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It Is Heretical to Say the Pope
Is Just the Church’s Delegate

Pope Francis has made it a point not to be called Pope, but Bishop of Rome. The implication of this demand is that he is a Bishop like any other Bishop and is head of the Church by a delegation he received from the Cardinals who elected him in the Conclave.

This presupposition was declared heretical by Pope Pius VI in his Constitution Auctorem Fidei condemning the errors of the Synod of Pistoia (1786). The pertinent text follows.

Pope Pius VI

Moreover, it is heretical to propose that the Roman Pontiff is the ministerial head [of the Church], if this is explained to mean that the Roman Pontiff received, not from Christ in the person of St. Peter, but from the Church, the power of his office by which, as the successor of Peter, the true Vicar of Christ, and the head of the entire Church, he has power over the universal Church


Blason de Charlemagne
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(Pius VI, Constitution Auctorem Fidei
of August 28, 1794, in DR 1503)
Posted November 23, 2013