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Black Nobility, Koran & Newman

What Is the Black Nobility?
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I am en enthusiastic reader of the Tradition in Action articles and consider your articles to be in strict conformity to the Traditional Catholic religion and therefore very truth oriented. I consider the TIA to be the citadel of Catholic Truth and, therefore, reality based in every aspect. In this context, I would like to know what the term European Black Nobility is.

I have come across this appellation - the European Black Nobility - when reading various books on Judeo-Freemasonic conspiracies. From what I have read, I suspect that this appellation refers to a community of savage people, mainly Jews from Central Asia known as the Ashkenazi Jews, who, I understand, today control international finance and politics.

Unfortunately, I am not comfortable with the explanations as they are rather confusing. Could you kindly explain to me what European Black Nobility is and whom it refers to? What are its implications today?

     Thank you


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TIA responds:

Dear R.F.,

Thank you for being a regular reader of our articles and for your amiable words about our work. We undertake it for the victory of Our Lady over the Revolution in the Church and in the world. To have supporters like you is a reward for our efforts.

Not excluding other interpretations that we do not know, the Black Nobility is something quite simple to explain.

When Pius IX lost his papal territories, the city of Rome and his personal palace, the Quirinal, which was transformed into the seat of the Masonic government that usurped those properties of the Church, the Pope declared himself a prisoner in the Vatican.

To manifest its solidarity with him, part of the Roman Nobility declared itself in a state of mourning and started to wear black. They were the most faithful followers of the Pope who rejected any compromise with the revolutionary new regime. Because of their mourning dress, they became known as the Roman Black Nobility. Sometimes they are generically referred to as the Italian Black Nobility. We are unaware of any other group of European nobles that has these same characteristics.

External enemies of the Church and also progressivists - her internal enemies - often identify those nobles as radicals because of their goals - the restoration the Papal States and reinstatement of the Pope as temporal King. Hence, those enemies try to attribute to the Black Nobility many false terrible things to cast an aura of suspicion and hatred over it.

This is the data we can pass to you. We do not exclude that the expression Black Nobility may be applied also to other groups we don't know.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Burning the Koran
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

It seems by order of the USCCB, along with other interfaith leaders, any 'derision, misinformation and outright bigotry against American Muslims' was condemned. I wonder who will make the decision about the exact definition of derision and misinformation. Interesting!

I wish we could get something similar proclaimed for the traditionalist Catholics.

This was in the Texas Catholic ' October Issue 2010. This proclamation followed the faux threat of burning the Koran on September 11. Pretty transparent...

     May Our Lady bless you,

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Anglican Priestess
People Commenting

I don't think your criticism of Pope Benedict XVI for meeting the Anglican priestess was fair. Myself, I was in awe and joy reading how he went to Westminster Abbey, wore Leo XIII's stole and proclaimed the Primacy of Peter, the Primacy of the Catholic Church, the validity of the true office of the true Vicar of Christ, there in the midst of that historical place - of all places! Then onward to Westminster Hall - as well to give them the talking to they need.

Does the significance of these symbols escape you? Far more powerful than a handshake in the foyer - and perhaps more powerful after that handshake - for he went on to declare their 'ordinations' invalid with words and his attire.

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Newman, Erasmus & Blondel
People Commenting

If it is possible, TIA outdid itself in the masterful exposé of Cardinal Newman and his ability to pass himself off for something he largely was not - orthodox - and for over 150 years and counting. He had a lot in common with Erasmus, who was said to have laid the egg that Luther hatched, but for years during the early days of the Reformation so-called skillfully kept the best minds of his day perplexed as to whether or not he would go Lutheran. He did not, though.

The same could be said of Maurice Blondel, a leading French philosopher during the Modernist crisis. Again, both sides - the conservatives and the modernists - for years claimed him for their respective sides. He was able to avoid any direct trouble from Rome in his day, but he too had some effect on the thinking of the movers and shakers, a small organized minority, at Vatican ll.

These two men were skilled at being vague on critical points in their work. They, and others like them, take one to the edge of a mountain but won't push you off; however, the writing is such that really that is about the only logical thing to do.

A place - perhaps the only place - where a complete collection of Newman's writings can be found is at Yale University, a college that has been said to give students first class travel arrangements to the big boiler room, Hell.

     Sts. Augustine and Aquinas, pray for us.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 30, 2010

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