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Capitalism Stimulates Progress

Since Pope Francis never loses an opportunity to condemn Capitalism and to blame it for all the evils of modern society, it seems timely to remind our reader that, unfortunately, this Pope is going against the teaching of the Church prior to Vatican II.

In fact, many past Popes approved Capitalism as an economic system that is according to nature and advantageous for society.

Today, we bring to the reader's attention a very balanced excerpt by Pius XII in which he makes it clear that Capitalism must only be condemned in its abuses, not in itself.

Pope Pius XII

Every honest man must recognize that the economic regime of industrial Capitalism has helped to make possible the progress of agricultural gain and even stimulated it.

In countless regions of the world it has helped to raise the physical and spiritual life of the rural population to a higher level. It is not, therefore, the regime per se that one should censure, but rather the danger it would bring should its influence alter the specific character of country life, causing it to be assimilated into the life of the urban and industrial centers, making the "countryside,"  as it is understood here, a simple extension or appendix of the "city."

Pius XII, Speech of July 2, 1951, to the First Congress on Problems of Rural Life,
Discorsi e Radiomessagi, vol. 13, pp. 199-200


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 16, 2016