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Charismatics and Abortions

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Just popped in rather unintentionally on your site, not realizing it was a Traditionalist Catholic site. So you'll understand where I am coming from, I am a drop-out from a hybrid Presbyterian/proto-Charismatic background, and live outside the institutional churches right now with regard to my faith.

I found it interesting to read what Traditionalists believe - some of which strikes me as good and some of which strikes me as not-so-good. I was surprised to hear of Charismatics labeled as "Progressives" according to your definition. (I was glad, BTW, to learn of your distinctions between Liberals, Modernists, and Progressives.) Thought I might add some two cents' worth.

When I read John Vennari's account of the Charismatic events at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, I recognized his description well - but not as what I grew up with. They remind me more of the "Charismania" that began to take hold in the 70s - a debauchery of the original outpouring back in the 1930s. I was the grandchild of people who made up the earliest Charismatic groups, and believe me, we did not have folk music back then. We stuck to a lot of standard hymns. My grandfather was a Bible teacher and he would probably have a heart attack if he saw some of the services today (or Trinity Broadcast Network's programs).

What Vennari describes sounds like what I have witnessed at the "emergent" or "seeker friendly" churches, many of which have their common fellowship through Willow Creek Association. There are some good things coming out of that sector, but also some highly dangerous elements. I don't think that he realizes that what has corrupted Catholicism is not so much Protestantism per se. Protestantism and the Charismatic movement have been pretty much severed from their roots and invaded by those who would like to either nullify the general Christian faith or would like to water it down to the point where it will amalgamate with other world faiths. In any case, the desired end is one of Church impotence.

Although I still believe firmly in the charismatic gifts, I believe you have touched on a huge mistake that has been made regarding them. They have often been made into THE focal point of the Christian faith when, in fact, they are only one of many byproducts of the Holy Spirit - the main function of the Holy Spirit being to empower believers to become witnesses (martyriai) of Christ.


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Abortion in America
People Commmenting
Dear TIA,

I would like to offer a few thoughts that came to me as I read the recent article about "America's broken psyche." I certainly believe we should not, as Catholics and Americans, accept our country's legal standards concerning abortion. I often encounter, however, the "American Bubble," where some conservatives speak as if this is unique to our nation. It's as though they truly believe that abortion was invented by the United States, or that Americans abort more than others, or that abortion was first given legal sanction here. None of these notions are true and this should be noted to allow clear observations and useful plans for the future.

The United States did not invent abortion. Surely it is possible that the human crime of abortion began shortly after the fall. Certainly it was practiced in ancient times, and the Hippocratic oath for physicians forbade them.

The United States does not have anywhere near the highest abortion rate worldwide. A quick research effort will show this clearly.

The United States was not the first nation to allow abortions. Many nations legalized them decades before the U.S. This modern descent coincided with the first Protestant approval of contraceptive use for the married in the 1930's. It passed fully to Catholics in the 1970's, after Paul VI attempted to alter the Catholic understanding of marriage with Humanae Vitae. (As you have rightly pointed out, the seeds of destruction were planted with the first willful rebellion of Luther, and contained within them all the potential for abominations that even Luther would not admit at the time).

Abortion in secular society is merely a symptom of an infected church. Why would we good Catholics lament the downfall of the world around us when it is the dereliction of our Catholic duty that is the cause? I can hardly bear to hear of Catholics holding hands with Protestants in "Life Chains" and clamoring to legislators, while the same Catholics make blind excuses for the Church authorities who oversee it all and are measurably worsening the problem. I will support and collaborate with your resistance. Tolle Causam!


     Dr. P.D.
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Blood, Temptation & Kiss
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I just read The trilogy - Blood, Temptation and the Kiss of Betrayal by Mr. Arnold.

Thank you.

St. Michael, Pray for us.


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Love & Responsibility
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Dear TIA,

I've included a link to an article written by the talented classical pianist Stephen Hough.

He is very eloquent and obviously influenced by Modernist ideas. I noticed that he mentions JPII"s "Love and Responsibility" as influencing him. Instead of reinforcing Catholic truth, it's provided loopholes for his reason to allow him to accept his disorder.

Perhaps someone there could write a rebuttal that would be helpful in this poor soul's efforts to reconcile his disorder with Catholicism? He seems to be unable to see persecution in the Church and of the Church and instead views his disordered sexual orientation as a natural condition that is attacked unjustly.

     God Bless you in all you do.


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TIA responds:

Dear G.F.

Please check this article to see if it answers your request.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 29, 2007

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