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Egalitarian Hatred both
Conservative & Sede-Vacantist

Pharisee and Hypocrite

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I have read your articles about fashions and I fail to see much point in all this. Did Jesus and his apostles go around in high fashion in their day wearing expensive leather shoes and royal fashion? All you seem to look at is the exterior.

How ridiculous it is of you to criticize Richard Nixon for sitting on the steps. Who cares! While you’re at it Why don’t you throw out any pictures of the Son of God and the apostles because they are not dressed properly enough for you, you self righteous Pharisee, hypocrite. Take the beam out of your own eye. Your supposedly legitimate V2 popes are featured in many more compromising situations you false – traditionalist.

     Give me a break!

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Absurd and Pharisaical Mentality

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I noticed the praise bestowed upon Prince Charles for keeping his coat buttoned while shopping for fresh veggies. "Our hee-row!!!" The absurd, pharisaical mentality which produces this kind of praise - for one of the world's worst and most visible scumbags no less - is not a good sign.

Being a gentlemen is good. Orderliness in one's appearance is good. Clinging to such things when our society has long-ago been annihilated - especially doing so by praising one of the main members of a family that is, in many ways, among the most responsible for the demise of the interior order that made our culture great - is neither good nor sane. It is the last-gasp clinging to mere externals, simply because there is nothing else left - and we ourselves do not know how to live interiorly anymore.

Although I understand why this is done (and you are not the only ones to do so), it is truly pathetic. Why not write an article advocating three-piece suits, bow ties, and sharp hats at baseball games, pretending all the while that such a move might very well lead to the restoration of Christendom? What nonsense.

The '50s, for which many trads opine, was the parent of the '60s. Externally, things were still somewhat together (which is why some men of today long for them). Internally, however, the rot had already eaten away at the minds and hearts of men (the external manifestation of this truth was already visible well before the '50s).

So, go buy some fine suits, wear them gallantly, and pray that the barbarian hordes that will soon be violently dismantling the external remnants of what is, effectively, the corpse of Christendom do not wrinkle your garments whilst they remove your head, well-combed hair and all, and rape and pillage with impunity. Yes, your finely dressed wives and daughters are very likely to be among their victims, but at least they will be dressed well for the occasion (until the forced, most unpleasant disrobing, that is).


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Scribes and Pharisees

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Dear Scribes and Pharisees,

Please take me off your mailing list. I am tired of you, Vennari, Gruner and Ferrara constantly attacking the Holy Father and John Paul the Great. If you truly defend the perennial magisterium as you purport to do, you would recant of your sins of pride and kiss the Holy Father's ring!

As for me, where Peter is there is the Church, and it isn't at Tradition in Action or in Buffalo NY at Catholic Family News! Russia has been consecrated! Get over it! Communism has fallen but Satan hasn't - he is still sifting you like wheat. Stop being the traditionalist equivalent of a supermarket tabloid.

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You Twerps!

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Pope donning a clownish hat in Venezuela? That is a traditional south-american hat!! Catholic means Universal you twerps! The Pope is the Pope for us all, meaning not only you, but poor farmers, childs and elders on the poorest and most abandoned regions of the World. Would you wear this hat to honor them?? I think you don't even deserve the pleasure of seeing the joy of those poor villagers seeing His Holyness wearing their traditional hats.

Actually I am pretty sure that the punishment of Cross was designed as an insulting and humiliating death, but Christ renews all things, doesn't He? Would you criticize the Pope if he chose fishermen, tax collectors and sinners to surround him? Oops, I think that was already done and Christ was already criticized for that, wasn't He? You know... by the Pharisees.

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Off Track

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You wrote: "At least Joseph Ratzinger maintains the 'tradition' of wearing suits. It should confirm some conservatives in the fact that Benedict maintains old customs... "

Shame on you for uttering this statement. What about the "old custom" of priests wearing clerical garb? What would you think about a soldier who refused to wear his uniform on duty? That he should be court martialed? You're darn right he should.

It is against canon law for a priest to wear laymen's clothing. That JR refuses to wear it demonstrates that he has abandoned his post. WHEN are you going to tell the truth and expose this man as a fraud?


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Christ Spits You from His Mouth

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We reproduce three increasingly furious messages in the same day by Mr. J.C., a conservative Catholic

I am a proponent of the Tridentine Latin Mass, but I am sorry to have to point out to you that it is not in the tradition of the Church to be against the Pope and, therefore, you are no better than other heretic sects and like the modernists who also oppose the Pope.

Remember what Christ said: “Thou are Peter and upon this Rock I shall build My Church and I give to Thee the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. Woe to anyone who is not on the barque of Peter.

Be careful that Christ doesn’t spit you of His mouth for your unholy words against the Pope, not only Benedict but against John Paul the Great - you who know nothing.


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You Are Heretics!!!!!

On the We Resist You to the Face book information -

Liars: respectful dialogue, no attempt to judge the Pope? Go and soak your heads in a bucket - you’re all heretics - no better than any other sect who is disloyal to the Pope.

So, none of us traditional Catholics who remain loyal to the Pope want to hear from people like you! We refer to you as anti-traditionalists, anti-the Pope.


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You do the Work of Satan

Regarding the article The Incorrupt Pope and the Pharaohs

Vile creatures - you are doing the work of Satan and will rot in hell for this work! How dare you call the Pope “Your holiness” on the one hand and say he has a saint factory on the other.

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You Should be Killed

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Your are hateful!

You people should be killed.

Mark Banish - markbanish@gmail.com

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What? I can not believe that I have read such rubbish that was written.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 25, 2008

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