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Removing Statues of Columbus

Lucas Janusckiewicz Coletta, Brazil
In the last years Ukraine has given a good example to the world by removing thousands of statues of Lenin and other revolutionaries linked to the murder of entire populations by the Communist Regime. On the other hand, the United States did the opposite.

Indeed, it became a trend in this country to vandalize statues of the Genoa navigator Christopher Columbus under the false accusation that the colonizers who were serving the Spanish Crown practiced genocide.

It should be noted that one country in South America – Colombia – and two regions in the U.S. and Canada – the District of Columbia and the British Columbia – honored the illustrious discoverer.

lenin statue pulled down

Good: Ukraine pulls down: Lenin's statue;
Bad: Los Angeles removes Columbus statue - below

Columbus statue removed
A fellow explorer, in that Age of Discovery, Americo Vespuccio (in Italian Amerigo Vespucci), gave the name to our Continent of the three Americas. Thus, if this trend of denigrating the discoverers continues, as a matter of consistency Americans should renounce their own name. Perhaps they should adopt another name inspired by some communist agent who is promoting this campaign to destroy the American national identity.

No one can call himself an American and ban Christopher Columbus from the history of his country as Americans have been doing in recent years. It makes no sense.

Last November the city of Los Angeles decided to remove the statue of Columbus from its Grand Park. City councilman Mitch O’Farrell and supervisor Hilda Solis alleged that the navigator, along with the Catholic Spanish colonizers, practiced genocide of the indigenous peoples. The San Jose council members, also in California, voted to remove Columbus’s statue from its City Hall in March 2018.

I do not believe these politicians are truly concerned about genocide. Otherwise, instead of protesting against a very disputable genocide of Native Americans by Spaniards, they should be public critics of the undisputable Armenian and Ukrainian genocides carried out by the Turks and the Russian Communists respectively. Since I do not see them showing any concern for these crimes I do not trust their sense of justice. I believe they are following a communist agenda to destroy the American identity by attacking the fundamental values of its people.

The ‘good customs’ of the Indians

Brazilian revolutionary professors propagate the same fake arguments used by their American colleagues against the 16th century European navigators. They proclaim a great admiration for French philosopher Michel Montaigne who, in his essay Of Cannibals, described and praised the customs of the Indians of the New World. One thing his testimony does is to help us to understand just how primitive those Indians were. Nonetheless, their lives are presented today as perfect.


In his famous essay, Montaigne describes and praises the cannibals of Brazil

Describing the Tupinambá tribe of Brazil, Montaigne writes:

“It is a people … where there is no type of commerce, no literature, no mathematics; where we do not find the name of any magistrate; where there is no political hierarchy, no domestic life, no rich or poor. Contracts, laws of succession or distribution are unknown there. As for work they know only idleness.

“They have the same regard for their relatives as they have for any other person. Clothing, agriculture and metal work are unknown there; they have neither wine nor wheat. The words designating lie, treason, dissimulation, avarice, jealousy and pardon are heard only rarely.” (Ensaios, São Paulo: Ed. Abril, 1972, p. 106)

In the same essay Montaigne praised the cannibalism and polygamy of the Indians.

When the Portuguese navigators arrived in Brazil, the Spanish Jesuit missionaries they brought with them reported how the Indians ceremoniously ate the bodies of their enemies as a manifestation of victory. If it were not for the catechization they received and their conversion to the Catholic Faith, these savages would have continued in their anthropophagi along with all kinds of witchcraft. (Cf. Jorge Zahar, Primeiras Cartas do Brasil – 1551-1555)

We should harbor no illusions: The real motive for taking down statues of Columbus in Los Angeles and San Jose, as well as the constant vandalism against them, is to destroy Christian Civilization and Western Culture. And what would replace them? A tribal life where nudity, free-love and cannibalism holds sway under the authority of a shaman or witch doctor. This is the next step and final aim of Communism: Tribalism.

Not genocide, but civilization

The proof that European missionaries and colonizers did not practice genocide is the presence today of a great number of Indian descendants – either pure or mixed with whites or blacks – in the Spanish and Portuguese countries of the Americas, as well as in the U.S., although perhaps less so in the latter because the Protestants opposed the miscegenation that took place naturally in the Catholic countries.

A psychological warfare maneuver


Brazil protects a huge 'hunting' territory
for the Maranhão natives

Yuri Bezmenov, an ex-KGB agent who deserted to the West, warned the United States that it is under the attack of revolutionary psychological warfare by the communists. It is not a direct military attack, but a psychological sabotaging of all the historical, moral and patriotic values that comprise the soul of the country.

I believe that this campaign against Christopher Columbus is part of a much larger assault against the Christian values that the three Americas received from Catholic missionaries and explorers from Spain, Portugal, Italy, England, Ireland etc.

Today’s school and university systems, as well as the political parties, are infiltrated by dangerous enemies who work tirelessly for the victory of egalitarian doctrines that aim to bring Communism and Tribalism to our countries. We should make it our aim to unmask them.


Moving toward a new tribalism


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 17, 2018

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