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Anti-Hate Mail from India

People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I have found the hate mails addressed to you equally disturbing as it is rather annoying. An attack against you is an attack against all traditional loving Roman Catholics and hence this commentary. It only goes to show that Catholics in general have behaved like pathetic cowards by foolishly allowing their minds to be infiltrated by such parasitical viruses as anti-Christian Freemasonic Modernism and its diabolical derivatives.

Accordingly, these traitorous Catholics have indeed shamelessly forfeited their profession of Catholic doctrines and the Faith in general, not to mention their blasphemy against the four basic Sacraments that gave them their identity as Roman Catholics in the first place. The irresponsibility of these traitorous Catholics is the moral equivalent of a foolish person neglecting the bio-physical health of his/her body, consequently resulting in its transformation into a susceptible organ of putrefied, pervading and infectious mass of bacteria, much to the detriment of the health of a Catholic believing community.

In attempting to draw a parallel with ancient society whose people were adequately intelligent to avoid contact with lepers, having considered leprosy to be the source of infection thus endangering the health of people, it beggars belief to know that these traitorous Catholics of today have not been able to didactically analogue the current reality of diabolical infection in the form of anti-Catholic sophistry as espoused by the modernist Vatican II Church in alliance with their cronies - the socialist secular governments - with the parallels of a leper conscious society in the times of Jesus. They have neither done so nor are they willing to do so. Catholic world history and current world news articles are replete with true stories of deceit and duplicity by anti-Christian communities which are egregiously antithetical to the teachings of the Gospel and the Holy Martyrs.

The causes of this negligence by the clergy, the religious and the lay people are mental and spiritual sloth, moral and religious irresponsibility, deliberate spiritual and theological neglect and a most dangerously unhealthy form of dependence on the ecclesiastical hierarchical authority of erring church prelates.

It is one thing to believe in a Catholic ecclesiastical hierarchy that teaches the traditional and authentic truths of Catholicism and another thing to believe in pious frauds who espouse false anti-Catholic doctrines that are in complete variance and antithetical to authentic Catholic doctrine. The objective of these frauds is clear cut and forthright to an educated Roman Catholic – the destruction of Christianity by establishing a false Church with a false religion that on the surface resembles the true Catholic Church but is interiorly hollowed of substance.

It is manifestly obvious that the protection, defense and preservation of the Catholic Faith, its doctrines and its sacraments are as much the responsibility of the laity as much it is of the clergy and the religious. If the Catholic laity, the Church prelates and the religious had really loved, embraced the Faith and prioritized its existence in order of human activities then this very Faith would never have succumbed to the rogue disease of Freemasonic secular Modernism. This is the mess that we have fallen in today, thanks to the traitorous Catholic clergy, the Catholic religious and the masses of Catholic lay idiots.

I am herewith giving you below my responses to the attacks against the sanctity of our precious Roman Catholic Faith.


I wish to refer to the hate mail that recently you posted in connection with the nude statue of Our Lady which you very responsibly and brought to our attention. This idiot of a person who sent you this mail obviously has a bigoted and sexually depraved understanding of the human body, because to him human nudism is sacrosanct and is an expression of a work of man made art.

Obviously he or she is pathetically ignorant of Catholic doctrine on the human body, which strictly forbids human nudity and any expression of cheap bodily exhibitionism. While the human body is sacrosanct as God’s pinnacle of creation, it in no way bears the sacrosanct reality that existed at the time of creation when Adam and Eve walked in sublime innocence through the gardens of Eden in their naked form without a modicum of sexual guilt, because they were created in the purest form of innocence by a loving God; hence, shame and guilt never existed with man at the time of creation.

With the disobedience of Adam and Eve against God, the human body became the object of concupiscence to a depraved human mind in consequence to man’s disobedience against God. In man’s weakened and depraved intellect, the human body can never be exposed in its nude form without arousing the darkened libidinous desires; hence, human nudity is not to be exhibit or glorified as a work of art for all to see. This is the fundamental difference between the era of creation and the era of the fall of man.

From the medical point of view I agree that it is but natural to study and admire the organs of the human body as an exercise of admiration of God’s astounding intelligence and wisdom – after all, we humans were created in God’s own image as He rightly pointed out in the Scriptures. But this is only for medical didactics and its appreciation, not for exhibitionist public consumption as is being done today.

Depicting the glorious Virgin Mary in stark nudity, then, is the height of a depraved, licentious, libidinous, lascivious mind set that has intoxicated the minds of the “educated” masses of both sexes of people.

