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Is It Morally Acceptable to Receive
the Covid Vaccine?

Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.
"Is there a Catholic position on taking the Covid vaccine?" my friend Jan recently asked me. Once she would have simply checked to see what the Pope, Bishop or parish priest has said on the topic.

She knows, however, that this Pope actively promotes the Covid "jab," going so far as to say it is "an act of love" for self, family and friends. In fact, as of October 1, 2021, a "Green Pass" – showing proof of vaccination or evidence of recent recovery from the coronavirus – is required even to enter the Vatican.

popes vax

Francis & Benedict proclaim they are fully vaxxed

Jan has always been zealously pro-life. It is readily admitted that all the Covid-19 vaccines have used cell lines collected from aborted babies in either their research or production process. (1) She questions where one should ever indirectly benefit from an abortion, a murder of an innocent child, regardless of when it happened. Even if the Vatican's doctrinal office said it is morally acceptable to receive Covid-19 vaccines developed or tested using cell lines from aborted babies, is it really so?

Her question reveals the high level of distrust that many Catholics rightfully have for the progressivist Church authorities. I say rightfully because we have been betrayed, misled and deceived by the post-Vatican Church officials for more than five decades now, seeing the Sacraments and Catechism watered down and changed, morals relaxed and then abandoned, the toleration then acceptance of homosexuality, etc. She, like so many others, no longer trusts the establishment Church or government to tell the truth.

elderly covid jab

The elderly are being pressured to take the jab

Jan knows about the growing numbers of vaxxed experiencing blood clots, damaged immune systems, heart attacks, cancer, heart inflammation, pregnancy terminations and even death. She also believes this is not a normal vaccine, but an experimental use of genetic altering substance that modifies your body and destroys its immune system. But her question is not about the physical danger, but the moral responsibility. Can a Catholic in good conscience take the Covid jab?

There is in fact no ethical dilemma. The answer is no. A Catholic cannot take it. Few priests, however, will have the courage to preach this truth from the altar. One of them was Msgr. Patrick Perez of Our Lady Help of Christians in Garden Grove, California. He taught bluntly from the altar: "Do not take the jab. A Catholic cannot in good conscience take a vaccine that uses the parts of aborted children in research, testing, development or productions. It is a mortal sin."

A live child not an aborted fetus

But recently I learned that there is more to the morbid past of the HEK 293 "cell line" used in the vaccines than most Catholics realize. Private investigator Anna Maria Cardinalli reveals some chilling facts in her article titled Catholic Conscience and the Covid-19 Vaccine. If Catholics – clergy and laymen – with well formed consciences were to know the whole truth about the origins of the Covid vaccine, both she and I believe they would not so easily be able to calm their consciences and take the jab.

The cell line used to develop the vaccine is conveniently called HEK 293. What does this mean? The number 293 means that it took 293 experimental attempts in aborted babies to get a viable working cell line to develop the vaccine. It took, then, not one, but at least 293 abortions to achieve what science calls "success," but could better be termed "mass murder."


HEK 293 is a live baby girl butchered for her kidney; a new slaughter of innocents necessary to reach the goal


The initials HEK stands for the Human Embryonic Kidney needed for the "vaccine project." Now then, harvesting viable kidneys requires continuous blood flow, which in turn requires a beating heart, which in turn requires that the baby be alive and almost always outside the womb when the kidneys are removed.

In hard language, this means that the kidney (HEK) 293 had to be taken from a live, sufficiently developed child who would be extracted – typically by caesarean section – from the womb, and then have his/her kidney cut out. No anesthesia could be given to the live child because this would compromise the kidneys for the research.

It took at least 293 such barbarous murders to result in the cell line that would provide the base for the various Covid vaccines.

Therefore, HEK 293 actually was taken from a live little girl in the Netherlands who was killed in a tortuous way to obtain her organs for research. As A.M. Cardinalli notes: "The harvest of her organs was the direct cause of her death, prior to which, she was a living child, outside the womb." Killing a baby delivered alive is, simply put, the crime of infanticide.

