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Cursed Be Those Who Divert a Virgin
from Her Chastity

At a time when all kinds of immoralities have free entrance into convents of nuns - either disguised as Freudian practices or directly by means of diversions such as movies and the internet - we believe that it is good to remind readers of the importance the Catholic Church gives to the virginity of consecrated souls.

We are living in an age where virginity and chastity have been continuously harassed by the devastating influence of Hollywood movies. Further, these virtues are no longer preached from the pulpits in the name of adaptation to the modern world.   It seems timely, therefore, to remind our readers of the severe position Holy Mother Church took against those who turned aside young women from the practice of those virtues. Here we present a description of part of the ceremony of the consecration of virgins according to the Pontifical Romano.

Pontifical Romano

The Pontiff, seated and wearing his miter, pronounces an anathema against anyone who deviates those women dedicated to the divine service under the banner of chastity, so that no one may steal their goods, which they should peacefully posses. This is the anathema formula:

By the authority of the Omnipotent God and of His Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, with absolute firmness and under the penalty of anathema, We forbid anyone to turn away these consecrated virgins from the divine service to which they are dedicated under the banner of chastity. So that they might peacefully possess what belongs to them, we likewise forbid any person to steal these goods.

If anyone, nonetheless, dare to make such an attempt, let him be cursed in his house and outside of it, in the city and in the countryside; let him be cursed awake or sleeping, eating or drinking, walking or seated; cursed be his bones and his flesh and may he have no health in his body from head to toe.

Let him receive the curse of man, which the Lord launched in the Law by means of Moses against the children of iniquity. Let his name be deleted from the Book of Life and not inscribed among the number of the just. Let his part and inheritance be with Cain who killed his brother, with Dathan and Abiron, with Ananias and Saphira, with Simon the magician and Judas the traitor, and with those who said to God: “Remove Thyself from us. We do not want to follow Thy ways.”

Let him perish on the judgment day; may the fire of Hell with the Devil and his angels devour him, unless he makes reparation and repents. Amen, amen, so be it.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 8, 2009

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