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Greetings from Readers

La Salette Makes Sense
People Commenting
Dear Writers at TIA,

This message comes to you to wish all of you a very Happy Christmas and a good New Year. Many thanks for your excellent website! I do enjoy reading all of the excellent articles when I get the time. I appreciate the scholarly aspect and information contained in them. Thank you very much for keeping us traditional minded Catholics informed.

I also enjoy reading the contributing writers who are excellent also.

Well, I was reading the London Times newspaper on Thursday, 25 November 2010. There was an article about a "Priest" named John Fiala who actually tried to hire a hitman to kill a boy in a sex assault lawsuit. This took place in West Texas. Perhaps this story is on the Internet. You may want to check it out.

Also another article was about a former "Priest" and lay teachers who were abusing boys at one of Britain's top Roman Catholic schools Ealing Abbey in London run by the Benedictines. Where does this abuse end? No wonder Our Lady was weeping at La Salette! Now I understand!

God bless you all and many thanks for all you do!

A grateful reader,

A.N., England
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Angels in Los Angeles
People Commenting
A special Christmas message of thanks and appreciation to all those toiling Angels at the Tradition in Action office in Los Angeles, USA

Dearest Angels at the TIA office,

Christmas Day is here for all of us to adore the Baby Jesus in a very special way. I have many things to thank Baby Jesus for: most important for His having coming down from Heaven to earth just for our sake... to offer His Father His most Perfect Sacrifice through a most brutal death on the Cross in order to save many from the fires of hell's eternal damnation. Today, I know that we, who are in the Traditional Catholic Faith, may be saved from these fires of eternal damnation if we but persevere in Faith and its concomitant duties till our dying breath.

This Christmas, I want to take this God given opportunity to specially thank all of you toiling Angels at the Tradition in Action (TIA) office for your most excellent work in the unbridled defense of the Traditional and true Catholic Faith. For your most admirable commitment to make available to all of us hungry and spiritually starved souls in this very wicked and horrible world the true history, the true meaning and the true relevance of the most Holy and original Catholic Faith, given to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, which is without doubt the only basis for our eternal salvation in Heaven, our Final Home.

To all you great and wonderful Angels at the TIA, whom I call God's Angels on Earth, may our beloved and most adorable Jesus Christ - our Lord and our God and Savior of the human race; His Most Holy and Ever Virgin Mother, Mary Most Pure; and His Most Saintly Foster Father, the most humble and venerable St. Joseph, together with the Great and Most Holy Trinity in Heaven, bless all you wonderful people, Angels on Earth, laboring to the sweat of your brows, day and night, at the TIA office in Los Angeles, USA to bring us the Truth and nothing but the Catholic Truth.

And may our beloved God keep all of you Angels from the attacks and torments of that horned beast and vile old serpent, Lucifer so that you all may continue without cessation your most estimable work.

In deep and most sincere appreciation,


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Bright Light
People Commenting
Dear Mr. Guimaraes,

I don't think the Vatican could take the radical steps you pointed out - breaking the dike on permitting contraception and this shameful show of male flesh RIGHT IN THE VATICAN - without first effectively silencing the Catholic opposition.

And they have done it. Nary a word about these REAL atrocities and DESTRUCTION OF THE CHURCH FROM WITHIN, although TFP will always find a new art object or play to protest, Fr. Gruner will keeping calling on our 'good' but 'misguided' Pope to consecrate Russia, and the traditionalist priests - yes, now even the SSPX - will preach good sermons on achieving holiness and new heights of sanctity through the Mass. In every case there is a compromise to silence the truth about Vatican II and the destruction of the Church by the post-conciliar Popes. Yes indeed, this Christmas all is calm on the militant front, BUT NOT BRIGHT.

Wait a minute, still one bright light, Tradition in Action points out the evil and protests. If you give in, what will be left? I'm sure not only the Vatican, but many traditionalist Catholics - would like to see you silenced or compromised - LIKE THEY ARE.

You have my prayers - and as soon as God sends us some extra - some financial support, which you richly deserve.

     In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

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Merry Christmas
People Commenting

Felix Dies Nativitatis Jesu Christi

(I hope this greeting is completely authentic.)


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Dear TIA,

Christmas greetings from N.C.! Happy Christmas and God bless!

     N.C., India
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Fighting Darkeness
People Commenting
Dear Mr. Guimaraes and Staff,

Thank you for all of your labors in the Lord Jesus and in His Mother Mary as you strive to be bearers of light against the vast encroaching darkness in the world and in our Church.

I especially commend you for bringing forth the information on the Third Secret from the Fatima Movement in Portugal earlier this year and examining it so carefully.

The Lord bless all of you in 2011 and always,


Pray without ceasing for the salvation of souls, here and in Purgatory.

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To Be or Not To Be
People Commenting
Mr. Guimaraes and Dr. Horvat,

I appreciate all of the information and essays you give us on your website...

I believe that the sede-vacantist position is the one that makes the most sense... and much of what you put on your site reinforces my thinking.

Yet... neither of you agree with that possibility ???

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Learning from Articles
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I really wish I could make some donation. However, my husband recently lost his job. We have five children left at home. I guess this really is a period of severe chastisement for us all.

I do want to thank you, however, for all of the wonderful articles I have read and learned much from.

     God Bless,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 31, 2010

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