Miss Cardinalli found sound documentation for this murderous procedure to extract HEK in the research of biologist and vaccine developer Pamela Acker, author of Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective.

This information is purposely being suppressed to dull the consciences of Catholics. A whistleblower at Pfizer recently revealed the company's executives were instructing staff to say nothing about the Covid vaccine's origins precisely to avoid reactions against this horror story of infanticide.


Bishop McElroy instructs priests to decline Covid vaccine exemption requests

"A fetal line from a voluntary abortion done in the 1970s" sounds so much less horrendous to the calloused ears of the modern man of the 21st century than the truth: This vaccine was developed or tested based on cell line resulting from the murder of at least 293 infants alive outside the womb.

If it is not morally acceptable to avail oneself of the research based on any abortion, how much more horrendous is it to take advantage of this kind of butcher of living children? It is a new Killing of the Innocents, not in the search for the living Christ Child as in the time of Herod, but to create a supposed cure for a man-made virus that is intended to depopulate the earth.

To add gravity to the picture, I believe, that this vaccine does not immunize the person who takes it, but on the contrary weakens his immune system and sooner or later causes his death. Thus, it is meant to decimate millions.

Further, it also introduces foreign enzymes and hydrogel, into the body in order to create a new human type in those who will not be killed. We are facing, then, a transhumanism that mocks man created by God Almighty. But that is the topic for another article.

What seems certain is that there is something Satanic in this scenario, which is becoming clearer and clearer as the whole pandemic hysteria continues to unfold. What speaks most of some type of spell or curse placed on mankind is the almost complete lack of reaction of opposition to it, knowing as we know that its development relied on an aborted child.

Will it make a difference to most Catholics to know that the innocent baby was alive when his kidneys were harvested to provide a supposed good for the men of the future who had lost their ethical footholds? I hope it may wake the consciences of at least some who were not fully aware what it means morally to take the jab.

The final irony

The present Pope speaks constantly about protecting the marginalized and most vulnerable among us. He and Pope Emeritus Benedict made headlines after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, giving this bad example to Catholics worldwide. Ironically, they thus promoted a vaccine developed from scientific research involving vulnerable children who were aborted live and then murdered outside the womb.

What if the Pope had acted strongly at the start of vaccination mania, instructing Catholics that they should refuse a vaccine developed – either nearly or remotely – at the expense of killing the most vulnerable of all mankind? The whole vaccination campaign would have come to a standstill had Catholics around the world, backed by their Pope, refused to take the vaccines as a matter of conscience.

most vulnerable

The most vulnerable are the innocent babies murdered to make the vaccine...

But this did not happen. To the contrary, from the beginning of the campaign in March 2020, the Pope was completely subservient to the demands of the Italian State, which was one of the first governments to close businesses, halt travel, install mask and social distancing mandates. His official position as Head of the Church promoting the Covid vaccines will, I believe, make it increasingly difficult for Catholics to request a religious exemption.

Instead of warning Catholics that receiving the Covid-19 vaccine is a sinful cooperation in evil, Francis has not only recommended taking it, but has entered wholeheartedly into the Reset planned by the occult leaders of the New World Order, as Mr. Atila Guimaraes pointed out in his recent Bird's Eye View.

"What about my friends who have taken the vaccine?" Jan asked at the end of our conversation. I suggested that she counsel them to confess their sin to clear their consciences and then do not associate with priests who promote it.

As Scriptures says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”(Jn 10:10) The vaccine is the thief, born from murder and intent on killing and stealing. The true shepherd of Christ must repel and combat the thief, not invite him into the flock.

  1. As for the Pfizer, Moderna, Oxford-AstyraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines, fetal cell line HEK 293 – a baby aborted in 1973 – was used during the research and development phase. For the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, fetal cell lines were used in the production and manufacturing stage. See here and here.

Posted December 6, 2021

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