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Indignation over Homosexual Teachers
in Elementary Schools

Take Action Now
People Commmenting
Dear TIA,

Thank you so much for exposing and making known of what has and continues to be the raping of our children [in the videos recently posted]. These innocent ones, who know only what they see and hear, these who are left in the hands and control of their "teachers" who they should be able to look up to and admire.

I only hope that the parents take action of this insidious infiltration of evil which words fail to describe.

I'm begging parents all over the world, please take action on matters such as this before it is too late or the children will be controlling you.

These perpetrators have only one agenda and that is to create another Sodom and Gomorrah. Many believe we are already there. But we must protect our children from the hand of evil NOW!

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It Is a Crime
People Commmenting

What a horrible video!

The thought of those innocent children losing their innocence makes me cry.

The look in the one little girl"s eyes (who has lesbian "mothers") was very revealing in the second video. Thank you for bringing this to the TIA site since your venue is large.

I thought the girl in the first video sitting in the back showed shock at learning some singer was a lesbian. It is a crime that this agenda is being thrust onto children in the classroom.

Because I work in the school district I see evidence of this behavior acted out among the students. Many, though, ridicule the 'lifestyle'.

      Praying for the chastisement and the Reign of Mary,

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Get Your Children Out of School
People Commmenting

Well, this video is another good reason for parents to home-school.

Oh, you say, this isn"t happening in my school.

Well, you better check that out for sure. The homosexual-lesbians activists have been very pro-active.

This month, there were 5,000 middle and high schools that officially "registered" for the Day of Silence on April 18. Students who participate take a vow of silence for the day to protest the world of "silence" and misunderstanding that homosexuals and lesbians supposedly live in every day. It is a sign of solidarity.

You can imagine how much teaching goes on that day in classrooms! Actually, there is a powerful teaching, a different kind of teaching, the kind you see in the videos you showed on the site. They are teaching tolerance for homosexuality.

Here is the main message: There is no right or wrong, everything depends on how the other person "feels." Just imagine how the poor child of lesbian parents feel when her friends can"t come to her house. With this kind of solidarity and teaching, we can say good-bye to principles, to right and wrong, to Catholic doctrine and teaching.

This movement in the schools is serious and growing. We need to take it seriously, and either get our children OUT of the classrooms, or begin a counter-protest in the schools.

Anyway, this IS what is happening.

We should be more pro-active in our protests, or we are going to keep losing ground that won"t be easy to regain.

     A great site, by the way,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 27, 2007

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