vol. 4, p. 7.
Posted Apri l7, 2021

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