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Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani?
(My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?)

Michael Saint Amand Interviews Atila Sinke Guimarães on the Vatican II Collection

A handbook for readers of the 11-volume Collection on Vatican II

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Many people have asked if there is any work to introduce the 11-Volume Collection Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani? on Vatican II by Atila Guimarães. This Collection is a massive, dense and scholarly work that demonstrates how the letter and spirit of Vatican II is destroying our Holy Catholic Church.

A good friend of Tradition in Action, Michael Saint Amand, suggested that a short work be published to benefit Readers and prepare them for what they will read in it. A kind of Handbook that would give a first orientation and understanding of the Collection.

The project began shortly after the celebration of the publishing of the whole Collection in January 2017. First, Mr. Saint Amand posed a series of questions to the Author. Then, he suggested the inclusion of biographies of the Author and his mentor, Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, as well as a Vocabulary List explaining expressions unfamiliar to the normal reader.

Next, he proposed making accessible to readers the encouraging & congratulatory words written by Prof. Plinio to mark the beginning and the end of the writing of the Collection. Last, he proposed excerpts of book reviews on volumes of the Collection and comments by readers. All his suggestions were welcomed by Mr. Guimarães and incorporated into the project.

Now, TIA has the pleasure to bring to you the result of that initiative.

In this 90 page booklet, Mr. Saint Amand questions the Author on what inspired the Collection, the topics it covers, the process of writing it and the problems encountered. Guimarães responds to the 45 questions brilliantly and succinctly, giving the reader a full panorama of the whole crisis in the Church and the role played by Vatican II in fostering Progressivism, which is, quite literally, changing the face of out Church.

This short book is only $5 – inexpensive precisely because it is meant to be in the hands of every reader of the Collection, as well as a tool to introduce the Collection to a broader public.

Get your copy now!

It is a riveting read, elucidating to all – Catholics who have been following the crisis in the Church for many years as well as those whose eyes are just beginning to open to the serious problems we are facing today.

Below you will find the Word to the Reader by Michael Saint Amand

See Landmarks in the Writing of the Collection – Panels 1 and 2
Enjoy the Event Celebration Photos here, here and here
Hear the Event Speech by Mr. Atila Guimarães

Format: Paperback, 90 pp. (A-37)
Publisher: Tradition in Action, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Publication Date: October 2017

Price: $ 5



A Word to the Reader

This 11-volume Collection on Vatican Council II that you are preparing to read is a work that was started over 30 years ago by Atila Sinke Guimarães.

holy card of Madonna del Miracolo

Madonna del Miracolo, Rome

Mr. Guimarães was commissioned to write this Collection by Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, his esteemed mentor to whom he owes all of his Catholic formation. Foreseeing the great difficulties that would prevent this immense work from being written and published, Prof. Plinio advised Mr. Guimarães to place the Collection under the protection of the Madonna del Miracolo (Our Lady of the Miracle).

Mr. Guimarães dedicated the work to the Madonna at her Basilica in Rome in 1983 and wrote the first line at her feet. When the writing of the last volume ended, he thanked her and returned there to pay her homage.

The Collection is the study of Vatican Council II (1962-1965), called by Pope John XXIII, and the disastrous effects it has had on Catholics, as well as its massive impact on the Catholic Church. The author analyzes not only the conciliar documents themselves, but also the spirit of the Council, its underlying thought and the fruits it generated. To prepare for this work, the author went to Europe and conducted 22 interviews with 15 important progressivist theologians in six countries.

He addressed the study to the Pope, Bishops and theologians, respectfully asking them to correct him on points in which he might be wrong and to clarify the many contradictions he found between numerous Council teachings and the past infallible Magisterium of the Church. He also addressed it to the clergy and the faithful to help them understand the crisis in the Church and fight for her restoration.

Therefore, this Collection is for you, the reader, so that you can better understand the letter and spirit of the Council, as well as the new concepts being introduced in Catholic doctrine.

                                                                         -   Michael Saint Amand
                                                                             August 2017


1. Volume I: In the Murky Waters of Vatican II - in Spanish
2. Volume II: Animus Injuriandi I (Desire to Injure - I) in Spanish
3. Volume III: Animus Injuriandi II (Desire to Injure - II)
4. Volume IV: Animus Delendi I (Desire to Destroy - I)
5. Volume V: Animus Delendi II (Desire to Destroy - II)
6. Volume VI: Will He Find Faith? (Inveniet Fidem?)
7. Volume VII: Destructio Dei (Destruction of God)
8. Volume VIII: Fumus Satanae (Smoke of Satan)
9. Volume IX: Creatio (Creation)
10. Volume X: Peccato-Redemptio (Sin-Redemption)
11. Volume XI: Ecclesia (The Church)


murky waters

Volume I

animus injuriandi I

Volume II

animus injuriandi2

Volume III

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Volume IV

animus delendi 2 guimaraes

Volume V

will he find fiath

Volume VI

destructio dei

Volume VII

fumus satanae

Volume VIII


Volume IX

volume 10

Volume X


Volume XI

homosexuality pedophilia catholic church

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