Consequences of Vatican II
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Bishop Miñarro, a Revolutionary Like Francis

Salwa Bachar
Bishop Oscar Miñarro has been making waves recently on the internet since photos of his “beach mass” were posted. In them, he can be seen saying a Mass in a t-shirt and swim trunks on the shore with immodestly-dressed young people. In accompanying photos, he poses shirtless with two young women in bikinis as the group goes to swim in the ocean.

francis canddidate

A perfect Francis candidate for Bishop

Miñarro’s progressivist attitudes are not restricted to appearing semi-nude. He has a wide fan of bold positions that made him the perfect candidate to be elevated to the bishopric by Pope Bergoglio.


A fellow Argentine, Miñarro was assigned by Pope Francis to be auxiliary Bishop of Merlo-Moreno in 2016, soon after being consecrated.

On that occasion, he told AICA (Catholic Information Agency of Argentina) that his role models were Oscar Romero and Enrique Angelelli, two Liberation Theology agitators who paved the way for takeovers of El Salvador and Argentina by communists or radical socialists.

Yes to Revolution in the Church

Miñarro is a member of Curas OPP (Priests for the Options of the Poor), a term that is used by proponents of Liberation Theology. He was one of 91 signatories in this group who asked the Argentine Conference of Bishops to review many and varied aspects of Church customs, including but not limited to:


A vulgar loaf of bread for his hardly valid consecration

  • Ending obligatory celibacy;

  • Giving priority to the 'kingdom' and evangelization over worship – which means emphasizing social justice and “reaching the marginalized” and diminishing the priest’s attention given to Mass;

  • Promoting a creative inculturation, which is to assimilate the language of the poor and local tribal cultures into prayers and liturgy; check “ Indian Theology”;

  • Introducing fraternity in the relationship between priests and Bishops, emphasizing that both are at the service of the people – which means ending the hierarchical character of the Church;

  • Changing the spirituality so that Catholics will not spend time in “evasions” turned toward an abstract God, but are concentrating on the needs of their fellow men: social justice, ecology, adaptation to the world etc.
Yes to homosexuality

Several other shocking statements were made by Oscar Miñarro before he became Bishop. He stated in a 2012 interview that he was in favor of homosexual “marriage,” arguing that God “accompanies the situation” of homosexuals and that they “stimulate a greater inclusion in all of society.” In a clear adhesion to the Situation Morals condemned by Pius XII, Miñarro declared:

favors homos

Miñarro favors inclusion of homos in the Church

“Yes, I'm in favor of it. So, if I say that [homosexual] marriage should not be promoted, will it cease to exist because of that? No, it will exist just the same. So, if the situation exists, shouldn't I favor that this situation provide dignity for the people who are living it? That they should have a greater inclusion in all society? And, as a priest of the Church, can't I also feel that God accompanies this situation?”

Further on, in that same interview he stated that those who say marriage should be between a man and a woman are “intolerant” and that “this thought should not be imposed on anyone.” Indeed, he affirmed: “The risk of these discussions [that marriage is between man and woman] is intolerance in general… What I do not accept is that this thought be imposed on everyone.”

Later on in the interview, he called the Church “homophobic” and radically pushed for a greater acceptance of sodomites.

Yes to relativism & abortion

If Miñarro does not want the traditional idea of marriage to be “imposed” on everyone, than what does he want to be imposed on everyone? The answer is: nothing: Nothing should be imposed on anyone. In other words, the French slogan from the 1968 Sorbonne riots – Il est interdit d’interdire (It is forbidden to forbid) – seems to be his motto.


In blue jeans and an open collar, Miñaro goes on stage to accept an award

His relativist ideas manifested themselves in another part of the same interview, in which he gave his man-centered input as being that of the Conciliar Church. He showed himself to be totally against the dogmas and traditions that characterized the Catholic Church in the past:

“The big problem is that religions in general were closing in on themselves and were taking more care of the dogmatic part; protecting traditions … [religions] have numbed people and curbed them in their bond with God. I totally disagree with that style of religion.

“I work more with a religion that shows above all else a bond with God that helps me think about what I want for my life, where I do not have to resign myself to suffering, a flat life, for humanly [speaking] I deserve a lot more. It seems to me that many times the religious aspect has to accompany some liberating processes that have to do with what I call the meaning of life.” (Ibid.)

This relativist “you-do-you” belief makes itself apparent when he used the example of abortion to say that there is no absolute truth:

“I believe that if we ask ourselves the question of when an embryo has life, you enter a philosophical subject. What we can say is that absolute truth does not exist in philosophy. What exists are questions that generate different answers and that all can be acceptable to the extent that you justify it. But who can say if the embryo has life or not? I believe that neither the religious nor the scientist, it is a very complex thing.” (Ibid.)

A revolutionary like Francis

With his Liberation Theology background and support for homosexuality, relativism & abortion, it is no wonder that Francis chose Miñarro to become a Bishop and join him in his Progressivist Revolution in the Church.

francis priest

Miñarro at his beach Mass...
sharing the values of Francis...

In fact, Miñarro’s beliefs and actions perfectly mirror those of Francis:
  • Liberation Theology & Communism: Since the beginning of his pontificate, Pope Francis has made countless concessions and displays of support for Communism. He has interfered in countries like Cuba and Brazil in order to bolster support for those communist regimes. Even his former professor admitted in an interview that Liberation Theology “is at the base of what Pope Francis is saying and doing.”

  • Support for homosexuality: Pope Francis made his support for homosexuality clear since the beginning with his famous response to an airplane journalist: “Who am I to judge?”. He has also shown his support for homosexual unions, receiving several homosexual “couples” and even a transgender.

  • Support for abortion: Francis has also given awards to celebrities who are staunch advocates of abortion. Francis received thousands of petitions in Brazil to address the issue of abortion, and it is thanks to his silence that abortion was legalized in both Brazil and Ireland (two of the world’s most Catholic countries).

  • Relativism: Miñarro shares Francis’ relativist belief that nothing should be imposed on anyone. In one interview, Francis stated that “we have to encourage people to move towards what they think is good” and later called proselytism “solemn nonsense.” In another interview, he stated that trying to convert people “is the worst thing you can do.”
With Francis in power, we can expect to see more Miñarros rising through the ranks of the Church Hierarchy.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 26, 2019

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