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Valid Bishops & Easy Road to Heaven

Valid Priests & Bishops
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Dear TIA,

Regarding the recent letter about conditional adoration, you mentioned the conditions necessary for a proper consecration to take place and the dubious wording of the Novus Ordo consecration formula perhaps making the consecration of the host invalid.

My question is: What are we to think about the validity of the Novus Ordo ordination rites for priests and consecration rites for bishops?

In some circles it is believed that both are invalid, which would then present the problem of even traditional Latin Masses having the effect of an invalid consecration because the priest is not really ordained.

I visit your website all the time.



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TIA responds:

Dear K.B.,

Thank you for your constancy in visiting our website.

We deem wrong the sede-vacantist thesis that when a priest, a Bishop or a Pope falls into heresy, he automatically loses his power of Holy Orders, and as consequence, the Sacraments he administers are invalid.

We believe that there are two realities - the integrity of the Faith and the validity of transmission of Holy Orders - which must be dealt separately and carefully, under the risk of increasing the confusion we have today.

The Catholic Church took this distinction into consideration when she spent centuries studying the question of the validity of the ordinations of priests and consecrations of bishops administered by Protestant bishops. After more than 350 years, Leo XIII declared the Anglican Orders null; nonetheless, the question is still open regarding other Protestant sects that have bishops.

Given the great care the Catholic Church takes in studying this matter, it seems to us rash and presumptuous to make personal and definitive judgments about the post-Vatican II administration of Orders. Indeed, if the Church took such a long time to declare the Orders of the Anglicans null, and still has not declared the other Orders of the mentioned Protestant sects null, we believe that to act with the mind of the Church one can say that the similar ceremonies made after Vatican II should enjoy at least that same status given to those heretics.

In brief, we believe that, generally speaking, the post-Vatican II ordinations should be supposed valid. Stronger doubts, however, may be raised regarding particular cases of bad translations of the formulae of this Sacrament.

We hope this will help you to see clearer in these confused times.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Bloody Passovers
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Dear Sirs,

In her article Bloody Passovers Reported by a Jewish Scholar (published on 4 October 2007) Dr. Marian T. Horvat asked her readers for a copy of prof. Ariel Toaff's book Pasque di Sangue.

An English translation of that book can be found at www.bloodpassover.com.

I am very much looking forward to Dr. Horvat's review of prof. Toaff's book.

     Yours faithfully,


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TIA responds:

Dear Mr. F.G.,

Thank you for your interest.

Readers have sent us links to both the original Italian edition of that book and its English translation. After considering which one would be better to review, the Italian version was chosen and passed on to Mr. Guimaraes, who reads this language with ease.

We hope he will find time to read and review it in his busy work schedule.


     TIA correspondence desk

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'Sin of Schism'
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Vatican 2 is valid. May God bless Our Holy Father Pope Benedict! Schism is evil - sorry to tell you that, but its true. You must be obedient to the authority Christ established.

Saying that they want peace with Muslims and other religious groups in no way compromises our faith. We are talking about respect for one another - we are not saying that they are correct in their teaching.

You may not agree with Vatican 2, but the Papacy is in a much better position to make such judgment calls than you guys are.

You make website blasting and take cheap shots at our Holy Father - you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I will pray you repent of the sin of Schism.

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Communism Didn't Fall
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Dear friends,

I was sent to your site by a friend of mine. There are some very good pieces on Communism and how it "fell apart."

Also a good piece on the dictator Tito.

     Best wishes,

     Dr. T.S.
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Elder Brothers
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Prof. Horvat,

[Regarding the article of Dr. Horvat on the Jews.]

Surely you remember JP2 calling the Jews "our older brothers in the faith".

They are - not in the sense of us all being the spiritual descendants of Abraham- but in the sense that Cain was the older brother of Abel.

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Is Going to Heaven Easy?
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Hello there TIA,

The title of my e-mail relates to the Saints who say that most Catholics go to Hell. I have heard in sermons from Traditional clergy that getting to Heaven is easy and that God has not made this impossible journey for us to struggle with, and God gives us grace to assist us even with our daily crosses ... yet most Catholic go to Hell?

Is it not the teaching of the Church that anyone who dies in the state of grace goes to Heaven? Are most Catholics in the state of mortal sin? It seems to me that what the Saints have to say about this issue is hard to take in.

First, because if they are right, God has created a Church that has most of its members going to Hell... Using common sense, does that sound like an easy road?

Second, if they are wrong, does that mean they are using scare tactics to get people to be more pious? If so, that doesn't sound like the way a Saint should conduct themselves. I understand that you are not clergy, but I respect your opinion. I thank you for your time...

     God bless.


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TIA responds:

Hello D.D.,

What a strange traditionalist clergy that teaches you an easy road to Heaven! We have not the least doubt that the Saints were correct when they affirmed that is very difficult to be saved.

To be faithful to Our Lord Jesus Christ is not just to bear our daily crosses, as you say, implying that this is easy. It is to hold high the banner of the Catholic Faith and Morals and, for this reason, to be hated by the world, including those who say they are Catholics and merge with the world or compromise on points of the Faith.

No one can be a better example than Our Lord Jesus Christ. He only did what was good and taught what was true. Notwithstanding, he was persecuted by both the Pagans and Pharisees, who ended by condemning Him to be crucified, that is, to the most infamous death of the time. His example and His words teach us that if we truly follow Him, we will have almost everyone against us (John 15:20). It is good to keep in mind that the Pharisees were a part of traditionalists of that time who had come to hold high positions in the synagogue.

Thus, do not enter the easy road, because if it is easy, it is not His. Someone is pushing you off the true path.

Perhaps you would benefit from reading the Letter from Beyond, where a very upright married woman went straight to Hell because she put love for her husband and the simple pleasures of life above the love of God. Most of today's preachers would put that woman in Heaven...

It is better to open your eyes while there is still time rather than regret it for eternity.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 4, 2009

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