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Catholic Women Must Abominate
Any Sign of Impurity

Today’s tolerance toward feminine immoral dress shown by the religious authorities who organized or attended the World Youth Days is implicitly condemned by Pope Pius XII when he gives principles on this matter to Catholic educators. Read them and compare with what we witnessed at the WYD.

Pope Pius XII

The educators of the young clergy would render a more valuable and useful service, if they would inculcate in youthful minds the precepts of Christian modesty, which is so important for the preservation of perfect chastity and which is truly called the prudence of chastity.

For modesty foresees threatening danger, it forbids us to expose ourselves to risks, it demands the avoidance of those occasions which the imprudent does not shun. Modesty does not like impure or loose talk, it shrinks from the slightest immodesty, it carefully avoids suspicious familiarity with persons of the other sex, since it brings the soul to show due reverence to the body, as being a temple of the Holy Spirit. He who possesses the treasure of Christian modesty abominates every sin of impurity and instantly flees whenever he is tempted by its seductions.


Blason de Charlemagne
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(Pope Pius XII, Encyclical Sacra Virginitas of March 25, 1954 (no. 58-59), in
The Woman in the Modern World, Daughters of St. Paul, 1958, Appendix II)

Posted August 10, 2013