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The Infamous Vice of Impurity in Marriage Causes Horror to Heaven
St. John Vianney, the celebrated Curé d'Ars, is quite severe when he deals with any immoral dispositions couples may have when entering marriage. Those dispositions, which were already so bad in the 19th century when he lived, have reached an apex today that he could not have imagined.

His admonishments could not be more timely, when the boldest immoral practices are being proposed as normal in marriage.
Curé d'Ars

No one doubts, dear brothers and sisters, that we can save ourselves in all the states of life that God has created, each one in that state God destined for us if we have the dispositions that God asks of us. So, if we condemn ourselves in our state, it is because we have not entered into it with good dispositions. But it is true that some states have many more difficulties than others. We know that marriage is the one that has more difficulties than any other; further, we see that it is the one we go into with the worse dispositions.

When one wishes to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, he makes a retreat, he tries to be well instructed to be worthy of the graces that are attached to it. But for the Sacrament of Marriage, upon which the eternal salvation or condemnation of the one who receives it normally depends, far from being prepared by a retreat or some other good action to enter it, it seems that persons never tire from accumulating crime upon crime to receive it.

It seems that one never tires of doing evil to merit the curse of God, which will earn him misfortune in this life and prepare a hell for him for all eternity. …

As soon as a young man or a young woman starts to think of marrying, they begin to move away from God by abandoning Religion, prayer and the Sacraments. Parures and pleasures replace Religion and the most shameful crimes replace the Sacraments. They continue on this path until the moment they enter into Marriage, in which the majority consummate their eternal condemnation by committing three sacrileges in two or three days: that is to say, by profaning the Sacrament of Penance, that of the Eucharist and that of Marriage, if the priest is unfortunate enough to have administrated to them the two first Sacraments. I say that this happens at least for the most part of couples, if not all.

The great number of Christians enter into marriage with a heart a thousand times more rotted by the infamous vice of impurity than did a great number of pagans, who would not have dared to do what most Christians do. A young woman who desires to have a young man has no more reserve than the filthiest beast. Alas! She abandons the Good God and, in turn, the Good God abandons her: She hurls herself fully into all that is most infamous.

Alas! What can be and become of these poor persons who receive the Sacrament of Marriage in such a state of soul? And how many of these unfortunate ones will not even accuse themselves in Confession? Oh my God! With what horror can and must Heaven look upon these marriages!


Blason de Charlemagne
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St Jean Marie Vianney, Sermon on Marriage, §§ 3-5
TIA's translation from French
Posted on February 18, 2023

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