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Red Tongue, Patriarch & Chesterton

Card. Mahony's Last Party
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Regarding the T-shirts at the Mahony congress: Red tongue from an open mouth is a Medieval symbol for the Devil. A kind of gargoyle without a head or body sometimes used in architecture. This is why it is the logo of the king of Rock and Roll groups The Rolling Stones.

Whose most famous creation is [the song 'Paint it Black]: "I Saw a Red Door and I had to paint it Black." I saw Jesus (red) as the Way (door) and had to blacken it.

The Rolling Stones Tongue was first designed by pop artist, John Pasche in 1970. The pop art design excellently showed off Mick Jagger's well known lips and the band's rebelliousness and has been in use by the Rolling Stones ever since (from the promotion site).

     Thank you,

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The Symbol of the Red Tongue
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Thank you for the criticism of Mahony's Congress in L.A.. He is actually teaching our youth what is the worse possible. Just one example: those boys in T-shirts with the Rolling Stones symbol - the infamous red tongue - probably don't know all its symbolism.

John Pasche, the graphic artist who designed it in 1971, declared he was inspired by the Hindu godess Kali. This godess is a devil that represents evil and darkness in Hinduism. With her tongue she licks the blood of other devils that she kills when fighting a cosmic battle. If you are interested in details, you may read them here.

To this macabre symbol, the Stones added a note linked to the sexual liberation of the '60s. All sexual perversions that use the tongue are insinuated 'not too veiled' in that infamous symbol.

This is what those boys were wearing during the days of 'religious education' It is hard to imagine what else the cardinal of Los Angeles can think of to make his meetings for youth still worse.

You did a very good job pointing it out. Keep up the great work.

     In Christ Jesus,

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Patriarch of the East and West?
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I would like to offer a comment on a letter posted March 11, 2010, concerning why Pope Benedict XVI might have retired his title as Patriarch of the West. Mr. J.W. offers several strange opinions for a man aspiring to the Catholic priesthood, so I hope to set the record straight.

Mr. J.W. states:

1. "Because the Patriarch of the West was a western misnomer that the Pope Benedict XVI has control only over that Latin Churches instead of the Universal Churches which includes the Latin Rite Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Catholic Church and the schismatic respective Orthodox Churches."

Here it should be noted that the Orthodox are both schismatics and heretics. While Our Lord claims sovereignty over all souls, the Pope is head of the Catholic Church on earth. This Church does not include Orthodox Churches, as they will readily admit. It is no western misnomer, as TIA has explained elsewhere.

2. "Pope Benedict XVI removed the Title so as to show he has complete control over the universal Church."

While I have no knowledge of the Pope's motives, it certainly does not appear that he has or wants much control over anyone Catholic, including his own clergy. An introduction to this is explained as egalitarianism and collegiality, in Chapter II of the work We Resist You to the Face. Instead, Benedict XVI gives the impression that he is in charge of everyone but Catholics, as seen in his appearances at Temples [here and here], Mosques, Protestant "worship" buildings, and most importantly the UN. Photos documenting this are readily available. I ask, when has he ever been publicly photographed "presiding over" a traditional Catholic gathering?

3. "The correct Title should be Patriarch of the East and West to show his complete dominance over the Church given by Christ to Saint Peter."

Gregorios III Patriarch of Antioch

Patriarch Gregorios III
This is not correct. As explained in the Catholic Encyclopedia, "But in every case the essence of a patriarch's dignity is that he has no other patriarch over him as patriarch." The correct title of the Pope is Patriarch of the West. His universal jurisdiction derives from the Papacy, not the Patriarchate. To deny this would be to support the Orthodox in their heresy and promote a host of progressivist errors. Supporting the Papacy certainly does not require an insult to the dignity of the Catholic Patriarchs.

To be sure, the Patriarchs of the East can confirm their own existence! Please see at right a picture from my personal photo album. My husband and I had the privilege of attending a dinner, speaking with, and receiving a personal blessing for our marriage from His Beatitude Gregorios III. As of 2004 at least, he claimed the title of Patriarch of Antioch, Alexandria, and Jerusalem, and all the East, ruling over all Melchites. If he has altered his title in any fashion since then, as the Pope has, I am not aware.

I mean no disrespect to a man who may be called by God to the priesthood. I hope this commentary serves a good purpose.

     Tolle Causam!

     Dr. Pamela Dettman
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Decay of Women Religious
People Commenting
Dear Marian,

Hello, hope you are well.

I appreciated the article on "The Decay of Women Religious." It is depressing to see such a representation of vowed women.

Where are the genuine religious in our world today? I honestly think there is not one nun or Order left to us ... such a useless poverty.

     In Our Mother,

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Newman & Chesterton
People Commenting
Dear Sirs,

I have found your recent articles [here and here] regarding the Liberalism of Cardinal Newman very enlightening and agree with you: The evidence to be found in his own writings is irrefutable proof that he was indeed a precursor of the Judeo-Masonic and Communist elements and their sympathizers, who have unfortunately obtained dominance in God's Holy Church.

I would be interested to know your thoughts on G.K. Chesterton. His writings have had great influence on many if not most English-speaking Catholics. I've read quite a few of his books and collected newspaper articles myself, and have noticed that while many of them are spot on, especially as regards eugenics and so forth, others are rather suspect. An example would be his endorsement of Democracy and the French Revolution.

I would greatly appreciate your estimation of Chesterton in comparison with Cardinal Newman, Belloc,&c.

Thank you. May God and His Most Holy Mother bless and keep you.


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TIA responds:

Dear Z.M.,

We thank you for your words referring to our study on the errors of Newman and Belloc. We are glad they were useful for you.

To maintain your confidence as well as that of our other readers, we would have to offer solid evidence in any evaluation on Chesterton we might present. Now then, to provide convincing evidence demands much reading, which demands time.

At this moment our time is taken, for we still have other facets of Newman's liberalism to expose. When the clay feet of this English idol will be duly demonstrated, we will be glad to study Chesterton and verify whether your suspicions are founded.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 22, 2010

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