What next are they planning? Depicting the Holy Family in its nudity as a work of art? The Devil has finally the last laugh, hasn’t he? If this idiot writer considers nude art to be of the state of intellectual knowledge in our world of today, flowing from the natural process of the divine dance as he eloquently puts it and spicing his filthy rhetoric with the ignorance and un-intellectualism of today’s traditional Catholics, then, dear TIA, I sincerely suggest that you advise him to carve for himself a nude statue of himself performing his “divine dance” with the naturally nude cows, goats and dogs of his locality. After all, hasn’t’ he and his cronies “ascended” to the intellectual level of the animals of our time? Can he now accuse us of divisive rhetoric?

Shame on this hate mail writer and his or her progressivist-modernist church at Rome for its unforgivable silence of an issue of such magnitudinous idiocy.

Shameful Revisionist

This hate mail writer accuses the Catholic Church of the brutality of the Inquisition of the middle ages. Here’s another authoritarian one track minded philistine fanatic who has not bothered to study the history and the cause of the Inquisition. Obviously he or she lacks the judicial philosophy of “two sides to a story”.

An authoritarian mind is a one track mind that harbors superficial illusions of injustice to the “innocents” without taking the pain to investigate the story in its entirety. It is a psychological fact that one-track-minded authoritarians have pre-fabricated unscientific mind sets and, therefore, anything that goes against their grain is marked for slaughter just the way despotic Orientals tyrants did in times past.

If this hate mail writer took the trouble to investigate the Inquisition, he or she would have realized that the Roman Catholic Church of the Middle Ages had no choice but to defend herself from the political sedition of the Jews who clandestinely conspired to destroy the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Monarchy in Europe.

The Talmudic Kabalistic Jews have always striven to establish their New World Order (NWO) which is an euphemism for the establishment of a non-Catholic world government that would follow the obliteration of the true Catholic Faith. Sadly they have triumphed this far and have caused untold miseries to millions of innocent people, but they will never succeed as God has decreed that His Church will never be destroyed.

On a micro level, this hate mail writer might use his or her intellect to visualize a family taking adequate steps to prevent its dissolution from the threat of an external agent - say, for instance, the wife of a man who warns a woman who is trying to seduce her husband, thereby causing a threat to her marriage and to the integrity of her family - she would be then be justified in seeking legal and religious assistance in order to prevent this from happening. Then this hate mail writer would have realized the necessity of the Inquisition.

I would strongly recommend this hate mail writer to read such books as The Plot Against the Catholic Church by Maurice Pinay and “Characters of the Inquisition” by William Thomas Walsh. Biased people have no justification attacking academically qualified and reputed institutions as the TIA without having done their home work and certainly not with the kind of language that they have used for their attack.

Twisted Minded Pharisees

Another hate mail reader is another of those novelty ridden fans of Vatican II. Just as color blind people are incapable of differentiating between various shades of color, this Novus Ordo lunatic of Vatican II cannot discriminate between sanity and chaos.

A pope distributing the Holy Eucharist to bare-breasted women, watching flimsily clad gymnasts, making bizarre facial expressions and silly gestures at photographers, kissing women as sign of expression, attending non-Catholic prayer and religious services (including kissing the Koran) has no precedence in the tradition of behaviors of Catholic popes of times past and is, therefore, a blot of embarrassing hypocrisy on the fabric of the Holy Catholic Church.

It is without any doubt that JPII’s public behavior lacked the dignity, the royalty and the elegance of a pope and his papacy. It’s a shame that modernist Catholics are so degeneratively blind to this perversity. No wonder their church is filled with pedophile priests.

In fact, this modernist Catholic is actually an apologist of the Pharisees when he defends the prudishness of their response to Jesus’ non-verbal permission for the prostitute’s washing of His feet and drying it with her hair. Anyone with a modicum of passion of that time (and there were very compassionate people of the time, for instance St. Joseph) would have realized the poor woman’s need for repentance and forgiveness from a God whom she immediately recognized and embraced. Hence the hate mail writer’s thesis that such behavior was monstrously prohibitive at the time of Jesus thereby justifying the behavior is a fable worthy only to the duplicitous and the deceitful.

Keep up the excellent work, TIA, in the defense of our great Catholic Faith. I am one hundred percent with you and so are the multitudes of the faithful. We need you no matter what! The best gift that we can give our precious God is to go to our graves fighting for Him till our last breath. And then our Reward!


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 24, 2011

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