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‘Fecal Matter’ or Satanic-Alien Fashion:
The Fifth & Final Revolution

Salwa Bachar

Note: As I was researching this article, I had to go through some extremely gruesome photos, videos and music – to the point of physical nausea. There are graphic photos and disturbing music ahead, so if you have a queasy stomach, please read at your own risk.

A friend from Brazil sent TIA an article about a fashion duo titled “Fecal Matter.” Based in Montreal, Fecal Matter is comprised of two members - Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran. The pair apparently met in fashion school, where they felt unable to unleash their “creativity.” Now they have their own so-called “high-design, low-cost” clothing line, as well as their own music project, Instagram account and Youtube channel.

Why the hype behind Fecal Matter? The internet seems to be abuzz about the fashion group: a simple Google search generates hundreds of news articles from just the past month (October). Fecal Matter has over 300,000 subscribers on Instagram, and has been featured twice by Vogue magazine. What is all the sensation about?

Fecal matter -1

Fecal Matter fashion duo, Hannah and Steven, showing their alien creations

Formed in 2016, the fashion group produces and promotes what can only be described as Satanic-Alien fashion. A cursory search through their Instagram brings up real and Photoshopped images of blood, devil horns, snake eyes, studded belts, metal face gear, nudity, altered body parts, bald heads, leather, chains, long nails, plastic wrap and more. Additionally, all the photos seem to promote androgyny and “gender-bending.”

The founders of Fecal Matter have given interviews explaining the reasons and story behind their group, whose goal is to redefine beauty as we know it. According to one interview, Steven Bhaskaran believes he is a “non-binary gender,” while Hannah Dalton – the female – believes she is “an activist and alien.”

On their Instagram, they call themselves an “alien couple.” In another interview, the duo says their mission is to express uncensored ideas, to combat social conformity and environmental pollution, and to provide a unique fashion outlet “in a market flooded with Chanel and Louis Vouitton.”

What about their grisly avant-garde screamo music? “It’s the soundtrack to our projects and designs,” Bhaskaran states.

Fecal matter - 2

Some Fecal Matter creations: Note the blank eyes, as though they are possessed

Indeed, theirs are shocking and disgusting creations, but even more shocking is the praise they have been receiving from the general public, particularly on Instagram. Among the comments: “Amazing look!” “Gorgeous.” “So beautiful.” “This is so pretty!” “You’re stunning.” “Literally art.” “Amazing designers.” “So interesting and unique.”

Fecal matter 3

Praise from the general public...

Another noteworthy comment that was made in response to a criticism: “It’s more of making a statement. Let them be, they aren’t harming anyone. You gotta have an appreciation for the things they’re doing.”

On their Instagram, Fecal Matter posts things such as “don’t be afraid of chaos, fear order,” “don’t ever stop provoking,” “disrupt” and “never surrender.” Another caption that is particularly telling: “Some aspire to make their dreams come true, but we've always wanted to experience our nightmares.”

Many have praised Fecal Matter for supposedly going against the grain. Instagram has been known for its users’ repetitive and uniform beauty looks, and as such – some argue – it is good to have some variety and non-conformism. This praise has led the group to host their own fashion show, titled “Non-Human,” which was well-attended and continues to receive positive reviews from online publications. Even Vogue stated that their Instagram account is one that the public should be following, calling their creations “eerily beautiful.”

An alien trend in fashion

As I was browsing the internet for more on Fecal Matter, I wondered: Is this new alien fashion a lone minority, or is it a trend? Unfortunately, the latter seems to be true.

Recently, Simon Huck put out his exhibit titled “A. Human,” a self-proclaimed sci-fi fashion experience. Like Fecal Matter, it features alien-like body modifications, sported by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, homosexual Tan France and transgender model “Andreja” Pejić.

Body modifications 1

Some sample trends, above and below, including a light-up necklace implant, chest angel wings, a Renaissance-style neck ruffle with crystals, dinosaur horns, alien eyelashes, an avatar-esque spinal modification and prehistoric-looking “biological heels”

Body modifications 2

There are still other people who have been recently promoting alien-like fashion. One person is FKA twigs, a collaborator of Fecal Matter who calls herself an “alien princess” on her Instagram. In it, she wears similar “other-worldly” looks.

Lastly, the Russian-born, Los Angeles-based photographer Ekaterina Belinskaya recently released her newest photo collection titled “Alien Nation.” The photos were reportedly taken for the fashion industry and are now being featured by prominent fashion magazines such as Elle, Rogue and Basic.

Again, more satanic-alien imagery with space helmets, neon colors, plastic, white eyes, fishnets, blue hair and blood. We also find more of the Masonic symbols (note particularly the pharaoh-like headdress, the covering of one eye and the Eye of Horus earrings).

Space ship fashion

Spaceship-inspired fashion

What can all of this mean?

First, it seems that society has completely lost its sense of beauty. Even with immodest fashions, there were always some elements of aesthetics, charm and refinement. Now, all beauty is thrown out the window and the goal becomes to look as ugly and devilish as possible.

Second, it is a signal that we have surpassed the 4th Revolution (the Cultural Revolution of the ‘60s heading to Tribalism), and are now heading to the 5th Revolution, which is Satanism. The propelling force behind the Revolution has always been the Secret Forces, whose ultimate goal is the destruction of Civilization and the Catholic Church. Led by Judaism, the Secret Forces aim to dethrone the Church by ultimately installing a One-World Religion, a public cult to Satan. The excuses behind this new religion are, among others, pacifism and environmentalism.

The fashion world is one of the means used by the Secret Forces to promote the Revolution’s goals and to groom people to begin to accept its tenets through the tendencies.

With the world’s widespread interest in advancing technology, eco-pacifism and the occult, it seems the time is ripe for aliens (which are actually demons) to come onto the fashion scene. As I showed above, it is not just one group promoting demonic-alien symbols, but several. As such, it certainly seems that these fashion organizations are all now receiving the orders to promote this from the “higher-ups” who control them.

Lilo and Stich -  ET

The new generation was groomed to accept “friendly aliens” with popular movies such as “ET” and Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch”

Many have predicted that aliens will come to fully establish this One-World Religion of Satan. In real-life ET accounts, as well as in movies, comics and pop culture, we have become accustomed to the idea that aliens will eventually come to show us a “new way of life,” promising to grant humans the cure for cancer, super technology and a secret knowledge of worldly things, supposedly helping us to live in greater harmony with nature.

Interestingly, it is Fecal Matter – perhaps the most vigorous promoter of this new demonic-alien fashion – that is also strongly promoting environmentalism and pacifism alongside their demonic-alien looks. In one of their Instagram posts, they stated: “We believe in connecting the purity of nature with the power of technology. The future does not have to be one or the other. The future can still move faster than ever while remaining organic and natural. It is up to us, the human race, to work with Mother Nature and not against it.”

Lastly, it is interesting to note the imposing presence of homosexuality in all of this. It makes sense – since sodomy is of the Devil and the sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance, it is only logical for the Devil to use homosexuals (transgenders included) as his agents to promote himself on earth through a new demonic-alien fashion.

Some will argue that this is not conclusive proof that we are heading towards Satanism. However, the vigilant Catholic always understood that symbols are very important. As more and more of these fashion elites promote this demonic-alien fashion under the guises of innovation, environmentalism and pacifism, we find ourselves drawing ever closer to the public cult of Satan, moving from the 4th Revolution (Tribalism) to the 5th Revolution (Satanism).

May Our Lady of Good Success save us from this deluge of filth soon and may Our Lord cleanse this wicked society in which we live.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 26, 2018

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