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Francis Is Sad about Rousseff’s Impeachment

Javier González
A private letter from Pope Francisco was delivered into the hands of President Dilma Rousseff a few days before she was impeached as President by the Brazilian Senate (August 31, 2016). This was at a time when her [communist-inspired] Workers Party (PT) was foundering, discredited because of its corruption and ideological pro-Castro fanaticism.

It is not without cause that the leftist magazine Carta Capital commented: “Anyone can see that the letter offers the Pontiff’s support” for Miss Rousseff. But Pope Francis, perhaps not satisfied with that simple support, went further with a public statement. On September 3, he told reporters in the Vatican gardens, during the inauguration of a monument to Brazil's patroness Our Lady Aparecida, that Brazil is passing through a “sad moment.”

vatican gardens pope aparecida

Francis mourns Dilma’s departure before a large group in the Vatican Gardens

With all due respect to Pope Francis, in this context there seems little room for doubt about the meaning of his words about the supposed “sad moment” of the South American giant. Indeed, the removal of President Dilma was one of the biggest setbacks in history suffered by the Brazilian and Latin American left: It is indeed a “sad moment” for the people of this ideological orientation, but only for those persons. Conversely, the reversals suffered by Dilma and the PT have been a relief for most of the peoplewho defend freedom both inside and outside of Brazil.

In that country there was great relief because the dismissal signaled an interruption in the 13 years of hegemony of the Workers Party (PT), during which the ruling left in this mammoth country promoted an agenda of untold destruction – moral, political and economic – leaving the sad record of 12 million unemployed, recession and unprecedented levels of corruption.

Francis Dilma kiss

Bergoglio gave constant & warm support to the communist Dilma Rousseff

Outside Brazil, relief was felt because during the two presidential terms of Lula and the recent mandate of Dilma, the Workers Party (PT) supported financially and politically the communist regimes of Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

These facts confirm, once again, the leftist path that Francis continues to tread in the political, social and economic spheres. Since the beginning his pontificate on numerous occasion we have pointed out - critically but, invariably respectfully – other concrete examples of papal pro-leftism.

In this moment of sadness for the left – and relief for those who love freedom – we strongly recommend to readers the following comments by Brazilian analyst Péricles Capanema further examining Francis’ comment on the supposed “sad moment” for his country.

In this ‘sad moment’

On the morning of September 3, 2016, before the image of Our Lady of Aparecida in the Vatican gardens, it saddens me to say that Pope Francis wounded the majority of Brazilian Catholics. Present among a crowd of about 300 people were the Cardinal Archbishop of Aparecida and several other Bishops.

These words were spoken by the Pope: “I am pleased with the image of Our Lady here in the gardens. In 2013 I promised to return to Aparecida. I do not know if it will be possible. [...] I invite you to pray that she continues to protect Brazil and all the Brazilian people in this sad moment. That she protects the poor, the discarded, the abandoned elderly, the street children. That she saves her people with social justice.“

The CNBB quickly fell into step in a statement issued September 7, which is Brazil's Independance Day: “We live in a sad moment. [...] The historical social inequality has not been overcome. We run the risk of seeing it exacerbated by the deconstruction of public policies, resulting in a loss of rights.“

This statement inspired the 22nd Cry of the Excluded held all over Brazil on Independence Day, were joined by the Landless Movement [MST] and Workers Central [CUT], as well as the Workers Party [PT] and Communist Party [PC] distributing leaflets and shouting “Out with Temer” and “Direct Elections Now!”

Pope Francis caused perplexity when he said “in this sad moment,” in the aftermath of the impeachment of the radically leftist Dilma Rousseff. However, Brazil is not experiencing a sad moment. The strangeness of these words was aggravated by the apparent cancellation of his trip to Aparecida in 2017.

rally against Dilma

Millions of Brazilians demonstrated against Dilma & Lula; above, 3 million protest in São Paulo picturing both as thieves, below, in Copacabana, Rio

copacabana protest against dilma

Below, a sign saying ‘Brazil will NOT be a new Cuba’

Protests against Dilma
The statement was not ambiguous. It clearly constituted support for the quashed president and her policies. Because of the august nature of the Petrine investiture, is it not politically prudent to say anything more, under pain of the noisy inconformity of the great majority of the scandalized sheep, whose defense from the wolves was entrusted by Christ to the Successor of Peter. They feel the door of the sheepfold has been flung wide open.

This statement brought to mind the words of Friar Betto – a leader of Liberation Theology and the Green movement – in Cuba one year ago: “All of Latin American left knows that I am very happy with the Pope Francis.”

I stick to the facts: I do not know if the Pope is a useful innocent. At any rate, without lack of filial respect, it can be said that simple logic makes Francis a fellow traveler walking toward the Communism at the end of his journey.

From many points of view, at this moment Brazil has no reason to be sad, but rather to be glad. Until now, I was deeply distressed by the manacles imposed by 13 years of being kicked and excluded. By seeing reversals to our chances to walk the road to prosperity and the elimination of policies that favored the poor in the long run. The type of social inclusion we had was following the route that Venezuela is passing through and that leads to the Cuban situation. It is worth remembering that 72% of the people in Venezuela in 2016 have declared that in the last 12 months they have not had sufficient food. Without euphemisms, they are starving.

Given the grave situation in Brazil, Catholics were especially distressed to see that the Bishops (CNBB) obstinately favored the rise to power – and then strongly supported – a government that promoted policies that destroyed Catholic morality in family and social life. And now, staying the course, the Bishops heartily approve the words of Pope Francis and once again proclaim their support for the left.

Another cause for happiness, this one permanent, comes from reading the encouraging teachings of the great Popes of the past. For example, St. Pius X warned: “The true friends of the people are not innovators or revolutionaries, but traditionalists.”

And Pius XII, without using the imprecise language favoring revolutionary goals adopted by the Brazilian Bishops, taught: “In a people worthy of the name, all inequalities based not on whim but on the nature of things, inequalities of culture, possessions, social position – without prejudice, of course, to justice and mutual charity – are in no way an obstacle to the existence and the prevalence of a true spirit of union and brotherhood.

"On the contrary, far from impairing civil equality in any way, they give it its rightful meaning; namely, that before the State everyone has the right to live honorably his own personal life in the place and conditions in which God’s design and disposition have placed him. “

I repeat, these are perennial causes for joy, peace and certainty.

Posted September 14, 2016

Javier González first published this article in Spanish at
Destaque Internacional on September 10, 2016
Readers can contact him at: destaque2016@gmail

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