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Parish Life, Protestants & Gregorian Masses

Fruits of Church 'Openness'
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To Tradition in Action,

I wish to thank you for your many excellent essays. I especially appreciate your remarks on clothing, demeanor, the proper use of words, and the decadence of rock "music". TIA is a beacon of light in a culture now deeply immersed in degradation and ugliness.

Fifty years ago I was an altar boy at St. Anthony of Padua parish in St. Louis. At that time, the parish had four times more parishioners than its large church could accommodate. Today the entire parish population would not fill the church. In just my lifetime, the parish has been reduced by 80%.

The church now professes -openness- as its principal virtue. All of the parish's living pastors now make a point of dressing casually. If you met them on the street, you might mistake them for a group of regulars at the neighborhood tavern.

We never had that problem in 1960, when priests were unmistakably priests, nuns were unmistakably nuns, and everyone was the better for it - the parishioners, the schoolchildren, and the neighborhood residents and shopkeepers.

All of that is now vanished, as are the strong parish and the peaceful neighborhood around it.

It would be hard for me to say which is more appalling: The changes I have seen within the Catholic Church over the past half-century, or the changes throughout American culture.

I applaud your courage, clear writing, and principled resistance to the trends, follies, and lies promoted by Marxist revolutionaries and their useful idiots stooges. Please continue your excellent work.

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People Commenting

Don't Pray with Protestants

A priest praying with protestants

In an officially approved Catholic parish today we see a priest in good standing, flanked by two Protestants, "praying over" a newly married couple

Frequently today, our clergy sets a terrible example, leading Catholics to incorrect and sometimes dangerous behavior regarding heretics. We are constantly exposed to public prayer with heretics and encouraged to enter into every level of communion with them. This includes friendship and socializing with heretics, marriage to heretics, prayers with heretics, submitting to prayers under heretics, passive worship with heretics, and even active public worship conjoined to that of heretics. Apparently, according to Pope Benedict XVI, we even share eternal life with heretics.

Every one of these is generally forbidden, yet they are all practiced or promoted publicly by all levels of our clergy. They can, therefore, very well make their way into our own private lives if we are not vigilant. Traditional Catholics must be on guard against adopting these bad, if not condemned, behaviors.

Should we do these things or shouldn't we? What are we to believe?

In terrible times of confusion, when even the elect may be deceived, there is a steady stream of Wisdom along which we may trustingly navigate our day to day lives. This stream of safety is the myriad of rules handed down to us by the perennial magisterium of the Holy Catholic Church.

In contrast, it is the new spirit of Vatican II which exploits an exception in order to revolutionize the rule into its opposite. When in doubt, follow the rule.

Catholics: Don't pray with heretics.

     Dr. Pamela Dettman
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Loving LA Cathedral
People Commenting

I love our cathedral - it is filled with light and is a realistic reminder of the Light of the Holy Spirit present among us.

The tapestries of the saints, both past and future, are breathtaking in their simple beauty, but perhaps some do not have the traditional faith to see in them the wonder of God's call to all of us, to be living saints! I am sorry for their inability to accept this grace - an opportunity for a religious experience missed.

This Cathedral is a living tribute to the majesty of our Good God.

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Churches of Heaven
People Commenting

For a nice contrast [to the Churches of Hell], I suggest you visit the website of the Keely Society. There you will see some incredible Churches of Heaven. Click here and here.

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Gregorian Masses
People Commenting

I want to offer Masses for all my family and friends that are gone.

I understand 30 Gregorian Masses for each diseased will grant entrance into heaven.

Please let me know if I can offer the Masses on my own or contact the Church and have them offer 30 Masses I am not sure if they can do this. Is there a way I can e-mail and ask Marian helpers to offer 30 Masses. My list is very long, starting with my parent.

Let me know the fee, etc

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People Commenting

I am searching for a Gregorian Masses for my recently deceased mother. I am looking for the cost and where do I send the information and monies to.

     Thank you,

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People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Our son Michael who was 33-years-old died last year from acid reflux, in which he choked to death during the night. It has been a horrendous year for my husband and me in dealing with the grief. Michael was so vivacious and full of life. He was a joy to us. After 10 years of trying to have a child, they had just found out his wife Lisa was pregnant. They told us this on Thanksgiving of 2008 and Mike died January 1, 2009. A joyous time turned tragic in a month's time.

We were interested in having a set of Gregorian Masses said for Mike, but were not sure on the cost or if you even still do them. My husband and I are retired and the cost is a concern for us. We would appreciate any help you could give us on this matter.


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TIA responds:

Dear A.E., N.C. and K.G.,

We contacted Fr. Paul Sretenovic with your requests and, unfortunately, he has his schedule of Masses filled for sometime ahead. He could not commit at this time to say a series of 30 Gregorian Masses.

We advise you to look for other priests who could say them. We hope you will find one and benefit from this most precious mercy for your loved ones. In any case, you may be sure of our prayers for them.


     TIA correspondence desk

P.S. - After this answer was posted two priests were found to say Gregorian Masses, please click here for details.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 20, 2010

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