Homosexuality and the Clergy
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The Previous System Was Fine;
The Corruption Came from Vatican II

Atila Sinke Guimarães

After completion of the book Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia, I thought it convenient to expound and refute some of the most common sophisms that surround the two-fold crisis of homosexuality and pedophilia that scourges the Catholic Church.

This is the first sophism and its answer taken from the work's Appendix.

Sophism 1 – The responsibility for the cover-up of pedophile priests by Bishops actually lies in the ecclesiastical system as it was established before Vatican II. According to the pre-conciliar model, the Church is divine and cannot coexist with impurity. This was the image the Bishops were trying to preserve when they covered up the guilty priests. Such image, however, is unrealistic and utopist, as is the system, which requires fraud and deception for it to work. Therefore, it must change.

Answer – In her two-thousand-year History the Catholic Church has known all kinds of moral problems. She faced them and conquered them. Those continuous obstacles and battles against them did not change her immutable essence. The Church’s essence, similar to the essence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, is simultaneously divine and human. Because of her divine nature, she is immaculate and will be such until the end of time.

St. Gregory took action against such moral outrages

St. Gregory VII took strong action to combat the moral outrages of his time
Because of her human nature, she can receive wounds from her members, as Our Lord received physical and moral offenses during His Passion. Such affronts make the Church suffer, but do not change her immaculate essence.

It is the duty of her members to face and combat these moral outrages and eliminate their causes. Countless saints in the past fought against the moral vices that had infiltrated the Church. Perhaps the greatest of these combatants was St. Gregory VII, whose reform included the fight to eradicate two so-called moral heresies that contaminated the Church: Nicholaism and Simony. The first consisted of clergy living with woman, and the second, the sale of spiritual goods by ecclesiastics. He smashed those heresies and restored the Church to health. Therefore, both the vices and the cure proceeded from members of the Church and did not alter her divine and immaculate essence.

This is the proper way to deal with crises in the Church. Since her essence does not change, it is absurd to change her teaching about what she is. Also, this teaching does not rely on fraud or deception in order to be maintained in its purity. The remedies, therefore, are vigilance and militancy in face of error. They were present in the Church before Vatican II and maintained her health.

Granted, the American Bishops were fraudulent in hiding the pedophile and homosexual priests. But the primary cause for such action was not their intent to save a certain image of the Church or follow traditional morals. Rather, it was their application of the new tolerant norms of Vatican II.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 15, 2004

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Vatican II, Homosexuality, and Pedophilia

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